Lewis and Clark Expedition

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Annotated Bibliography


Primary Source:


“Thomas Jefferson: 1803.”  The Annals of America: Domestic Expansion and Foreign Entanglements.  Vol. 4.  Chicago: Encyclopedia Britannica Inc., 1976.

        The encyclopedia entry contained commands and notations about the expedition written by President Thomas Jefferson to Captain Meriwether Lewis.  This primary source allowed us in understanding the U.S. government in 1800s and the whole purpose to this expedition, which had completely changed the history of the world.  This citation from Jefferson’s letter gave exact orders to what the Corps of Discovery should do, which also expressed to us the precision at which the members should work.


Lewis and Clark Expedition.  2 February 2001.  <www.lewis-clark.org>

            This website provided a lot of good quotes written and spoken by Captain Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, and other members of the Lewis and Clark expedition.  These quotes, in turn, helped us understand the feelings and reactions of different members of the Corps of Discovery at certain situations.