Hanson WWF Fantasy

By: Bridget Brown

I was just standing there, near the ring, when I heard the New Age Outlaws' theme music. However, the people who spoke the "Oh, you didn't know?" and "Your ass better CALL SOMEBODY!" lines were not the Outlaws. As I could better see the people who spoke it, I realized it was Isaac Hanson, along with his brothers, wearing Degeneration X t-shirts. The rest I can only remember from the tape I made of it:

ZAC Cut the music!

J.R: I don't know why Hanson's here...

ISAAC: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, Degeneration X proudly brings to you its WWF (with crowd) TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS of the WORLD!

TAYLOR: (with crowd) The Road Dawg, Jesse James!

ZAC: The BADD ASS, Billy Gun.


J.L.: I mean, look at 'em, J.R., 3 MMMBoppers from Tulsa who have no idea who they're talking to!

J.R.: Maybe, King, we'll find out the answer very soon.

ZAC: Now, all you people are wondering... Why the (blip) is Hanson with the Outlaws.

TAYLOR: We've got something to say about it.

ISAAC: If you're not down with Hanson in DX, then we've got 2 words for ya...

ALL: Suck it!

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