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Ashley misk: Ashleyfish23@hotmail.com
i have a question. if our norns participate in the wolfing run do we get them back even if they die?

well ash of course you do but be carfull who knows how it might behave..
Darrel *** : email not avalible
How did you get a web site? i want to have a creatures site but do not know how to!

Well Darrel i know it is frustrating with all this html codes but Intravenous made my site I have a link for it they create great pages and can make animations too. they are not vary expensive and they are fast. once they did mine i got a password so i can now edit mine as much as i want with out their help!
Kimmy Tomkins: Friday1349@hotmail.com
i have a norn that dies when i hatch it any thoughts about it?

Well u asked this a while ago kim and know i have done research and got a SIDS page up check it out kim!

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