Birthplace: Unknown.  Presumed to be Lyonesse, a shadow of the Golden
 Actual Age: Unknown.  However, she first entered Amber just over 350 odd
             years ago.  It has been speculated that she was fairly young
             at the time, and it is generally believed that she is about
             400 Amber years old.
 Apparent Age: Her features are possessed of an ageless quality, so even
               in her physical appearance, her age is difficult to
               determine.  She looks neither young nor old, youthful nor
 Physical Description:
      Julianna is a striking woman, even by Amberite standards.  Standing
 at 6'2", she is reasonably tall, a fair bit taller than most Amberite
 women.  She is exceptionally slender, and, in general, looks rather
 fragile.  However, appearances are slightly deceiving, and her stamina
 is on par with many of those in the Royal family.  While she is by no
 means strong, at least by the standards of Amber, she is quick and
 dexteritous, and her movements are always elegant and graceful.
      Her complexion is rather pale, but not in an unhealthy manner.  Her
 skin is like ivory or while marble, which greatly compliments her
 carved, aristocratic, flawless features.  Her cheekbones are high, her
 face slender, and it is all of these aspects of her appearance which
 give the casual observer the impression that she is a statue come to life.
      Her hair, blacker than the darkest night, runs in thick, curly
 locks down her back to just below her waist.  Generally, she prefers to
 wear her hair loose, but she will tie it back into an intricate ponytail
 when necessary.
      Like her hair, her eyes are also black, the irises so dark that
 they are indistinguishable from her pupils.  Staring into her eyes is
 like staring into infinite pools of darkness...they seem to have no depth.
      Her colours of choice are dark ones, and it is these colours she
 wears.  Primarily, she wears black, accented with deep purples,
 crimsons, and sometimes blues.  She also wears dark greys from time to
 Parents: Unknown
 Adoptive Parents: Lord Kieran of Lyonesse (father, deceased)
                   Lady Eithne of Lyonesse (mother, deceased)
 Siblings: None known
      Very little is known about the enigmatic Amberite named Julianna.
 Whay is known has been pieced together from vague, apocryphal stories
 and tales told over the years.
      As a child, she was apparently adopted by Lord Kieran and Lady
 Eithne of Lyonesse, who were, themselves, unable to have children.  The
 nature of how Julianna came to be in their charge, or her life previous
 to this, is unknown.
      Lord Kieran was the head of a powerful merchant family in Lyonesse,
 a shadow of the Golden Corcle, and, as such, had significant dealings
 with Amber.
      Some 350 odd years ago (Amber Time), long before Corwin's, and
 sunsequently Oberon's, disappearance, Kieran was selected as the head of
 a trade delegation from Lyonesse that was to go to Amber and negotiate
 certain trade rights with King Oberon.  It was anticpated that this
 journey to Amber would be extended, so he brought his wife and adoptive
 daughter with him, along with his extensive retinue.  As Amber and
 Lyonesse have always had amicable relations, they were welcomed to
 Kolvir with open arms.
      Thus was Julianna's first trip to Amber.
      Some weeks into the negotiations, the Lady Eithne requested a full
 tour of the castle grounds, and Julianna joined her.  Florimel was
 appointed by Oberon for this task, and when the Lady Eithne made a
 request that they see the pattern of Amber, Flora was gracious enough
 (and wise enough, as she knew that her father wished these negotiations
 to be successful) to comply.
      Not surprisingly, everyone in the small group, including Flora,
 were quite taken aback when Julianna detached herself from the retinue,
 proceeded to the pattern, and walked it.  When she had reached the
 centre, she teleported back to the gathering, stating only 'I had
 suspected as much.'  (Note: Flora believed, having watched the relative
 ease with which Julianna traversed the pattern, that she must have
 walked it previously.  Given the heavy guard under which the patterns of
 both Amber and Rebma are kept, it is generally suspected that she walked
 the pattern of Tir-na Nog'th, which had appeared in the sky several
 times during her stay.  Claims by several palace guards of seeing a
 shady figure ascend the ethereal staircase to the ghost city seem to
 substantiate this.)
