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well welcome to Ancient Alibia... on this site i have many cobs,news,downloads,bulitins and... well u get the picture. Also all graphics on the page are made by me please do not take them! also I am currently trying to make a new norn breed ! i havent thought of a name for it yet though
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. oh also click on my cobbers idea link. their i have listed many ideas for thoose of u cobbers out there! i on the other hand really suck at making cobs (heehee) so i posted some ideas for others to figure out! but i am good at tinkering with norn genes. i am curently working on  a new norn breed that is smarter than the nova subterra and the cannies! their called the "hybrid theory" norns! and their is more info on that on my link. also in my bio-lab i have some of my current creatue creations for u to download! also i have some norns from other peopleon my norn-loading link! if you have a strange,smart,funny norn send it to me and i'll post it there pictures are perferred and mabey.. just mabey... it will make the featured norn page!!
featured cob!!!!
click the image for more info and how to download!

I am going to try not promise but try to update this page as much as i can! sometimes people can get busy!! lol. anyways i will try to get the newst info and downloads on here! i need about 3 more computers to hold all my creatures junk!! it takes up all my hard drive! soon hopefully by christmas i will have a newer computer system and mor stuff and tinkering will be avaliable!!
Like all the norns with the read ears and green bodies? Their called paradise norns!
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well some new news!!  we got some new cobs for download and now i added a new page 4/23/01 called the featured cob!
also just so u know this site is for c2 only! i have c1 but do not use it. i dont have c3 though . just so u know i dont want people downloading stuff and saying hey!!! this is for c2 opps! lol. so u get the picture now!
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Paint Shop Pro Image               THANK YOU TO ALL MY SPONSERS!