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The American System -- Single Issues Friedrich List -- Notes On The American System Bridge Across Jordan Dope, Incorporated Would a President Bob Dole ... Drug Super-Kingpin George Bush George Bush and the 12333 Serial Murder Ring
The Holes In The Ozone Scare The Coming Ice Age -- Why Global Warming Is A Scientific Fraud The "Greenhouse Effect" Hoax: A World Federalist Hoax George Bush's Genocidal New World Order -- EIR Special Report The True Story Behind the Fall of the House of Windsor The Sun Never Sets On the New British Empire
Can Europe Stop the World Depression? 1991 Conference on European Triangle Proposal The Eurasian Land-Bridge -- The "New Silk Road" ... Peace Through Development in Africa's Great Lakes Region Never Again! London's Genocide Against Africans Sudan Reports, and African Development - 4 EIR Issues So You Wish to Learn About Economics
How We Got to The Moon The LaRouche Program to Save the Nation The Science of Christian Economics Travesty Media Brainwashing -- Single Issue Napoleon Bonaparte -
Single EIR Issue
EIR Issue: Gingrich's and Gramm's Contract On America Stop the Assault on the Presidency! Videotape: Stop the Assault on the Presidency! EIR Issue -- George Soros, Drug Pusher for the Queen Return to Top How To Order

Book Descriptions

Friedrich Schiller, Poet of Freedom, Volumes I, II, III -- published by The Schiller Institute.
Volume I: Table of Contents: Foreword, by Helga Zepp LaRouche; Translator's Preface; Don Carlos, Infante of Spain; Letters on Don Carlos; Theater Considered As A Moral Institution; On the Aesthetical Education of Man, In a Series of Letters; Poems; The Ghost Seer.
Published by New Benjamin Franklin House, 1985, 451 pp, paperback, $9.95.

Volume II: Table of Contents: Foreword; Reflections on Schiller and Goethe, by Helga Zepp LaRouche; Poetry ; Drama: Wilhelm Tell; The Parasite, or, The Art of Self-Advancement; History: What Is, and to What End Do We Study, Universal History; The Legislation of Lycurgus and Solon; The Mission of Moses; The Jesuit Government in Paraguay; Aesthetics: On Grace and Dignity; On Matthisson's Poems; On Bürger's Poems; Of the Aesthetic Estimation of Magnitude; From the Aesthetical Lectures 1792-93; Kallias, or, On the Beautiful; Wilhelm von Humboldt: On Schiller and the Course of His Spiritual Development.
Published by the Schiller Institute, 1988, 562 pp, paperback, $15.00.

Volume III: Table of Contents: Foreword by Helga Zepp LaRouche; Introduction, by William F. Wertz, Jr., "Brief Is The Pain, The Joy Shall Be Eterne"; Poetry ; Drama: The Virgin of Orleans; Homage to the Arts; History: Introduction to The History of the Revolt of the United Netherlands Against Spanish Rule; Aesthetics and Philosophy: Love, Virtue, Friendship; Philosophical Letters; On the Pathetic; On the Sublime; Thoughts Concerning the Use of the Common and Base in Art; On the Necessary Limits in the Use of Beautiful Forms; On Naive and Sentimental Poetry; On the Moral Use of Aesthetic Manners; On Epic and Dramatic Poetry.
Published by The Schiller Institute, 1990, 412 pp, paperback. $15.00.
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Toward a New Council of Florence: "On the Peace of Faith" and other Works by Nicolaus of Cusa, translated and with an introduction by William F. Wertz, Jr., published by the Schiller Institute, 1993, 577 pp, paperback, $15.00
What is unique about this volume is first, that it contains translations of twelve works of Cusanus previously unavailable to an English-speaking readership; second, that it contains new translations of three other important works of Cusanus and of the prologues to a fourth; and finally, that it makes all of these translations available in one inexpensive paperback volume.
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How the Nation Was Won: America's Untold Story, Volume I, 1630-1754, by H. Graham Lowry, published by The Executive Intelligence Review, 1988, 497 pp, paperback. Was $14.95, but currently out of print. $25.00.
How the Nation Was Won reveals the continuous fight waged by America's republican movement, beginning with John Winthrop's Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630. From New England's first battles for freedom, American historian Graham Lowry traces how: The Strategy for a continental republic was designed under the reign of Queen Anne (1702-1714), with the help of the brilliant Jonathan Swift; How the Scottish soldier and geometer Alexander Spotswood, governor of Virginia from 1710 to 1722, created America's gateway to the West -- and Virginia's leadership for the Revolution; How the Massachusetts Puritan Cotton Mather brought Benjamin Franklin into political warfare, against the "Hell-fire" regime of Britain's Hanoverian kings; How the stage was set for the young George Washington to start the French and Indian War -- to break the half-century plot by Britain and France to keep Americans from crossing the Appalachian Mountains ... Return to Booklist / How To Order"

