Wolfing run
Alright! another wolfing run CONTEST!!! PLEASE send me one of your norns to be in a wolfing run. only one norn per person. the winner will be posted here! also if you win and you have a website i will send you a banner/award saying you've won! so get crackin and send me your best creature! Fast because i only have so many slots and their getting filled up!!
Here is the last wolfing run's winner!
Name: Charly
Breed: pixie norn
Moniker: 6GHY
Owner: Rachel   Karr
Infowritten by Rachel: Well Charly's mother has always been my favorite norn.. she explored all of alibia for me and gained all  my power ups. her name was atica. however she had only one offspring named charly. who was very bright and had an unusual purple color.
What i noticed: Well rachel i noticed that your norn actually drank and not only ate food but fruit. he was the only one left alive after 3 days of wolfing run!
Sorry his download is not avalible any more
but the next winner's downlod will be. hmmm will it be yours?