      Immediately, it was suspected that Julianna was an errant,
 illegitimate child of Oberon, one of the many the great king had sired
 while filandering in shadow.  Julianna herself, however, never attempted
 to substantiate this, or argue to the contrary.  For his part, neither
 did Oberon, knowing full well that even if this child was not known to
 him, the possibility of him being her father was quite strong.  Now,
 however, it is believed that she is not a child of Oberon, but rather a
 child of one of Oberon's children, a belief reinforced by the vague
 allusions given by her over the years that she is indeed aware of the
 identity of her royal parent, and by the fact that she addresses the
 younger Amberites with the term 'cousin' as opposed to niece or nephew.
 However, to date, none of the Royal Family of Amber has stepped forth to
 claim Julianna as his or her daughter.
      Julianna remained in Amber after her adoptive parents departed for
 Lyonesse, and she proceeded to gather as much knowledge as she could
 about her Royal heritage and the Pattern.  It is said that she studied
 under a great many of her 'aunts' and 'uncles', including Fiona and
 Brand, during that time.  It has also been rumoured that she even
 recieved tutelage from Dworkin for a breif period of time, during one of
 the latter's more lucid phases.  Frequently, she could be found in the
 library of Castle Amber, devouring the multitude of tomes that can be
 found there.  It has been said that there is not a single book in that
 ancient room that she left unread.
      Although her motivations are unknown, it is presumed, after several
 years of study, that she tired of Amber and the constant familial
 infighting of the Royal family, and she departed to explore the nether
 realms of shadow.  Since that time, she spends the vast majority of her
 time in shadow, visiting Amber only on brief and infrequent occasions,
 and then promptly disappearing again.  She was not present in Amber
 during the Patternfall War, nor was she present during the troubles
 between the Logrus and the Pattern.  However, given the widespread
 effects of both these events, she was undoubtably aware of them at the
      It was sometime during these travels in shadow that she somehow
 managed to save the life of a Chaosian named Jehzbyn.  Since that time,
 he has remained a stalwart and ever-present companion to her, always at
 her side, save during her breif soujourns to Amber.
      It was also in shadow where she first encountered Zachary, son of
 Random and Vialle.  He is one of the few Amberites she tends to remain
 in contact with (albeit on an infrequent basis), perhaps due to the
 similar interests they share.
      Graceful.  Calm.  Elegant.  Quiet.  Secretive.  Subdued.  Cool.
 These all describe Julianna.  She retains the civility of Fiona mixed
 with the detached aloofness of Llewella.  She is one who always remains
 a constant observer, ever in the background, always watching, and rarely
 taking action.
      This is not to say she is shy.  Rather, she's reserved.  She has a
 tendancy to speak only when spoken to, and when she does speak, she does
 so without really saying anything at all.  She tends to be vague, giving
 her opinions in the form of hypotheticals which always leave room for
 questioning and interpretation.  Further, she has a tendancy to answer a
 question with a question, all the while conveying the impression that
 she is being forthright and honest.  It's not until later that many
 realize that she was talking in circles, and saying nothing at all.
      Above all else, she is always polite and respectful, especially to
 the elder Amberites.  She will always defer to those with the greater
 amount of experience, and listen to their opinions.  She does not use
 the term 'aunt' or 'uncle', instead referring to them by their Royal
 titles and full names.  However, her cousins she addresses as 'cousin'
 and nothing more, the excpetions being when she needs to isolate her
 relatives from one another, and Zachary, whom she always addresses by
 name.  She also does not use diminutives.
      She is cool, calm and collected at all times.  She never seems to
 become unnerved, nor does she ever raise her voice (which, incidentally,
 is quiet and willowy).
