My proposed character is Kail, a newly-made Lord of Chaos. He's an
 expert with Sorcery, a natural Shapeshifter, and clumsy with the Logrus.
 (Needless to say, he aviods summoning it when possible). He's brilliant,
 but eccentric, and not entirely stable. He can also be... well, immature
 isn't the best word, but it comes close - so do 'impulsive', 'reckless',
 and 'inconsiderate'. Basically, he just doesn't think about what he's
 doing, entirely too much of the time.
 Kail is an expert with knives, disdaining larger, heavier weapons. He
 has been seen with a rapier-like sword or quarterstaff, but
 uncomfortably. He also dislikes to use magic in combat, preferring
 defensive and personal enhancement magics (he generally has a
 general-purpose armor-type spell racked at all times). When he strikes,
 he does it fast, and to kill.
 His attitude towards Amber is one of amused tolerance - he was young,
 and lucky, and from a minor House, and so missed out on the Patternfall
 War. He generally stays out of the major Houses' intrigues, watching
 them all and supporting no one. He's young, headstrong, and not really
 certain of what life is all about. He's got some growing up to do... and
 he'll be doing it. Probably too fast for his own good. But then, that
 can be life.
 'True' form (most common) - male, about 6' tall, deep blue eyes and
 close-cropped black hair, golden-tanned skin. Slender (looks about 160
 lbs) but tough. Speaks in a light tenor. Details on this form (height,
 hair and eye color, etc.) are almost always changed as necessary (for
 example, an extra 100 lbs of muscle as needed for intimidation).
 Chaos form - four arms, with multicolored scales and spines everywhere.
 Two hands are roughly human-sized and -shaped (for holding weapons,
 etc.), the others each have six fingers (two opposable) and barbed claws
 able to rip into stone. Heavily-muscled legs allow for leaps of up to
 60' high in standard gravity. Voice is a savage, rumbling baritone.
 Avatar form - energy shape, amorphous, but can form itself into
 recognizable (such as human) shapes. Softly glows in darkness; can be
 colored a soft gold, green, or blue. Speaks in a fluting soprano.
 Intangible and unaffected by gravity; can fly wherever it chooses to.