The Political Economy of the American Revolution, Second Edition, edited by Nancy Spannaus and Christopher White, published by the Executive Intelligence Review, 1996, 481 pp, paperback, $25.00. (This book is out of print -- it was $15.00 when in print.)
The Political Economy of the American Revolution was first published in 1977 in order to revive the truth about American history. Newspaper editor Nancy Spannaus and historian Christopher White assembled the crucial writings which defined the American System, as a continuation of the Italian Golden Renaissance tradition, and a war against British imperialism and free trade. They produced a book of readings which serve as an assault on the Treason School of American History.

Table of Contents: Uncovering the Treason School of American History, pp 1-52; The European Roots of the American Revolution: Jean B. Colbert and the Origins of Industrial Capitalism, pp 52-106; The Reign of Henry VIII: Utopia by Thomas More, 109-112, An Act to Repress and Redress the Exactions of Annates or First Fruits, 113-114; Henry VIII's Statute Closing the Religious Houses, 115-117; The Elizabethans Against Monetarism and the Fuggers: Memorandum on the Exchanges(1564), 118-130; The Inconveniences of, and Remedies for Usury (1570?), 131-140; How a Public Bank Will Contribute to the Alleviation of Usury (1576?), 141-146; The Activities of Thomas Gresham: Gresham's Instructions on Being Sent into Spain (1554), 147-149; Gresham to Elizabeth on the Fall of the Exchanges (1558), 150-152; Gresham to Cecil Suggesting That the Merchant Adventurers Should Be Used to Pay the Queen's Foreign Creditors (March 1, 1559), 153-155; Vaughan's Account of the Kingdom's Debt to the Fuggers and Allied Monetarists (1546), 156-159; A Byll Against Usury (5 and 6 Edward VI.20, 1552), 160; Proclamation to Establish Royal Control of the Exchanges 1576, 161-163; The Elizabethans and Industry: The Statute of Artificiers; an Industrial Programme (1550), 165-68; The Statute of Artificers (1563), 169-179; Patent to Make Iron and Steel Using a Coal-Fired Reduction Process (Oct. 9, 1589), 180-184; Cromwell's Commonwealth: From the Second Defence of the English People, by John Milton (1654), 185-86; From the Defence of the English People, by John Milton (1651), 187-188; The Levellers' Appeal to Parliament (March 1647), 192-96; The Free People of England Call on All the Soldiers of the Army, (attributed to John Wildman, Oct. 29, 1647), 197-201; Sonnet XVI, To The Lord General Cromwell, by John Milton (May 1652), 202; Continental Europe: Six Books of the Commonwealth, by Jean Bodin, 203-213; Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz: Outline of a Memorandum: On the Establishment of a Society in Germany for the Promotion of the Arts and Sciences (1671), 214-21; The Founding Fathers: The US Declaration of Independence, 231-234; The Constitution of the Untied States, 235- 246; Benjamin Franklin: A Modest Inquiry into the Nature and Necessity of Paper Currency 247-261; A Proposal for Promoting Useful Knowledge Among the British Plantations in America, 262-264; The Examination of Doctor Benjamin Franklin in the British House of Commons, Relative to the Repeal of the Stamp Act, 265-266; Letter to Joseph Priestly, Passy 8, Feb. 1780; Reflections on the Argumentation of Wages, Which Will Be Occasioned in Europe by the American Revolution, 268-276; George Washington: Farewell Address, Sept. 19, 1796, 277-291; Farewell Address to Congress, Dec. 7, 1796, 292-298; Last Will and Testament, July 1799, 299-302; Thomas Paine: Dissertations on Government; the Affairs of the Bank and Paper Money, 302-343; Alexander Hamilton: From the Report on Public Credit, January 1790, 344-354; Report on a National Bank, Dec. 13, 1790, 355-389; From the Report on the Subject of Manufactures, Dec. 5, 1791, 390-453; The Federalist, No. 11, 454-460; Thomas Jefferson: Second Inaugural Address to Congress, 1805, 461-465; The Report of the Commissioners Appointed to Fix the Site of the University of Virginia, etc., August 1818, 466-470; Index 471-. Return to Booklist / How To Order

The Civil War and the American System, America's Battle With Britain, 1860-1876, by W. Allen Salisbury, second printing, published by EIR, 1992, reprinted by permission of University Editions, Campaigner Publications, 440 pp, $25.00. (Is out of print. Was $15.00 when in print.)
Utilizing a rich selection of primary-source documents, Salisbury reintroduces the forgotten men of the Civil War-era battle for the American System: Mathew Carey, his son and successor Henry Carey, William Kelley, William Elder, and Stephen Colwell. Together with Abraham Lincoln, they demanded industrial-technological progress, against the ideological subversion of British "free trade" economists and the British-dominated Confederacy. Salisbury highlights the career of Henry C. Carey, who, as Lincoln's leading economic adviser, acted to prevent a complete City of London bankers' takeover of the United States political-economic system.

