(A slimmed down version of “City of Demons”, a LONGER fan fic)

by Bridget Brown

Part 1: The Soul Sale

It all started on a sunny Tulsa morning in June of 1998. I was just practicing my guitar when the big moment happened.

The tour wasn’t until tomorrow, and I was still preparing for the tour.

All of a sudden, the next door neighbor’s house went flying off the ground.

It was not dust devil season, and dust devils never appeared in Tulsa suburbs. Before you could say MMMBop, Taylor, Zac and I were flying in the air until I was knocked unconscious by some flying debris.

When I woke up, we were in a hot and scary place. It’s dark and Hell is hot, once said by DMX. It wasn’t dark, but it WAS HOT. I looked around. Taylor and Zac were talking to somebody who was getting ready to kill them. I quickly ran over to stop him.

“What do you think you’re doing? Those are my brothers that you plan on killing!” I looked at him. He looked similar to an evil villain, a corporate shareholder, an owner. “You don’t happen to be Vince McMahon do you?” I asked the stranger.

“Yes, I am, Isaac, and I don’t plan on killing any of you.”

How did he know my name, I thought. “Why do you have that knife. What do you want from us?”

“Welcome to Hell, Ike. All I want are your souls, and you can go back to earth.”

“Am I dead?”

“NO! You’re just in a coma. Once I have your souls, you can go back on one condition.”

“What’s the condition?” Zac enthusiastically asked.

“Well, you must be tattooed with the most sacred number in our world.”

“7?” “13?” “69? I dunno.”

“666, you three, 666.” “Okay, I guess. Just take em, do whatever you have to do to us, then let us go.” “

Very well then, Ike.” He suddenly changed from the young looking corporate star to an ugly looking minotaur-type creature. We all felt the impact of the knife, and we were bleeding a little as a result. Then, he took some fire and burned the triple 6 on the backs of our heads.

I suddenly felt great power in the process. “Do you fell any power now?”

“Yes, I feel GREAT power!” I yelled.

“Well, then, it’s time for YOU three to change.” What did he mean? I found out in the blink of an eye. Zac was suddenly slapped by Vince’s ugly hand, and he was a changed boy. He now had vampire fangs without any gaps, and his canines had fully grown.

When Taylor was scratched across the eyes, he not only had the scars, but his eyes were changed as well. They were no longer the shade of blue that they were, but they were now a bloody but luminous red. When I got scratched, I felt vampire fangs grow, along with my newly grown canines.

Vince handed each of us a mirror, and we looked at the new us. I saw how my canines were like that of a dog’s, and so were Zac’s. We were all impressed with the new us, and Vince suddenly sent us back up to Earth.

Part 2: The Evil Powers Discovered

It was our first time back on earth in a few hours. We were changed people, and we couldn’t be changed back. We saw our old house, with Wickit howling on the front lawn. She was lonely and missed us. “Ike, there’s Wickit. Do you think we should...” Tay started.

“Yes,” I interrupted, “She’ll be very pleased.” So, I walked over to Wickit, let her sniff me, and played with her. As soon as she was worn out, I grabbed her and sunk my fangs into her neck. I couldn’t help it, considering it was my first time as a vampire.

“Ike, what the Hell did you do?” Taylor scolded. With blood still dripping from my mouth, I replied,

“I’m sorry, Tay, but I couldn’t resist!” And so, with his eyes glowing, we went in the house, and looked around. People were crying everywhere. They couldn’t be crying over Wickit, we just killed her ! Suddenly, everyone stopped sobbing, and stared straight at us. Out of nowhere, Jessie came running over to me, grasping my legs as if holding on for dear life.

“Ikey! Tay! Zaccy! You aren’t dead!” Suddenly the tears turned to shouts of happiness. Mom and Dad came out, and Mack ie yelled, “Lucy, you got some splaining to do!”

“Where were YOU? We thought you were dead!” Mom scolded, tapping her foot.

“We were unconscious, and...” Everyone suddenly looked at us in fear. What was wrong?

