NAME: Sarah Matthews
AGE: 25  earth years
APPEARANCE: Red hair, amber eyes (yellowish), 5'8"; pretty but not an  absolute babe; voluptuous.
PERSONALITY: Arrogant at times, has a fiery temper; doesn't hold a grudge, but it takes a while for her to stop being angry.
Knows she's special, but not that she's an Amberite
HISTORY: She was born and raised in a happy well-to-do family. Her mother was the beautiful daughter of a rich lawyer, and her father (well, not her real father) was the son of a well known horsebreeder. Sarah lived her whole life on the family's huge ranch, surrounded by loving family, helping out on the farm however she could. She knew she was different; her mother had brown
hair and green eyes, while her father had blond hair and blue eyes. They tried to explain it to her that blondes and brunettes have red haired babies, but she couldn't buy it, even when she was little.
When she was 15, however, a strange man came into their lives as if from nowhere. He had a full head of bright red hair, and a roguish appearance. Sarah was, for some reason, drawn to him, and against the wishes of her parents went to meet him often. He wanted to know all about her, and she
eagerly told him. He seemed to fancy Sarah's mother, but Sarah was too enthralled to even notice.  That is, until her father caught them together in bed. The man had vanished by the next day, and within months Sarah's father, pressured by his family not to have a tainted woman in the family line, had divorced her mother. But none of this mattered to Sarah; she'd lost the only....reality...she'd known.
After meeting him, nothing else was the same. She couldn't see exactly what the change was, but it was there. Nothing was quite *real* to her anymore. The brief time with the man had changed her perceptions forever. She did, however, go on with her life, seeking councelling for the confusing
problem. Nothing worked however; and her condition baffled all people she went to.
When she went to college, she met a handsome young man, bright red hair like the man Sarah remembered and blue eyes, in her third year. Even though she had the same perception of him as of others, she nevertheless fell in love with him, and they got married after she graduated. They lived only one year as man and wife, however; Mark found he had a melanoma, and died only three
months after the diagnosis.
Sarah grieved for the loss, but something bugged her; she felt as thought she could have saved him, somehow. She didn't know how, but she just had the feeling it was possible for her. No longer feeling any tie to the place except for her mother (she now felt indifferent to her father), she searched for anything that might help her, going to store after store and home after home looking for something that would help her in any way.
And then she found a book with a unicorn emblem on the front in an old antique store, a book that seemed more real than anything around her...and let her to her newest adventures.