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Greetings fellow Amber lovers! After much dawdling around, I have finally given this page a much needed update (in other words, I've put on more than just the web ring sign up stuff). I procrastinated, and I apologize to all those who had to wait forever to be added.

The goal of this ring is simply to bring together sites that have to do with role-playing games of Amber, whether they be with dice, by email, or in group sessions. Anything having to do with Amber role playing games, whether a cursory mention or otherwise, will be added to this ring. However, there are three rules which I expect everyone who wishes to enter the ring to live by:

1.) You must have the ring HTML somewhere on your page. It doesn't have to be displayed prominently, but it DOES have to be there.

2.) Your page has to be about an Amber role-playing game, not simply about Amber. I'd suggest going to The Golden Circle Webring if your page is only about Amber itself, and not an RPG.

3.) Objectional material is alright to a degree. In other words, no pictures of naked women or men, even if they're used in trump cards.

I'm going to be very lax with this ring. Just meet the above requirements and you'll be added. It's as simple as that. As time permits, I'll be making graphics for the ring (as soon as I get some). If anyone wants to donate some graphics of their own to the ring, it would be much appreciated.

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