Andromeda Cast Names Origins

Laura Bertram:
Laura is from the latin "laurus" meaning laurel tree which is a symbol of victory.

Bertram is a word of English origin meaning descendant of Bertram (bright raven).

Keith Hamiltion Cobb:
Keith is a Gaelic word meaning the wind.

Hamilton (English, Scottish origins) 1) One who came from Hambleton (bare or treeless hill) 2) The name of several villages in England 3) One who lived at Hamela's farm or enclosure

Cobb (English origin) 1) One who came from Cobb (round reef, semicirular pier) in Dorset 2) Dwelter near roundish mass or lump 3) Descendant of Cobb 4) A pet form of Jacob meaning may God protect, the supplanter

Lexa Doig:
Doig (Scottish) Descendant of the servant Dog. A pet form of Saint Cadoc (warlike)
Lisa Ryder:
Lisa is a variant English of Hebrew name Elisheva meaning consecrated to God.

Ryder (Welsh, English origins) mean the rider, the trooper, or a mounted guardian of a forest.

Brent Stait:
Brent is a variant of the Irish name Bran meaning a raven. In Celtic mythology, Bran is the God of the nether world.
Kevin Sorbo:
Kevin is Gaelic for handsome or beautiful.

Sorbo are any of several old world tree related to apples or pears.

Sorbo is Italian for service tree or sorb apple tree.

Gordon Michael Woolvett:
Gordon (English, Scottish origins) 1) One who came from Gordon (spacious hill) in Berwickshire. 2) One who lived near a three cornered hill or a wedge shaped piece of land.

Gordon is Old English meaning a dung pasture.

Gordon (Russian origin) 1) One who came from Grodno (fortified place) in Byelorussia

Gordon is a form of Gordius meaning a bold quick solution to a problem. Gordius meaning came from the Greek legend of Alexander the Great solution to King Phrygia knot problem. King Gordius of Phrygia tied a knot which could only be undone by the future master of Asia. When Alexander the Great was unable to untied Knot, he slashed the knot with his sword.

Michael (Hebrew origin) 1) Who is like God. 2) He is the archangle in the Bible closest to God and is the divine messager who carries out God's judgment.

Woolvett is a name from Anglo-Saxon words wulf and geat. Wulf meaning is wolf and geat meaning is gate. Therefore the meaning of Woolvett is wolf gate.

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