Table of Contents: Preface; Remembering Allen Salisbury; The Civil War and the American System by Allen Salisbury, pp 1-72; Henry C. Carey: The Harmony of Interest , pp 75-78; The Slave Trade, Foreign and Domestic, 78-94; Money, 95-120; Financial Crises: Their Causes and Effects, 121-139; How To Outdo England, 140-154; Open Letters to Hugh McCulloch, 155-171; Protection and Revenue, Public and Private, 186-204; Shall We Have Peace?, 205-214; Abraham Lincoln: Discoveries and Inventions, 217-221; Address at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 222-223; Annual Address to the US. Congress, 224-241; The Military Order of Emancipation, 242-244; To the Workingmen of Manchester, England, 245-246; The Last Public Address, 247-252; William D. Kelley: Protection to American Labor, 255-283; The South -- Its Resources and Its Wants, 284-309; The Centennial Celebration and International Exposition, 310-322, The Causes and Authors of the Financial Depression With Passing Hints at Remedial Measures, 323-342; William Elder: -- The Debt and Resources of the United States and the Effect of Secession Upon the Trade and Industry of the United States, 345-365; Stephen Colwell: The Relations of Foreign Trade to Domestic Industry, 365-367; Mathew Carey: Addresses of the Philadelphia Society for the Promotion of National Industry, 385-428; Bibliography, Index.
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The American System Package of Single Issues of the Executive Intelligence Review, includes 3 issues:
(1) 200 Years Since Hamilton's "Report on Manufactures" , EIR, January 3, 1992, 88 pp, all on the proponents of the American System, from the colonial precursors of Hamilton, through the early 20th century -- includes discussion of American System influence worldwide;
(2) The Anti-Newtonian Roots of the American Revolution , EIR December 1, 1995, ground-breaking work -- 33 pages on the Leibnizian roots of the American Revolution, in direct attack on Locke, Hobbes and Newton;
(3) The "Land-Bridge": Henry Carey's Global Development Program", EIR, May 2, 1997,
33 pages, more, fascinating work on the American System -- in this case, the conscious promotion of the American System as a global development plan into China and Russia, focussing on the person of Henry Carey, advisor to Lincoln, and beyond. $25.00 for all three; $10.00 each.
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Friedrich List -- Notes On The American System . List's Letters to Ingersoll in Philadelphia, on the topic of the American System. 1824. German and English translation. $19.95 Return to Booklist / How To Order

Bridge Across Jordan, the Autobiography of Amelia Platts Boynton Robinson, published by The Schiller Institute, pp 414, paperback, $10.00
"In Bridge Across Jordan, Amelia Boynton Robinson has crafted an inspiring, eloquent memoir of her more than five decades on the front lines of the struggle for racial equality and social justice. This work is an important contribution to the history of the black freedom struggle, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone who cares about human rights in America." -- Coretta Scott King Return to Booklist / How To Order

Dope Incorporated: The Book That Drove Kissinger Crazy, Third Edition, 697pp, by the Editors of EIR, 1992, $65.00. (This book is out of print. It was $16.00 when in print.)
When the first edition of Dope, Inc. was published in 1978, the most powerful bankers of London and Wall Street went running for cover, and the gangsters at the Anti-Defamation League launched a multimillion dollar drive to bury its authors under an avalanche of slanders and government dirty tricks. Why? Because Dope, Inc. revealed the most deeply held secrets of the big names behind the world's illegal narcotics trade. Return to Booklist / How To Order

