All of the universe is but a shadow. All that which we know, all that which we feel, is but a poor representation of something found in only one place. This place is in the center of all, accessible only through the will of the realm's royal family, or through a dangerous gateway known only as The Pattern. And only members of the royal family of this realm can travel this path. But for those who find they have the royal blood coursing through their veins, those who feel as if their reality is not right, that they are somehow more real than their surroundings, their friends, their family: these special people are invited to join their true family. Their royal family...

Welcome to the land of Amber, the one true, real place in the universe. Every other plane of existance, every person, every object, is but a shadow of another in this central existance. The land of Amber is much like the Garden of Eden; it is the mold from which the whole world is loosely based.

The world of Amber is the creation of Roger Zelazny, a series of books which tell of the trials, history, and adventures of the royal family. Characters are caught up into the political intrigue evolving around the castle, participate in the day to day living, and are involved in the wars and battles between the powerful Amberites.

This page is one webpage for the World Weavers play-by-email RPG designed after the Amber books. It has been in active roleplay for a couple years now, and has steadily grown in numbers. Posts in the game are not as frequent as many others in the World Weavers universe; on average (unless there is a very good plotline going), there is about a post every two weeks. The goal for this RPG is quality, not quantity. Several of those who receive posts do not have an active PC; many are lurkers, part of the group simply because they enjoy the world of Amber itself.

The world of Amber is open to any of those who feel the desire to write in it. There is no prerequesite needed; one not need to already be part of World Weavers to join in the RPG. There are no die which determine the outcome; there are no stats. It is simply a matter of the love to write and a desire to be part of Amber. You needn't even write; many of those who are a part of the world are exceptional writers, and if you simply want to read what they write you can. If you wish to join the Amber RPG, send an email to Chris Ackney or Judi Marko.

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