“Isaac, do us a favor and open your mouth when I get over there,” Dad scolded, and came over. I opened my mouth, and Dad’s eyes widened. Everyone held their breath, and gazed in awe at the new Isaac, Taylor, and Zachary Hanson.

“Oh My God! Di, pinch me, please, this is a very bad dream!” Dad yelled, and tried to get away from my bloody breath .

Mom pinched Dad on the shoulder, and nothing happened.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe you three did this!” Dad yelled. I suddenly felt something snap inside of me.

“Oh, yeah, well we didn’t have a stinkin CHOICE!” I yelled, and ran directly towards him, Zac following me.

“Zac, get his soul, I’ll work on Mom and the others!” Taylor was also in the act, hypnotizing our victims. When Mom was dazed, I sunk my teeth into her neck. Her blood tasted sweet, and even though she was my mother, it was a good meal. As soon as I was done, I saw Zac tearing Dad apart like a wild dog. Bits of his chest were flying all over the room, and I got to taste his blood whenever I got lucky. As if she were a Bat Out of Hell, Wickit suddenly came in through her dog door, eyes glowing red. She attacked most of the other people that we didn’t get. We were raising Hell now, and it turned from a funeral to pandemonium. As soon as everyone was dead, Taylor cremated the bodies with his eyes, and Zac swept up the ashes and threw them in the trash. As soon as we got the keys, credit cards, and money, we locked the door, and we hopped in the car and drove away from our old house.

As soon as we got to Broken Arrow, we bought an apartment, got our crap into the apartment, and started relaxing. There was NO CHANCE IN HELL that we would be busted for the Tulsa Massacre.

Part 3: The Evil Number Discovered

As soon as life in Broken Arrow got boring, we decided to start touring with Degeneration X in the WWF. We were as happy as larks being the “adopted sons” of the older degenerates. We kept saying this famous phrase: CLICK HERE over and over and over again, until the final match was over. We ended up having almost every title possible, and kicking the boss’ ass in the process. However, when our fellow degenerates suddenly started noticing that we were out of the ordinary, they started to act very strangely. Road Dogg wouldn’t come near Zac for a week, HHH never invited Taylor back to the ring to help him in fights, and X-Pac never did trust me with his European Belt again.

“Ike, it’s about time we had a talk with you AND your brothers,” commissioner Shawn Michaels said, and I had Tay and Zac come out for the conversation. Also Road Dogg, X-Pac, Billy Gunn, HHH, and even Mankind all gathered around to hear the discussion the Michaels, me, and my brothers, were about to have. “Ike, I noticed you undertook some strange activity outside of the ring and arenas lately. Tell me why,” he started. “Well, we hate to say this Michaels, but...”

“You’re gay?” X-Pac yelled.

“Not THAT!” Taylor yelled back.



“Or, I got it! Are you women living as men?” Mick yelled.

“NONE OF THOSE! We worship Satan, okay! Vince McMahon and the devil are the SAME EXACT PERSON! He sent us back up here with these powers as a way of releasing Hell on Earth! We hate Vince’s guts, though, as well as the Corporation’s! We’ve admired you ever since you got DX started, guys!” Taylor yelled.

All members of DX held their breath for a minute. “Well, let me do a search,” Michaels said, and he did a search all over our body for that THREE DIGIT EVIL NUMBER.

He searched everywhere, including where the sun doesn’t shine, and even our precious family jewels. He had only ONE PLACE LEFT TO LOOK. The back of our heads, where the evil number was carefully branded. When he lifted my hair up, he saw the number glowing brightly on the back of my neck.

“What the Hell...” he started. He found the same exact number in the same exact place on both Taylor AND Zac. He also inspected the other members of DX and found the number glowing in the same exact spot. However, Mankind was the only one who hadn’t been inspected. When Shawn took the mask off, he didn’t see a tripe 6, but a totally different number. On the back of Mick Foley’s head was the simple number “4:69.” This meant that DX was in his blood, ever since the day he was born, and only by joining DX was he just doing what you-know-who had destined for him. Shawn Michaels had the 666, and we began to wonder what would become of DX. Only time would tell.

The End