Fri Oct 18 03:22:50 1996
Subject: [AM] After dinner talk
Scene: Shadow
        "Things go as planned?"
        "The pieces have been placed upon the board, the opening gambit 
played.  We all but await the next move."
Scene: Dining Hall, Castle Amber
        "So, good Benedict, has Dalt shown his weasely little face 
yet?"  Random asked, patting his stomach after a meal well eaten.
        "No."  Benedict replied in his usual talkative way.
        "Hmmm, strange.  He's never been afraid of showing his face in 
Amber before.  Perhaps he is recruiting in Shadow?"  Random raised an 
eyebrow in thought.
        "A possiblity."  Benedict agreed, sipping from his flagon.
        "But shouldn't he already have his army if he has started a war 
against us?"  Laura asked.
        "That would only make sense."  Random agreed.  "But who knows, 
maybe Dalt isn't after Amber this time around."
        "That would be a first."  Zachary commented.
        "Indeed.  It indicates some thought, which I never considered 
him very capable of."  Random mused.
        "Or someone else is aiding him this time."  Benedict said.
        The table fell silent after this revelation, one that no one 
liked or wanted to hear.  After a long moment, Benedict rose from his 
chair.  He nodded respectfully to Random, and with a silent gesture got 
Ryan to rise as well, and the two left the dining hall.
        "Well, I suppose that ends our fascinating dinner discussion."  
Bleys smiled to the others.  "I don't think we should worry too much 
about Dalt, I'm sure Benedict and Julian have things well in hand."
        "I'm sure they do."  Random said, eying a tempting piece of 
bread beside him, already half-buttered.  "It does leave me wondering, 
        "Me as well, but something I shall ponder at a later time.  For 
now, I have a few other things that need tending to, so if your Majesty 
allows ..."  Bleys said smoothly.
        "Of course, I don't know why you all insist on getting my 
approval."  Random complained, rising as well.  He held out his hand and 
helped Vialle to rise as well.  "I shall save everyone else the effort 
and take my leave now.  Good night to you all, and have wonderful 
evenings should I not see you again."
        They all said their goodnights, and then arm-in-arm the Royal 
Couple left the dining hall.  Bleys turned to leave, and then leaned 
over to Laura.  "My lady, would you happen to have some time to spare to 
        "Of course, Uncle."  Laura smiled prettily and rose, bidding 
Zachary a good evening, though she was sure she would cross his path 
again soon enough.
        Outside, Bleys fell in step beside her.  "I understand that you 
have no knowledge of who your real parents might be."  He began, perhaps 
a bit bluntly.
        "I have some ideas.  It looks like it may be narrowed down to 
one, thanks to Zachary's help."  She said carefully.  Something put her 
on guard, but she wasn't sure what or for what reason.
        Bleys nodded knowingly.  "Ah, I see.  Well, I had thought of 
offering my aid in your search, but alas I am too late."
        "I haven't found her yet, Uncle, so I may just ask for your help 
yet.  Thank you."  Laura replied.  She remembered Corwin's warnings in 
his chronicles of Bleys, and he was every bit as charming as Corwin said.
        "It's quite a job young Zachary has taken upon himself, taking 
in all the newfound children of Amber and teaching them of the nature of 
reality.  I would think he is doing quite well in that regard, though."  
He said, eying Laura.
        Laura was silent for a moment, pondering her answer, unsure why 
she felt so secretive around him.  Perhaps Corwin was right, in that an 
Amberite was born with an innate distrust of their relatives.  And yet, 
she didn't feel that way around Zachary, certainly not to this degree at 
Scene: A shadow near Amber
        He looked carefully at the patrons about him.  Typical 
peasantry, with a few merchants and men-at-arms thrown in to make an 
interesting mix.  He was thankful that the inn was dim, he had a strong 
like for shadows and darkness.
        He sipped at his drink silently.  She had wanted to meet with 
him, and here of all places.  He would have to watch it, he could get to 
like her too much if she kept this up.
        Then she walked in, dressed in her black riding gear, hair tied 
back in a neat braid.  She scanned the room without moving her eyes, she 
was good at that, but he could always tell when she did it.  Too bad he 
couldn't learn that trick.  She moved directly towards him, a seemingly 
tall pale man, back to the wall as he looked about himself.  He tipped 
his dark glasses down as she stood before him.  "Sit down, seems we have 
some things to talk about."
        "Indeed we do, Jehzbyn, indeed we do."  Julianna replied, and 
took the seat opposite him.
Scene: Main Library
        Zachary put down the book he was reading, and interesting little 
tale of love and war.  Supposed based on historical fact, though it 
would probably be of little use for Amberites.  Still, it was well 
written, and proved to be an interesting diversion from all the goings 
on in Amber, which his mind quickly turned back to.
        The list of facts was short.  Someone had tried to kill the 
Unicorn, whether realizing her importance or not.  The Unicorn 
interrupted his Trump contact with Karina to pull the young Amberite to 
herself.  They managed to find the Unicorn in time to have the Shadow it 
was in collapse by the will of some other being or creature, and they 
had barely escaped.  The Unicorn had disappeared, though he felt 
something dreadful would happen if it had been killed, and thankfully 
nothing like that had happened.  An arrow retrieved from the injured 
Unicorn proved to have the device of Dalt, but even that wasn't proof of 
the man's involvement.  Still too many questions and not enough 
answers.  And the fate of Amber relied on them to get those answers.
        'Perhaps in the morning things will appear clearer.' Zachary 
thought to himself, rising from his chair.  He took a step when he felt 
the familiar itch of a Trump contact.
        Frowning, he opened his mind carefully, reaching out to the 
unknown caller.  "To whom do I owe the pleasure?"  He asked.
        Before him stood a beautiful red-head, decked out in red and 
white pirate garb, complete with polished black boots.  She smiled at 
him.  "Hello, Zachary, it's Brandi."
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        "It was a very foul blow, about four