Name-Julia Jonora Corey
 *This is what she calls herself.  Normally, people in Amber and Chaos
 don't have middle names, but she does.  So there.  Also, Julia is named
 after Merlin's former girlfriend, but this is not intended as a hint
 towards her mother's identity.
 Nicknames-Jule, Jono
 *Could you imagine trying to make all the dates involved correspond?
  ::shudder::  Also, this is not important; when one travels Shadow, time
 is relative.  Jono will live virtually forever any way, so who cares how
 old she is?
 Eyes-indigo blue
 Hair-black, blue
 *Naturally black, it's cropped close to her head on the sides; one long
 section down the middle is dyed blue to match her eyes and runs halfway
 down her back.  She usually brushes it back and plaits it.
 Skin-darkly tanned, rough, and weather-beaten
 Height-5' 6"
 Weight-125 lbs
 Build-medium, though like all Amberites, she is incredibly strong
 Appearance-A slender woman, looking to be in her mid-twenties, Jono has
 high cheekbones and thin, sharp features.  She is somewhat attractive.
 Her hands are her most significant feature: large and rough, they are
 able to crush a man's neck with a squeeze or draw back the string of the
 largest bow.  Yet Jono's fingers are long, slim, and delicate; in them,
 a pen or brush becomes an extension of her body.
 Dress-black, indigo blue
 *Her colors.  Jono's clothing style varies from Shadow to Shadow.
 Occupation-student, wanderer
 Interests-Jono has two great loves in life.  The first is archery, the
 second is the fine arts; particularly literature, drama, painting,
 pottery, weaving, sculpture, and music.
 Skills-Jono is a reputed archer.  She has spent years in the training
 camps of armies in Shadows famous for their archers.  Also, with a
 father and grandfather who both excel in fencing, Jono became quite
 adept at it herself.
  She enjoys riding, and is a good horsewoman, especially on her steed
  She has also spent a great deal of time studying the fine arts.  Jono
 has written novels, and is a superb painter and weaver, though a mere
 amateur in pottery and sculpture.  Above all, Jono is a musician.  She
 has a great gift for music, and it is not wasted:  in addition to
 singing and playing her favorite instrument, the violin, Jono is skilled
 on the trumpet, piano, flute, barry sax, alto sax, and several
 instruments found only in specific Shadows.  She occassionally composes
 vocal and instrumental music as well. *It is worth noting that although
 Jono, as a youth, studied magic under the best teachers-including her
 father-she is a magical failure.
 Powers-Jono has walked the Logrus, gaining all powers associated with
 it, and receiving training in the use of those powers.  She is also
 quite a shapeshifter, since she was brought up in Chaos, where people
 are more inclined to practice their shapeshifting abilities.  Like many
 in Chaos, she has a preferred demonic shape, and will use it when
 visiting Chaos or when she thinks it will improve her odds in a fight.
 Personality-Jono is very quiet.  She rarely smiles, and has difficulty
 creating lasting friendships, perhaps due to her withdrawn nature.  She
 prefers to spend time alone with her books, and moves often, leaving old
 friends behind with little or no regret.  Jono seems content enough, but
 is truly restless and unhappy, longing for somewhere where she can
 settle down and be herself.  Jono is studious, stubborn, and determined,
 and can be patient...when the situation requires it.
 On the other side of the coin, Jono is dark and violent.  She is
 vengeful when wronged, and while usually calm, is prone to flares of
 temper.  When aroused, she will destroy without reason.  She does not
 take criticism well, nor does she stand for insults.
 Family-father:  Merlin (alias Merle Corey), Emperor of the Courts of Chaos
          mother:  unknown
          siblings:  unknown, if any
 History-Jono's early life is a mystery, even to her.  Her earliest
 memories involve being brought up in the Courts of Chaos under Merlin's
 care.  Merlin obviously knew the identity of Jono's mother, and about
 her life before the courts, but refuses to reveal these secrets even to
 Jono.  Jono grew up as a royal princess, an only child, pampered and
 spoiled by everyone but her father Merlin and grandfather Corwin.  Under
 their expert tutelege, she studied fencing and magic.
 Jono was raised on tales of her family's adventure, of Amber, and of all
 Shadow's mysteries.  When she reached an appropriate age, she walked the
 Logrus and received instruction in using the power thus granted.  But
 she was not satisfied.  She longed to see Amber and walk the Pattern,
 but her father refused both.  Her very existance (and the identity of
 her mother) was a secret to which only Merlin and Corwin are privy.  It
 is unclear why Merlin chose to hide Jono and her mother from the
 Amberites, but this secrecy was the reason Jono was forbidden from
 seeing Amber.  As to the Pattern, he feared for her safety; he himself
 had been warned against housing the opposing forces of Pattern and Logrus.
 Corwin, however, was evidently not as willing to hide Jono away.  It was
 he who presented her (in secret) with a deck of the family playing
 cards.  An unknown artist had rendered images of her, Merlin, and many
 additional Amberites, to add to the base deck.  Corwin taught her the
 use of the cards, but he was secure in the knowledge that she could not
 contact any Amberites from where she was, in Chaos.  Jono was only urged
 on by his orders to remain in the Courts and be content with what
 knowledge of Amber she had.
 One redsky, when Corwin mounted his horse to return to Amber, Jono took
 her horse Cinder, a Shadow-molded horse of supernatural ability, and
 attempted to follow.  Corwin, however, became aware that she followed
 him.  Accelerating quickly, he lost her among the Shadows, sure that she
 would shift back to Chaos when she found herself lost.  Undaunted, Jono
 strove to reach Amber alone.  This was the first of her many failures to
 find Amber.
 Jono decided not to return to Chaos.  Instead, she struck out on her own
 to explore Shadow after Shadow, always hoping, searching for, and never
 finding, Amber.
 Jono is always on the move, pausing a few months at most in one Shadow.
 Jono may seem young, but she's been around, and is an experienced