      On the other hand, she does tend to be a tad arrogant and superior
 at times.  While she will always remain polite, she is not above the
 occasional comment or sarcastic remark when the timing is appropriate;
 usually this is delevered in such a civil tone that the recipient is
 unaware that they have even been insulted.  She is always subtle,
 however, and will not outright insult anyone, unless she feels that they
 truly deserve it.
      Also, simply because she is quiet and demure does not mean that she
 is one to be underestimated.  She is quite knowledgable about a great
 many things, more so than many of the younger Amberites.  One should
 always keep in mind that, in Amber terms, she is older than even Martin,
 Merlin, or Rinaldo, and was around when Oberon was still king and
 Dworkin was still reasonably sane.  While she will bow to the opinions
 of others, depending upon the circumstances, her will is of iron;
 indeed, it has been said that her willpower is on par with many of the
 elder Amberites, perhaps even rivaling that of Corwin, Eric, Brand or
 Fiona.  The truth of this, however, remains untested and unknown.
      All of this combines to make Julianna quite an enigma.  Her actions
 and reactions are almost impossible to gage.  While she is quiet and
 polite, she frequently has a bemused look upon her face, or a half-smile
 playing upon her lips, that gives the distinct impression that she knows
 more of what is going on than the onlooker does.  More than one Amberite
 finds her infuriatingly polite attitude annoying, and her true
 motivations remain totally and completely unknown.  This, coupled with
 her secretiveness, lead many to believe that she is much more involved
 in the machinations of Amber than she wants anyone to know.
      Knowledge.  Primarily that of the Pattern, shadow and philosophy,
 but all knowledge.  She has studied a great many subjects under an
 innumerable amount of teachers during her travels, including magic, the
 sciences, history and many others.  Yet, her thirst for knowledge
 remains unquenched, even after so many years.
      Her desire for knowledge seems to be for the sake of knowledge
 rather than power.  She rarely, if ever, applies the knowledge she has
 gained.  She is quite intimate with the ways of magic, and yet she
 prefers not to use it, relying instead on the power of the Pattern, and
 her will.  The exception to this seems to be magic in the form of Power
 Words, but this is because they rely upon the will of the user alone
 rather than the magical energies of a given shadow (thus making them far
 more reliable if less powerful than conventional magic).  She is
 likewise knowledgable about the ways of the Trumps, but she engages in
 no Trump Artistry, instead prefering to leave that to the Trump Artists,
 such as Merlin or Zachary.
      With her focus so much on academic pursuits, she has little time
 for physical hobbies.  While she has rudimentary training in handling
 weapons, she is hardly what one could call adept, preferring to handle
 situations in a less violent manner.  The one exception to this would be
 horseback riding, which she truly loves.
      Her one constant ally is Jehzbyn, a demon from the Courts of Chaos
 whose human form is a tall, lanky man who wears dark glasses, and whose
 Chaos form is that of a humanoid dragon.  However, she has numerous
 allies throughout shadow, whose alligience she has gained over the years
 and her travels.
      In Amber, however, generally speaking, she is an acquaintance to
 all, and a friend to none.  She has no true allies there, but nor does
 she have any true enemies.  Most remain neutral about her.
 Magical Items/Constructs:
      Julianna is not known to utilize or possess any magical items.
 However, she does have a pendant which she constantly wears.  It is
 steele grey, and is similar in shape to an Egyptian Anhk of Shadow
 Earth, but with an extra horizontal bar which intersects the vertical
 bar just below the mid point.  The ends of these two horizontal bars and
 vertical bar fan out at the ends, and in the center of the ring at the
 top is an inscription of the Pattern.  The center of the ring is split
 down the middle, each side being a different colour; one the left side
 is a grey background with the Pattern being etched in black, and on the
 right side the colours are inverted; a black background with the Pattern
 being etched in grey.  It has been said that she wore this pendant while
 traversing the pattern for the first time, and it was at that time that
 the pattern became etched upon it.  Whether or not it became inbued with
 any special powers is unknown.