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Arzawa II:
Arzawa was an ancient culture that was centered in what is currently Anatolia, Turkey. It been extinct since approximately 1200 BC.
Castalia in Greek mythology was daughter of the river god Achelous. She was pursued by the god Apollo. She thew herself into a spring at Delphi on the slope of Mount Parnassus. The spring was name after her. This spring is a natural monument of virtue preserved. She is the nymph of prophetic spring.
Cestus Martialis:
Cestus in Greek mythology was Aphrodite's embrodered girdle with the power to inspirer love.

Marcus Valerius Martialis was a Roman epigrammatic poet. He wrote fourteen books of poetry. He was born in Bilbils, Spain. He movedto Rome in A.D. 64. He was a favorite poet of Roman emperors, especially Domitian.

Diphda V:
The fifth planet from the star Diphda is a existing star. Scientific name is Beta Ceti. Common names are Diphda, Deneb, Kaitios, Difda, Tifda al Thani, or Rana Secunda. The names Diphda, Difda, Difda al Thani derive from the Arabic name "Al Difdi al Thani" meaning "The Second Frog". The latin translation of "Al Difdi al Thani" is "Rana Secunda". The name Deneb Kaitos comes from the Arabic "Al Dhanab al Kaitos al Janubiyy" meaning "The Tail of the Whale Towards the South". Diphda is in the consellation Cetus, the Sea Monster. Cetus was the sea monster in Greek mytholoy that was going to attack Andromeda while her was chained to a rock on the sea shore. Perseus save Andromeda by destroying Cetus. Diphda is about 96 light year from Earth. Diphda visual magnitude is 2.04 . Diphda is a yellow-red giant star with surface temperature about 4500 K and with mass of about 4 suns. Diphda's luminosity is about 110 greater than the Sun.
Halcyon in Greek mythology was the wife of King Ceyx of Thessaly and the daughter of Aeolus. Aeolus is the god of the winds. Ceyx father is Hesperus the Evening Star. Ceyx ruled in peace without violent and wrong. He was in great pain over the death of his brother. He felt the gos were hostile to him went bad incidents occurred after his brother death. He went on a dangerous sea voyage to Claros in Ionia to consult the Oracle of Apollo. His devoted wife Halcyon wanted to go with him, but he concider the voyage to dangerous. Halcyon found the dead body of her shipwreck husband on shore. She jump into the sea to join Ceyx in death. The gods took pity on them an turn then into birds. During Halcyon broods over her floating nest for seven winter days, Aeolus keep the sea winds calm to protect his grandchildren. When Halcyons nest on the sea, the sea are safe for seamen. Several large wood kingfisher are called Halcyon.
Hephaistos IV:
Hephaistos (Hephaestus, Vulcan) in Greek mythology is the son of the god Zeus and the goddess Hera. He is the god of terrestrial fire, volcano, and constructive uses of fire in many crafts, fertility of volcanic soil and vineyard. The crafts include forging metals and pottery. His mother was displeased at the sigth of him a flung him out of heaven. He fell for a whole day and aligthed on the island of Lemnos on the Aegean sea. He walks with a limp as a result as his landing on the island. His unfaithful wife was the goddess Aphrodite.
Herodotus is the father of Greek history. He was born on B.C. 484 in Halicacarnassus, Caria, Asia Minor. He was the first to write history in an organized, chronological manner.
Krishnamurti is the combined names of two India gods. Their names are Krishna and Murti. Krishna is a Hindu deity. Krishna is the eight avatar in a human form of Visthnu the creator god. Krishna killed the bull demon Arishta, the horse demon Keshin, and Kamsa the evil ruler of Mathura. The Hindus recognized messiah of unlimited grace in the trinity of Brahma the impersonal absolute god, Vishnu the personal god with 10 avatars, Shiva the creator and destroyer of worlds.

Murti is a mountain deiy of the Kurava in Southern India who must be appeased.

Midden is dialect for dung hill or refuse heap from Middle English word myddyng with apparent Scandinavan origin.
August F. Mobius (1790 - 1868 AD) was the german Mathematician who created the Mobius strip. A two sided strip is given a half twist and the ends are joined. The results is a Mobius strip with only one side.
Although the population of Pythia is 100% Than, this world is name from Pythia of Greek mythology. Pythia was a Priestess appointed as Oracle at Apollo of Delphi. She prepared for this duty by a purifing bath in the fountain of Castalia. She is crowned with laurel and seated on a tripod adorned with laurel placed over a chasm. Priests interpreted her words.
Schopenhauer's Worlds:
Arthur Schopenhauer was one of the greatest philosopher of the 19th century. He was in Danzig, Germany on February 22, 1788. He died at Frankfork on the main, Germany on September 21, 1860. He was a pessimist. He was the first Western philosopher to study translation from India texts of the Veda ,which are the four ancient sacred books of Hinduism, and of Buddhist. Those eastern philosophies had a major influence on his system of philosophy.
Serendipity is name after the Persian tale "The Three Princes of Serendip". The tale is about gift of finding good thing accidentally.
The two groups of Gypsy most often mention as victims of World War Two Holocaust are Sinti and Roma. The German between 1933 to 1945 AD exterminated between 200,000 to 600,000 Gypsies.

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