>From catwoman@indy.net  
Sun Jun  9 00:43:10 1996
Subject: [AM] Hunters Horn
>         "So, what exactly happened back there?"  Karina asked.
>         "The Shadow is gone."  Julianna said matter-of-factly, and yet a 
> hint in her voice suggested she did not believe it to be so.
>         "Gone?  How do you mean?"  Laura asked, confused.
>         Zachary took a deep breath, shivering involuntarily.  "Just as 
> she means, gone.  Someone, or something, caused it to collapse.  The 
> Shadow we were just in no longer exists, we will never travel to it 
> again."
>         The two newest Amberites fell into silence, a silence that grew 
> even greater at the realization that the Unicorn was nowhere to be seen.
Karina just stared at Zachary for a moment, what he had just said not 
quite registering.
"You mean, that Shadow's can be made to collapse like that?" Karina 
shuddered at the thought as Zachary nodded.
"The unicorn! Did it make it out, too?" Karina suddenly asked
"we don't know" Zachary responded 
"I hope so" Karina said "such a beautiful creature."
The rest of them nodded.
Karina continued to ramble a bit. mostly out of fright "All my things, 
they got left back there" she sighed.
Suddenly Karina & the others stood stockstill as a hunting horn 
resounded over the forest.
"Thats it! Thats what it sounded like" Karina exclaimed.
NRPG: Just a short one cause I wanted to write something...besides, can't 
have us sitting around doing nothing :)