Sat Jul 27 11:21:44 1996
Subject: AM: Gardens and Libraries
Ryan walked with Laura in the Garden. It was lovely. as lovely as the 
meadows above the Lochs. Ryan wondered about this place called Amber, 
and the woman by his side. 
"How does one learn about Amber?"
"The Library has books on the subject, If you would care to read them." 
Laura smiled, and took his hand and squeezed it. Ryan blushed and tried 
to jerk his hand away. He succeeded only because she let him. Again 
Laura laughed, a more wonderful sound, Ryan could not imagine. After the 
months of ferocious battle, the sound of a woman's voice, her scent on 
the breeze, and the keeping of company with her, well, Ryan had to 
wonder if his Kilt wasn't rising!
"Care for something to eat, cousin?"
"Aye, Laura, I'm a famished one!"
She led him to a dining area. Tables, chairs, plates. a servant came and 
took an order for food, as this was beyond the normal serving times. 
Ryan looked at the fine linens, and the silver. Something caught his 
eye, he held it up.
"What's this? It looks like a pitchfork!" Ryan showed Laura, a puzzled 
look on his face.
Laura stifled a laugh, and smiled, "A fork, Ryan. It's used to carry 
food to your mouth."
"Got a dirk for that. or.." he held up a knife, "This".
Laura shook her head. "Watch me, Ryan..I'll show you how!"
The food arrived and Ryan was shocked! what was on his plate could feed 
five of Wallaces' men! Of course, this did not stop Ryan from eating, 
and heartily. He'd not eaten a full meal since before The second siege. 
He was far more Famished then he'd realized. He was careful to watch 
Laura though, she of the fine features and wonderful demeanor. He 
mimicked her movements with the fork, until he felt comfortable, then he 
began to eat with relish.
Meal done Laura led him to the Library. Ryan whistled low...So many 
books! He walked and touched, Marveling at them all. 
Laura approached Ryan with two books, "Read these, cousin."
"Aye, Laura, I will" Ryan sat in a comfortable chair, taking the books 
and reading the first offered. Laura Smiled and watched him. Wondering 
about him and what he was in shadow, before Amber...........
Ryan FitzGerald
Ryan of Amber