EIR SPECIAL REPORT: Would a President Bob Dole Prosecute Drug Super-Kingpin George Bush?, September, 1996, published by Executive Intelligence Review, paper - magazine format, 116 pp. Priced at: $100.00. Special Price: $25.00.
Foreword: George Bush's "crack force" , by Lyndon LaRouche; Chapter I: Drug Kingpin George Bush: Chronology: The Contra "crack" connection; Documentation: Some of the Legal Documents Backing Up The San Jose Mercury News Charges; The Frogman Case, from the Kerry Committee Report; Chapter 2: George Bush: The Cop Who Committed the Crime: Bush's Takeover of US Intelligence, Cover Operations. Profiles: Theodore Shackley; Donald P. Gregg; Felix Rodriguez, aka "Max Gomez"; Richard Secord; Oliver North; Chapter 3: Bush, "Focal Point," and the LaRouche Case: Is There Life On the "Asteroids"? , Michael Billington on Oliver North; Chapter 4: The Truth About Mena, Arkansas ... and Beyond; Documentation: Letters from Louisiana State Law Enforcement Officials; Excerpts From The Testimony of George Morales and Gary Wayne Betzner, from the "Kerry Committee" report; Interview: Celerino Castillo; Chapter 5: The Defense Department Makes A Deal With Drug Lords: Bush and the Cali Cartel in Colombia; Bush Installs Drug Lords in Panama; Noreiga -- "I Was An Obstacle"; U.S. Payoffs to Witnesses Against Noreiga; Mexico's Drug Kingpin Is a Bushman, Too; 1980's Was Bush's "Dope Decade" Chapter 6: What Was the Cover-Up In Pan Am Flight 103? Monzer Al Kassar and Crime: All in the Family; The Strange Life and Death of Cyrus Hashemi; Syria's Opium Bonanza in Lebanon; Chapter 7: Terrorism Against President Clinton's USA; Chapter 8: The International Terrorist Threat To the USA Today: Financing the Mujahadeen Through Drug Sales; Chapter 9: A "Kingpin" Indictment of George Bush et al. Return to Booklist / How To Order

EIR SPECIAL REPORT: George Bush and the 12333 Serial Murder Ring, published by The Executive Intelligence Review, October, 1996, paperback magazine size, 86 pp. Priced at $100.00, special price now at $25.00.
Table of Contents: George Bush and the "Ibykus Principle" by Lyndon LaRouche; Chapter I: New Revelations Tie Palme Murder to Bush, Thatcher-Linked Arms Cartel; Bush-Thatcher "Zones of Conflict"; Williamson's "Confession"; Ricci and Williamson on the GMR Group; International Coverage of the "South Africa Connection" Documentation; Chapter 2: John Train -- Wall Street's Man in Bush's Secret Government: John Train's British, Swedish Financial Ties; Appendix -- The Train Salon, in the Legal Record -- Excerpts from a 2255 Motion for a New Trial By Attorneys For Lyndon LaRouche, William Wertz, and Edward Spannaus; The Goldsmiths and the New "Murder, Inc."; Chapter 3: The Olof Palme Assassination and Coverup, Revisited -- Case Studies -- the LaRouche Case and the Palme Assassination; The Club of the Isles and the International Weapons Cartel; The Size of the 1980s Illicit Third World Arms Market; Schalck-Golodkowski and "Destructive Engagement" EIR Detailed "Explosives Cartel" Role in Palme Killing; Chapter 4: The Death Toll Rises; The Mysterious Death of Uwe Barschel; Cools and Bull -- Two Murders In Belgium; India's former Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi; Who Killed Yitzhak Rabin? The Jonathan Institute -- Neo-Cons, British Agents; The Ledeens and Temple Mount; The "Temple Mount" Patsy Factory; The Case of Cyrus Hashemi; George Perry and the Tabatabai Bust; Some Other Strange Deaths ; Chapter 5: "Paris Review" Goes to Kabul: The "Arc of Crisis" in Conflict and War; Major Terrorist Incidents Since Clinton's Inauguration; Chronology: Bush- Thatcher "Secret Government" Operations -- 1979-96; Bibliography. Return to Booklist / How To Order

EIR Issue: George Soros: Drug Pusher for the Queen August 29, 1997. Feature p. 22-47. $10.00. Also available: The True Story of Soros the Golem: A Profile of Megaspeculator George Soros, EIR Special Report, April 1997. 60 pages, paper. Special price: $25.00 Return to Booklist / How To Order

The Holes in the Ozone Scare: The Scientific Evidence That the Sky Isn't Falling, by Rogelio Maduro and Ralf Schauerhammer, published by 21st Century Science Associates, 1992, 356 pp, paperback, $15.00
"The Holes in the Ozone Scare reveals in well-documented, stark detail how science is being misused to achieve political ends. Everyone interested in the so-called global environmental issues should read this powerful book, and then consider whether press releases and computer simulations that are unaccompanied by solid scientific evidence should drive our nation's science policy. With Maduro's timely, unemotional review of the record of scientific research on stratospheric ozone, the false claims of depletion and catastrophe are revealed for the empty scare tactics that they really are. -- Dr. Dixy Lee Ray, former head of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission and former governor of Washington State. Return to Booklist / How To Order

