Name: Zachary
 Place Of Birth: Castle Amber
 Age: Apparently only 20, but actually has lived 75 Amber years.
 Physical Description:  Zachary is an averaged sized young man, standing
         slightly over 5'10", and weighing about 175 pounds.  He had
         sandy blond hair, kept short and wavy, slightly unkempt, making
         him appear quite roguish.  He has crystal clear blue eyes, which
         seem to stare beyond the person looked at.  He commonly wears
         soft, subdued colours; whites, creams, and beige.
 Parents: Father: King Random
          Mother: Queen Vialle
 Siblings: Martin, half-brother.
 Marital Status: Single
 Background:  Zachary was born to Random and Vialle soon after the troubles
         between the Logrus and the Pattern ended, and Merlin was made
         Emporer or the Courts of Chaos.  Zachary grew up as few other
         children of the Princes have, with loving parents and the
         luxuries of Castle Amber.  Though Random spent as much time with
         his son as he could, his royal duties kept him away for long
         periods of time.  Zachary spent a lot of his youth at the feet of
         his mother, watching as she sculpted, and listening to her tales
         of Amber and Rebma.  Enraptured, he sat quietly listening to her
         stories, absorbing all that she had to say, sparking a flame of
         curiosity with him.  He soon took to reading the many books within
         the Library, his desire to learn more about the history of the
         Royal Family and of Amber itself nearing an obsession.
         His quiet, respectful manner and friendliness made him a favourite
         amongst his aunts and uncles.  One of the closest relatives,
         besided his parents, is Benedict.  Zachary has learned some
         swordplay from his uncle, but more often than not their sparring
         sessions would turn into philosophical talks.  In his eighteenth
         year, Zachary showed Benedict a project he had been working on,
         his very own meditative Japanese Rock Garden.
         Though his artistic nature stems from his mother, Zachary learned
         the art of Trumps from his Aunt Fiona, who also taught him in the
         ways of Magic.  Zachary, however, has found Magic to be more
         trouble than it's apparent worth.  Flora has been known to dote
         on the lad, always bringing a gift for him from her visits to
         Always willing to learn something new, Zachary delighted Gerard by
         asking to be taught the running of a ship in the fleet.  Gerard
         was greatly impressed by how quickly Zachary learned, even making
         an adept wrestler, though the large man always felt that the lad
         should eat more.  Julian had been Zachary's main teacher of
         horseback riding, and the young crown prince even played at being
         a Ranger for a time.
         When he was ready, Zachary walked the Pattern under the guidance
         of Random and Fiona.  He had discussed his intentions weeks
         before, and when he reached the center, he disappeared.  He
         arrived on Shadow Earth and after a time there, slowly made his
         way back to Amber.  He has since made many trips into Shadow,
         finding and bringing back texts, maps and other writings back to
         put into the Library.  With Dworkin so unreliable, and Fiona busy
         with her own plans, Zachary has taken it upon himself to design
         Trumps of the newer children of Amber, having fully designed his
         own deck.
 Personality:  Quite and calm.  Zachary is a pleasant person to be around.
         Rarely outspoken, he is not afraid to speak his own opinion.  He
         is very helpful, and enjoys immensely being asked questions of
         which he can research.  The elders have found him honest and his
         answers true, greatly increasing their respect for him, but at the
         same time, they hold suspicions of him.  Why does he give answers
         so freely?  Whether Zachary has his own plans working is known
         only to him.
 Hobbies:  History is Zachary's hobby.  He spends his trips into Shadow
         finding texts and the like, explaining the history of some
         shadow.  He also gathers information on Amber and the Royal
         Family.  He visits shadows of Earth most often.
         His weapon of choice is a thin longsword, though he has rarely
         used it.  At times there are those around Bloody Bob's who
         believe they can relieve him of his money pouch, but Benedict's
         training has been more than enough to keep such rogues at bay.