Tyr's Ancestors Names Origins

Barbarossa Anasazi (Tyr's father):
Barbarossa is the sir name applied by European to two Turkish pirates bothers of North Africa. Their father was Greek and most likely born at Mytilene on the island of Lesbos in the Aegean Sea. Barbarrossa is Italian for red beard.

Barbarossa I original name was Horush, Arouj or Koruk. He was born in 1474. He and his brother Khizr were in the service of Mamluk sultans for some years. He and his brother conquered Algeria in 1514 AD and aided local rulers against the Spaniard but sometime turn against the local for their own ends. Barbarrossa I was killed by Spaniard at Rio-Salado, Algeria on 1518 AD after a failed attempt to seized Tlemcen in northwestern Algeria.

Khai ed-Din Barbarossa ,who is also known as Barbarossa II, was born in 1483. Barbarossa II original name was Khizr. He was better known was Khair ed-Din. He took control of his brother possions after his brother death in 1518 AD. He was North Africa Deputy of Selim I sultan of Turkey. Selim I is father of future sultan Seleiman I. He was appointed admiral of the Turkish Fleet by Seleiman I in 1533 AD. He seized Tunis in 1534 AD by the military of Emperor Charles V commanded by Admiral Andrea Doria. He defeated the emperor's forces 1538 AD and controlled most of the Mediterranean from 1533 to 1544 AD. He died in Constantinople on July 5, 1546 AD.

Temujin Anasazi I (Tyr's 4 x great grandfather)
and Temujin Anasazi II (Tyr's grandfather):
Temujin is given name of Genghis Khan who was one the greatest conquerors in Earth history. He was born in 1167 AD in the Royal Borjigh of the Mongols in northeastern Mongolia. His father ,Yesugi, was khan of small clan. His father was poisoned to death by a rival clan when he was nine year old. His father brother ,Toghril Khan, who was the most powerful and ruthless Mongolia leader took Temujin into his service.

He reign as Khan for all clans from 1206 to 1227 AD. His territories range from parts of Eastern Europe, part of Russia, the Middle East, Northern India, Korea, and all of China. Genghis Khan died in August of 1227.

His grandson Kublai Khan is desribed by the Itailian adventurer Marco Polo.

Suleiman Anasazi (Tyr's 5 x great grandfather):
Suleiman I was the tenth and greatest sultan of the Turkish Ottoman Empire. He was born on April 27, 1447 AD in Trebizond, Turkey as the son of future Sultan Selim I. When his father died in 1520 AD, he succeeded to the throne. His reign as sultan was from 1520 to 1566 AD.

He lead the empire to its greatest expansion and prosperity. He conquered Budapest and all of Hungary in 1526 AD. He fail to siege Vienna in 1529. After his conquered Tripolis in North Africa, his navy fleet was the dominant power in the Mediterranean sea. He conquered Persia in 1534 AD.

He was best known as "The Lawgiver" for series of laws reforms and codifications covering all aspects of Ottoman administration and society. The Ottoman system of goverment was committed to written form for the first time. An effort was made accommodate Islamic relgious laws into goverment laws. Suleiman die September 7, 1566 AD in Szigetuar Hugart during his last campaign against the Hapsburgs (Austria).

Katherine Melchior (Tyr's 6 x great grandmother):
Melchior sir name most likely refers to Lauritz Leberecht Hommel Melchior the Danish American tenor. He was born on March 20, 1890 in Copenhagen, Demark. Lauritz Melchior was the greatest Wagnerian Heldentenor (heroic tenor) in the 20th century. He first sang soprano as boy. His baritone debut was at the Danish Royal Opera as Silvio in "I Pagliacci" in 1913.

One nigth while one tour with American contralto Madame Charles Cahier, Melchior aided a sick soprano in "Il Trovatore" by singing in high C the Act IV Leonora- Di Luna duet. Madame Charles was delightfully impressed by his tone. She told him that he was no baritone but a tenor with a lid on. She wrote to the Royal Opera recommending that Melchior be given a sabbatical and remuneration to retrain his voice. Melchior took voice lessons from Danish tenor Vilhelm Herold from 1917 to 1918.

His first appearance as a tenor was at the Danish Royal Opera in 1918. He was the lead Wagnerian Heldentenor for Bayreath Festivals from 1925 to 1931. He performed at New York City Metropolitan Opera from 1926 to 1960. He resigned from Metropolitan Opera over disagreement of having mostly Wagnoian roles. He had over 300 official audio recordings. He was in several movies. He became an US citizen in 1947. He died March 18, 1973 in Santa Monica, California.

Melchoir is French, German, Italian and Spanish for descendant of Melchior (King of light).

Katherine is from the Greek word "Katharos" meaning pure, unsullied.

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