EIR Special Report: The "Greenhouse Effect" Hoax: A World Federalist Plot, published in 1989, 169 pp, paperback, $25.00.
Preface: A Secret Agenda. Chapter One: The Grand Conspiracy -- Has the Bush Administration Gone Green?; Dec 7, Day of Infamy: Ecologists and Soviets Act in Tandem; Appendix: The Greenhouse Gang Follows Gorbachov's Lead. Chapter Two: What the Scientist Say: The Greenhouse Effect Is A Fraud; The Global Weather System; An Address by Energy Undersecretary Donna Fitzpatrick; Interviews of Leading Meteorologists. Chapter Three: Environmentalism: A Pretext for the Introduction of Neo-Colonialism and a New Feudalism -- The Brundtland Commission and the Legal Framework for Global Fascism; Brazil: A Case History of 'Debt for Nature'; Appendix I: The IUCN Recommendations On Brundtland Follow-Up: Appendix II: Greenhouse Bills in the US Congress; Appendix III: Maurice Strong on 'Mother Earth' Worship. Chapter 4: Anglo-Soviet New Age Occultism - - The Pagan Cults; Soviet Pseudo-Science Could Cause WWIII; Moiseyev on 'Science and Ethics' and Vernadsky; Jeremy Rifkin and Satanism. Return to Booklist / How To Order

21st Century Special Report: The Coming Ice Age: Why Global Warming Is A Scientific Fraud, November, 1997, 103 pp, paperback magazine format, Special Price: $25.00.

Time to Say No To World Government, by Lyndon LaRouche; Part I: Global Warming: Who Pulls the Strings -- Global Warming, Eco-Fascists Target Clinton; Eco-Fascism: A Royal Virus; Blair Delivers Gaseous Emission at UN Summit; Prince Philip Orders Breakup of the US; Who's Who in Prince Philip's Eco-Fascist SS; Environmental Hoaxes Are Based on Population Reduction, Not Science; British Empire Pushes Malthusian Treaties. Part 2: Global Warming is a Scientific Fraud -- Orbital Cycles, Not CO2, Determine Earth's Climate; The Coming (or Present) Ice Age; An Oceanographer Looks At the Non-Science of Global Warming; Scientists Respond to the 'Non-Science of Global Warming'; Ice Core Data Show No Carbon Dioxide Increase (by Zbigniew Jaworowski, PhD); What Man- Induced Climate Change (by Hugh Ellsaesser, PhD); Global Warming, Ozone Depletion -- Where's the Evidence? (by Dr. Dixie Lee Ray); What You Never Hear About Greenhouse Warming (by Hugh Ellsaesser, Ph.D); Global Cooling and Scientific Honesty (by Lee Anderson Smith, PhD and C. Bertrand Schultz, PhD); Climate Modelling: Linearization in the Small and the Large (by Elizabeth M. Pascali).
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So, You Wish To Learn All About Economics? A Text on Elementary Mathematical Economics, by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., Second Edition published by EIR News Service, 1995, 201 pp, paperback, $10.00.
Table of Contents: Foreword; Preface; Leibniz's Approach to Economic Science; Population-Density; Thermodynamics of Political Economy; The Definition of Economic Value; How Technology Is Produced; Work versus Energy; A Chapter Dispensing with Monetary Theory; Wages and Population; Basic Economic Infrastructure; Briefly, On Inflation. Return to Booklist / How To Order

The Science of Christian Economy, and other prison writings, by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., published by The Schiller Institute, 1991, 506 pp, paperback, $15.00.
Includes major works by Lyndon LaRouche, written from prison between 1989 and 1991. They include: In Defense of Common Sense; Project A -- LaRouche Discusses His Solution to the "Riddle of the Ages": The Parmenides Paradox of Plato; and The Science of Christian Economy. An extensive Appendix includes discussion of concepts LaRouche references throughout the works, including: I. Conical versus Cylindrical Action; II. The Maximum-Minimum Principle; III. The Golden Section; IV. Formal Deductive Systems; V. How Newton Parodied Kepler's Discovery; VI. The Art of Forming Hypotheses: Kepler's "Harmony of the World "; VII. Transfinite ordering; VIII. Non-algebraic Curves and Negative Curvature; IXX. The Dirichlet Principle; X. Scientific Tuning Middle C=256 Hz; XI. Euler's Fallacies on the Subject of Infinite Divisibility and Leibniz's Monads; XII "Anthropomorphic Science "; XIII. On the Subject of Christian Civilization; XIV. Physics and Natural Law. Return to Booklist / How To Order

The LaRouche Program To Save The Nation, Copyright FDR-PAC, first published in 1992, reprinted in 1996, 153 pp, paperback, $10.00.
"Lyndon LaRouche, the world-famous economist and former political prisoner, put together the program required back in 1992, when he ran for President as an independent. That program is still valid today. It proceeds from essentials -- dumping the disastrous neo-Malthusian post-industrial policies which have destroyed the United States over the 30 years since the assassination of JFK, and replacing them with the American System of economics."

