Name:           Laura Davega (She will become Laura of Amber)
 Age:            18
 Height:         5'9"
 Weight:         127 lbs.
 Hair:           Champagne Blonde
 Eyes:           Gun-metal grey
 Birthplace:     Shadow Earth, Mid 20th Century
 Father: Paul Danziger, Dramatist, Stage and Screen
 Mother: Unknown
 Description:    Laura is tall and has a sensuous figure.  Though
 slender, she is all curves, definitely the shape of a woman.  She is
 very beautiful, but her beauty is not blatant; rather, it is soft,
 almost ethereal.  Her eyes are large and wideset, her nose is of medium
 length and slightly upturned, and her lips are full.
 Clothing:       Laura chooses clothing of soft, flowing fabrics -- silk,
 satin, velvet, cashmere or jersey knits, chiffons.  She rarelys wears
 any colors other than reds, pinks, blacks, greys, and white.  Any
 jewelry she'll wear will be of the same colors.  She'll wear rubies,
 garnets, onyx, diamonds, platinum, silver, pearls (white and black).
 Interests:      Ballet, archery, swimming, most forms of music and
 dance, golf, tennis, games of skill and chance.  She has a strong
 interest in the arcane arts and in medieval society.  Paradoxically, she
 also is fascinated by the newly emerging field of computer science.
 Personality:    Open, friendly, and sensual, Laura has nevertheless
 grown up feeling separate, different from others without knowing why she
 feels this way.  She was popular as a child and adolescent and cared for
 her friends as any teenager of the times, but she found herself at times
 looking at them as an observer, as if they were not... quite... real.
 This has puzzled and troubled her over the years.
         Above average in intelligence, she attended the exclusive Walton
 School in Manhattan.  At eighteen, she has just completed her second
 year of college at Barnard, sister school of Columbia University.  Good
 at all individual sports, she excels in archery and was accepted to the
 university's varsity squad in that sport.  She was a dismal failure at
 team sports, however.
         Laura admires her successful and dashing father, but hasn't been
 very close to him.  His jetsetting bi-coastal lifestyle left her to be
 raised by a number of devoted servants, but they were not family.  Her
 father has told her that her mother was a beautiful actress who died
 young.  As we begin this adventure, Laura's father will die, and her
 life will change drastically.