Laurie Dobson's Letter on the Casinos

A new report by Anton Chaitkin entitled Crime in the Senate: McCain, Lieberman, and the Bantustan Casinos, begins: "A criminal apparatus reaching from Russia to Israel to Africa, to Miami and New York, has turned Joe Lieberman's Connecticut into a world capital of gambling casinos. Today's billionaire mobsters Marc Rich, Solomon Kerzner, Michael Steinhardt and their partners, are the same Meyer Lansky and Lucky Luciano circle which put Senators Lieberman and John McCain into power in Washington. ...

... "The Mohegan Sun casino, created in 1996, is an extension of Sol Kerzner's casino monopoly in {apartheid}-era South Africa. Kerzner's Bantustans, enclaves for desperately poor quasi-slave black Africans, were used as centers for traffickers and wealthy whoring whites." and so on....

How have we been corrupted into allowing such players to dominate our economic policy? The issue of Connecticut casinos is the trafficking, not the traffic; the American System of productive economy, vs. the decadence of the Roman Empire.

Henry Carey, Abraham Lincoln's economic advisor, wrote in his condemnation of the slave trade entitled The Slave Trade, Domestic and Foreign, in 1853: "Poor governments are, as we everywhere see, driven to encourage gambling, drunkenness, and other immoralities, as a means of extracting revenue from their unfortunate taxpayers; and the greater the revenue thus obtained, the poorer becomes the people and the weaker the government."

Connecticut's manufacturing income, has been in a steady decline for years. The "irrational exuberance" of the speculative markets disguised this collapse, as taxes from capital gains came pouring into the state's coffers. Lyndon LaRouche continually warned that we would come to the end of this Age of Delusion. LaRouche was right. We are now here. The markets are collapsing; real estate is close behind; and the states' budgets are disintegrating.

We must move very quickly on a real recovery program, as outlined in LaRouche's November Program and endorsed by my campaign.

Build the nation's infrastructure -- rail, industry, hospitals, and schools. Forget about the corrupt casinos. We have more important work to do.

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