Table of Contents: Introduction; Meet Lyndon LaRouche; Why We Are Suffering Through A New Great Depression; Solving the Fresh Water Crisis; Building New Railways, Waterways and Highways; Mag-Lev: The Technology of the 21st Century; Nuclear Fission: Bridge to Fusion Power; The Best Health Care for Every American; Restore Literacy and Classical Education; LaRouche's Program for 6 Million New Jobs; "Jumpstart" for the USA from the "Productive Triangle". Great Projects to Develop the World; Frontier in Space: LaRouche's Moon-Mars Program; LaRouche on America's National Purpose; Revive Family Farming and Feed the World; LaRouche's Program for a War on AIDS; Why LaRouche Calls NAFTA "Auschwitz Below the Border"; Independent Committee Calls for Exoneration of LaRouche; Proposed Federal Reserve Nationalization Act of 1992; Pennsylvania's Securities Transfer Tax Act. Return to Booklist / How To Order

How We Got To The Moon: The Story of the German Space Pioneers, by Marsha Freeman, published by 21st Century Science Associates, 1993, 363 pp, paperback, $15.00.
"This is an excellent book for both the general reader who wants to know more about the early days and origins of the space program and for the student who needs a handy reference book. It encompasses the exploits of a group of enthusiastic and dedicated men who were instrumental in placing man on the Moon." -- Mitchell R. Sharpe, history consultant at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, Huntsville, Alabama, co-author of The Rocket Team .

Table of Contents: Prologue by Konrad Dannenberg; Hermann Oberth: The Father of Space Travel; The Battle of the Formulae; From Theory to Experimentation; Peenemunde: A Scientific Mobilization; How the A-4 Rocket Became the V-2; Coming to America: Operation Paperclip; The Space Age Begins!; Willy Ley Rallies the Nation for Space; Wernher von Braun: The Columbus of Space; Krafft Ehricke's Extraterrestrial Imperative. Return to Booklist / How To Order

Travesty: A True Crime Story. The Du Pont Kidnap Case and the LaRouche Railroad, by an EIR Investigative Team, 1993, 255 pp, paperback. $8.00.
"What follows is a true story. The dialogue in this book is composed of the actual words of the conspirators, captured without their knowledge by FBI tape recorders. The recordings were made by FBI undercover operative Doug Poppa, as well as court-ordered wiretaps. Other material for this book is taken from FBI witness reports and other documents made public during the trial of U.S. v. Smith, et al., Criminal Number 92-420-A in the Eastern District of Virginia. Trial testimony is taken from the official transcripts of the case." Return to Booklist / How To Order

The True Story Behind the Fall of the House of Windsor , an EIR Special Report. September, 1997, 218 pp, paperback. Special Price: $25.00.
Part I: Includes: The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor -- Reprint of report from October 28, 1994. Prince Phillip's Allgemeine SS; Who's Who in Prince Phillip's Allgemeine SS ; Prince Philip's Corporate SS; The '1001 Club' - A Nature Trust; The WWF - Race Science and World Government; Prince Philip's Friends Ran Get LaRouche Plot; ... World Wide Fund for Nature Commits Genocide in Africa; The African Parks were Created As A Cover For Destabilization; The Oligarchs Real Game is Killing Animals and Killing People; ... The WWF Is Out to Balkanize and Depopulate the Americas; ... Part 2: The Sun Never Sets On The New British Empire. From Report May 24, 1996. Includes: The Monarchy -- Powers and Roots; the 'Empire of the Mind' - Tavistock Brainwashing; The Empire Restored; The Club of the Isles - Raw Materials Cartels Lock up World Economy; The Anglo-Dutch Corporate Empire. Part III: Britain's 'Invisible' Empire Unleashes the Dogs of War. From Report of August 22, 1997. Includes: The Dogs of War - Her Majesty's Irregular Forces. Africa -- Congo-Zaire: The Dissolution of the Nation State; London Reaps A Harvest of Death; Australasia - Queen Elizabeth Runs a Coup: The Case of Papua New Guinea; British Subversion of the United States - Who Is Wagging Your Neighbor's Tongue? The Militias and Pentacostalism; IberoAmerica - British Cartels Break Up Brazil's CVRD, Target Continent's Raw Materials; Mining Laws Favor Raw Materials Grab; The 'Parks for Peace' Ploy for Bloody Border Wars. Epilogue: Can the House of Windsor Survive Diana's Death? Correspondence with Princess Diana; The Crash: Unanswered Questions Abound; Princess Diana's War With the Windsors - A Chronology; the Accelerating Fall of the House of Windsor. Return to Booklist / How To Order

