Due to problems making my new format, I'm putting up my old form. Hope you don't mind, and keep coming back; I change my page often. :-)

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Welcome to my realm. I am the Dragon Queen. I am worshipped by my subjects; more wealthy than King Solomon; more beautiful than Helen of Troy and Cleopatra combined; more wise than the combined knowledge of all the geniuses of the world; stronger than the strongest mensch.I hold the power of the Dragon in my left hand, and the loyalty of all dragonkind in my right. I am to be awed, feared, loved, hated.

Upon entering my realm, you have come under my rule. If you do not like this, please; be my guest to leave here.

You are visitor as of Jan 10, 1998.

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Note: The realm of the Dragon Queen has added a message board! Because a topic hasn't been settled upon, it is free for anyone to use as they wish. Just please, no profanity, flaming, or anything else that I'll have to delete. Thanks.

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