"Geometry is one and eternal, a reflection out of the mind of God. That mankind shares in it is one reason to call man an image of God." -- Johannes Kepler, 1618

New discoveries in the sphere of his activities, which cast the bread-fed scholar down, delight the philosophical mind. ... Even should these new discoveries leave it in ruins, a new chain of thoughts, a new natural phenomenon, a newly discovered law in the material world overthrow the entire edifice of his science -- no matter! He has always loved truth more than his system, ... -- Friedrich Schiller, "Universal History", 1804.

"Knowledge is not a matter of deductive consistency among mere words ... In all of modern civilization, the discovery of a new principle arises as the resolution of a devastating paradox of the ontological form typified by that of Plato's Parmenides. ... All true human knowledge is, in fact, a miracle, and that in the strictest usage of the term. ... Such ideas are generated through resolution of those kinds of paradoxes which shatter faith in the monkey-gods of simple sense-certainty." -- Lyndon LaRouche, "Michael Novak, Calvinist? -- 'Not By Marketplace Alone!, 1997.

The end of the era of "British liberal" domination of American education is now over. Something new is on its way.

Lyndon LaRouche knew thirty years ago that this system would expose its bankruptcy over time, and created an organization thirty years in advance of events. The critics who thought that LaRouche was wrong along the way, were themselves wrong -- blinded by their "educated" ignorance of the physical universe and the nature of change.

Thus LaRouche's critics pointed to absurd developments as signs of "economic recovery", and, more outrageously, of "prosperity"! They called the explosion of speculation in junk bonds and hostile takeovers a "recovery" after the 1987 crash. They called the destruction of Russia and the East Bloc nations a "success" for their ideology of "economic reforms".

Civilization is being destroyed -- the learned now know less with each generation. There is an assassination of science, music and culture. Those with true knowledge are under attack.

What will it take - what method of thought - is necessary for the citizens of today to respond - to see these errors, and correct them?

Consider again the role of Geometry, the Keplerian intervals as developed in Astronomy and in music, Mozart and conic functions.

A Day of Demonstrations of Geometry, Science and Music

Lead by Zeke Boyd, and Dennis Speed

Saturday, September 30, 2 pm
Church of St. Paul and St. Andrew
W. 86th Street Between Broadway and West End, New York City

For more information, 1-877-520-2167