The Sun Never Sets on the New British Empire , EIR Issue, May 24, 1996. Paper, 50 pp. $10.00.
Includes: The Monarchy- Powers and Roots; the 'Empire of the Mind' - Tavistock Brainwashing; The Empire Restored; The Club of the Isles - Raw Materials Cartels Lock up World Economy; The Anglo-Dutch Corporate Empire. Return to Booklist / How To Order

Peace Through Development In Africa's Great Lake's Region -- Proceedings of a Seminar in Walluf, Germany, April 26-27, 1997. An EIR Special Report. April, 1997, 147 pp, paperback. Special Price: $25.00.
Includes: Introduction - Seminar Takes Up Urgent 'Stategy for Peace' in Africa; The Strategic Context -- The Spirit of the Days of Africa's Independence Is Very Much Alive; Dr. Godfrey Binaisa: People of Africa, It's Time To Wake Up! ... Presentations by Members of Country Delegations - Including Those From Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Zaire, and Lado; Part 4: Perspectives for a New World Order; Part 5: Closing Remarks. Appendices. Return to Booklist / How To Order

Never Again! London's Genocide Against Africans. . An EIR Special Report. June, 1997, 94 pp, paperback. Special Price: $10.00.
Part I: London's Gameplan Leads to Nazi Genocide in Central Africa -- Introduction; London's Coordinated Military Fronts in East Africa 1990-1997, The Death Count So Far; The Chain Reactions of Catastrophe; From Their Own Evil Mouths -- British Press Outlets Advertize Plans to Recolonize Africa; The LaRouche Movement Led The Fight To Stop African Genocide. Part 2: Genocide in Africa -- Some of the Truth Comes Out -- A Holocaust is reported in the World's Press; Documentation of the Holocaust - - Reports From Around the World. Part 3: London's Raw Materials Cartel Runs the Africa Genocide -- How the British Raw Materials Cartel Put Kabila Into Power. Part 4: Who Sabotaged the Multilateral Aid Force? Why There was No Rescue Mission for Rwandan Refugees in 1996. Part 5: Nyerere's 'Kindergarten': Dar Es Salaam University. The Training of the KKK - Kabila, Kagame, and Kabuta Museveni; Bankers Radicals Protect Bush, Abet African Genocide, 'Revolution 101' at Dar Es Salaam; Museveni Embraces Fanon's Doctrine of Violence; 'Black Handlers' Jean-Paul Sartre and Jean Genet -- Nostalgia For the Mud; Sartre's Ideas on Violence; Fanon's Economic False Consciousness. Return to Booklist / How To Order

EIR Africa reports from 1993 to 1998. EIR 4 Africa Issues: $10.00 each; $25.00 for all 4.
(1) The Rebirth of Africa, January 1, 1993. Includes African Development Plans, plus LaRouche's "Critique of the Lagos Plan: Stop Club of Rome Genocide in Africa";
(2) U. S. Legislators: Charges Against Sudan Are Unfounded, October 11, 1996, p. 58-70, includes refutation of charges of slavery in Nuba Mountains. Additional article by LaRouche on "The essential role of 'time-reversal' in mathematical economics";
(3) Eyewitness Report From Sudan on the Brink of War, January 24, 1997, p. 22-45. Includes texts of a declaration between Sudan's government and the southern rebels, called "Political Charter, April 1996", and the Declaration of Principles for the Resolution of the Nuba Mountains Problem;
(4) Update from March, 1998. Xerox copy of EIR feature from March 13, 1998. 15 page report. Includes: "Sudan takes giant step toward democracy, peace -- an eye-witness account of the second session of Sudan's National Congress", "Sudan prepares its Constitution -- remarks by Dr. Hassan al-Turabi", "Sudan has reached a turning point -- an interview with al-Sharif Zeinal Abdin Al-Hindi", "Why southern leaders want to end the war -- an interview with Dr. Riek Machar", "An optimistic look at Sudan's future -- an interview with Dr. Ghazi Salahuddin Attabani", "An Iranian view of Sudan's achievement -- an interview with Mohammad Sa-eed Nua'mani". Return to Booklist / How To Order

The Eurasian Landbridge -- The New Silk-Road' -- Locomotive For Worldwide Economic Development. An EIR Special Report. January, 1997, 289 pp, paperback, with color map. Special Price: $50.00.
Includes Studies of: High-technology Infrastructure Development Corridors; China and Europe as Eurasia's Development Poles; Crucial Infrastructure Projects in China; The Eurasian Land-Bridge and Development Around the Great Ocean Basins; Financing An Economic Miracle - Hamiltonian Credit Generation; The Eurasian Land-Bridge and the Economic Reconstruction of the United States. Return to Booklist / How To Order

EIR Special Report: Can Europe Stop the World Depression? Conference on "A New Economic Miracle for Eastern Europe", Includes LaRouche's "European Productive Triangle" Proposal, Berlin, March 1-2, 1991. Proceedings and Prospects. 94 pp, $10.00.

