Former State Representative Ed Vaughan Testimony to Conyers Congressional Briefing

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Former State Representative Ed Vaughan of Detroit, Michigan issued the following statement:

I certainly want to congratulate Congressman John Conyers for calling the meeting in Washington on the issue of the "The National Public Hospital Safety Net in Crisis: D. C. General Hospital in Focus."

I think it is terrible that there is contemplation of closing the hospital. It should not be closed. We have to remember that health care should be for the people and not for profit and that whatever it takes to run the hospital should be provided, because the people in the district need sufficient health care. This is the nation's capitol, and the whole world is looking at America. For America to close the only general hospital it has in the District of Columbia is a terrible affront to mankind.

Therefore, I certainly urge the Congressional delegation from Michigan and the rest of the Congressmen and women around the country to stand up and fight the closing of D. C. General Hospital. I commend the efforts of the LaRouche organization and the others in Washington, D. C. in fighting for this issue which effects us all, nationwide.

We have many of the same problems in Michigan. Fortunately in Detroit we have the Detroit Medical Center and we have a large Veterans hospital in Detroit but we still have a crisis in health care here. It is much worse in other areas, but the issue is still here and of course some of the hospitals that are not doing as well as they should -- and I am thinking about some of the hospitals in the Detroit Medical Center, and I am thinking about some of the hospitals which are overcrowded with people who do not have health care, and cannot afford health care.

Health care has gotten out of hand in this country. Ironically, many small countries in the world have better health care systems than America. I think we need to go back to Hill-Burton Standards to insure that health care is for everyone. A nation this large has no reason to not provide health care for all of its citizens.

So I urge the adoption of Hill Burton standards, and I urge this nation to give health care to the people. Health care should be for the people once again and not for profit. It will benefit us all if D. C. General Hospital stays open, and we finally bring this question to the fore. Will we or will we not operate in the interest of the General Welfare of our citizens - in health, as well as in all issues confronting us today.

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