Includes: Preface - A New European Economic Miracle Can Pull the World Back from Economic Catastrophe; The Historic Opportunity of 1989, Why It Has So Far Been Missed; A Positive German Policy Shift After Berlin Conference; ... Neither Marx Nor Adam Smith; An Outline of the Productive Triangle Plan -- Paris-Berlin-Vienna; ... "Productive Triangle" Requires a Renaissance of Nuclear Energy; Appendix I: Memorandum - Economic Development for Eastern Europe, by Lyndon LaRouche, Dec 10, 1990; Appendix II: The Year 1989, Chapter 3 of the New Encyclical of Pope John Paul II, Centissimus Annus. Return to Booklist / How To Order

Stop The Assault On The Presidency. A Pamphlet Produced by LaRouche's Committee For A New Bretton Woods. 46pp, paper. Suggested Contribution: $10.00.
Includes Excerpts From the Famous 1994 Pamphlet; The Transcript of EIR's Authoritative Video Now Sweeping The Nation. "Long before Paula Jones, long before Monica Lewinsky, there was a conscious decision, made in London, that there would be a full-scale campaign to destroy Bill Clinton, and to destroy, once and for all, the credibility of the office of the Presidency of the United States". Return to Booklist / How To Order

The Assault On The Presidency Videotape. Produced by EIR News Service. 56 minutes. $25.00.
An EIR Video Exposé. "Long before Paula Jones, long before Monica Lewinsky, there was a conscious decision, made in London, that there would be a full-scale campaign to destroy Bill Clinton, and to destroy, once and for all, the credibility of the office of the Presidency of the United States." Return to Booklist / How To Order

EIR Issue, February 17, 1995: Phil Gramm's 'Conservative Revolution in America'. Pages 20-70 of issue. $10.00

Topics include: Overview by Lyndon LaRouche; "Von Hayek hails the satanist Mandeville"; A Profile of Lord William Rees-Mogg; "Kissinger's alliance with the British"; "Why we must call Newt Gingrich 'a fascist' -- the historical roots of the Conservative Revolution"; "The legacy of Freidrich von Hayek: Fascism didn't die with Hitler"; Strategic Map -- Mont Pelerin Society's fascist international; "Mont Pelerin 'body-snatchers' are brainwashing your congressman -- Dossiers on the Heritage Foundation, Reason Foundation, Cato Institute, Progress and Freedom Foundation, American Legislative Exchange Council, National Taxpayers Union"; "The Mont Pelerin 'enforcers' inside the US Congress -- Profiles of some of the most important congressional spokesmen for the Conservative Revolution"; "They've taken out a contract on you!". Return to Booklist / How To Order

EIR Special Report: The Genocidal Roots of Bush's 'New World Order', May 1992, 188 pp, paper, $25.00.

Includes: Section I: The History of the Depopulators -- Introduction - How depopulation became US government policy; The history of population control, from Teddy Roosevelt through the Third Reich to George Bush. Section 2: In their own words -- the genocidalists speak. Excerpts: confidential, declassified documents from 1974, including NSSM 200; The Malthusian mind -- what the Malthusians say, starting with Malthus; Genocide, Inc.: The World Wide Fund for Nature; Genocidalists in power. Section 3: case studies -- country and area studies -- the application of genocide. Section 4: the LaRouche movement intervenes -- LaRouche's warnings about the Anglo-American policy of genocide; LaRouche on economics and population -- the principles of technology; The necessity for the creation of the Club of Life; Club of Life discussion document for United Nations Population Conference; Aug 7, 1984; 'Sustainable development' without scientific progress? What a hoax!; Appendix A: A Case Study from Antiquity -- How the Romans Nearly Destroyed Civilization; Appendix B: Global 2000 -- Blueprint for Genocide -- EIR Special Report from 1982. Return to Booklist / How To Order

EIR Issue: Time to Destroy the Myth of Napoleon Bonaparte, October 18, 1996. Feature p 18-41. Text included on this web site; illustrations (33), are in this EIR. $5.00. Return to Booklist / How To Order

EIR Issue: Who Controls the Media. Feature in EIR Issue, 1996. $5.00. Return to Booklist / How To Order

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