The First Annual World's Worst Cooking

(and hopefully the last!!)


A fanfic by Celestial Tiger & Ani Nomiko



"Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the First Annual World's Worst Cooking Contest! NO DA! I'm your special guest announcer, Chichiri! NO DA! We're sure to have a stomach-turning evening tonight! NO DA! Remember that your vomit bags are located under your seat; extras can be obtained from the ushers. Thank you. NO DAAAAAAA!!"

"I am your other special announcer Emperor Hotohori. You know Chichiri, it's too bad there are no cameras up here so these wonderful people can see my beautiful face."



"Awww... Come on Touma! Get in here!!" Shu complained, as he and the other Samurai Troopers were dragging Touma into Central Dogma.

"Why do I have to be in this?" Touma complained, grabbing anything he could to keep from being pulled into the room.

" 'Cause you're the worst cook between all of us," Shin responded.

"And what's your proof?" Touma asked, crossing his arms.

" 'Cause you about burnt the house down five times so far," Ryo stated.

"HEY! I said I was sorry!!" Touma yelled as they continued to pull him into the room.


"Ooo.. Food! I'm soo Hungry!!" Usagi squealed happily as they walked into Central Dogma.

"This is not an eating contest you Baka!" Rei spat.

"Yea, it's a cooking contest. You didn't know that?" Ami asked.

"Well... umm.. no...," Usagi whined, "Then why isn't Makoto in the contest?"

" 'Cause it's a contest for the worst cook!" Rei stated smugly.

"NANI??!!" Usagi exclaimed, "I'm not that bad am I?"

"That's true; she did make curry once and it did taste fairly good," Ami pointed out.

"But that's all she's ever made that was edible," Rei pointed out.

"Grrr... I'll get you for this Rei!" Usagi yelled.

"Okay, not here. You guys can fight later. We've got to get ready," Minako said as Rei pushed Usagi kicking and screaming.


"I'll show them good cooking. I'll get it right this time. I'll show them!" Akane said as she strode into the room. Just behind her were the rest of her family and friends following with Ranma being hauled in on a stretcher.

"Umm.. Akane, dear, don't you know that this is a contest for the worst cook?" Kasumi asked as they caught up to her.

"F...for the worst cook?" Akane asked in disbelief.

"Don't worry, Akane, I'm sure you'll lose then," Ryoga said, appearing next to Akane. Akane then pulled out a giant mallet and bashed Ryoga on the head with it.

"What was that for?" Ryoga asked as he collapsed to the floor in pain.

"Don't worry. You'll win this no problem, Akane!" Ranma called from the stretcher. "If all that taste-testing I've done over the past week is any indication," he added. She then whirled on Ranma, mallet raised to pound him.

"What?! You want to win, don't you?"

Lowering the mallet, tears shimmering in her eyes, Akane replied, "Well, normally but....this....I TRY!! I TRY TO BE A GOOD COOK!!"

"Like you try to be a martial artist?" Ranma called after her as she, stepping over the unconscious Ryoga, headed for the exit.

That stopped Akane dead in her tracks. She turned around, eyes glaring as she gritted through clenched teeth, "What...was...that?"

"Yeah, you heard me. You know, if you put in some practice, you could actually be good....maybe," he commented nonchalantly, leaning back in the stretcher.

"Are you talking about my fighting or my cooking?"

"Either. Both." He shrugged, wincing.

"I'll show you," she declared, stomping up to the stage, after leaving an especially large bump on Ranma's head.



"I can't believe I'm doing this..." Misato groaned as she took a swig from her can of beer.

"You have no choice, Misato. Remember it was an order," Ritsuko reminded her.

"Yea, yea..." Misato said, waving her hand as she finished off her can of beer. "Hey, Shinji! Can ya get me another beer?"

"Yes ma'am," Shinji sighed as he dragged a large cooler down the aisle.

"This is sooo boring. Why do we have to be here?" Asuka complained.

"Asuka, will you help me, please?" Shinji asked as he tried to pull the cooler up the stairs.

"You're the famous Third Child! Can't you do it yourself?!" Asuka sneered.

"I will help him," Rei said.

"Of course the Wonder Girl would help him. Jeesh..." Asuka fumed.


"So, do you really think this will work?" Commander Fuyutsuki asked as he and Commander Ikari looked down upon the happenings in Central Dogma.

"It has to work. We've already gone over the budget four times. This is the only viable solution with the money we have," Ikari replied. "We have to stop the Angels or humanity has no future."

"Yes Sir," Fuyutsuki said and then turned away so Ikari couldn't hear. "I just hope there's something left to save."

"I couldn't agree more," Kaji said as he leaned on the desk. "Well, it was nice chatting but I've got to go down and see how the operation is going."


"If you would please settle down we'll get this contest on it's way! NO DAA!" Chichiri started.

"We must first select our judges for this fine contest. Of course, none of them will be as fine as I am," Hotohori added.

"We pulled names out of a hat. When we call your name, will your friends please drag you to the judging tables? NO DA!"

"Our first judge will be... Makoto Kino!"

"The second is... Shu Lei Fuan! NO DA!"

"Third is.... Shinji Ikari!!"

"And our last and final judge is Ranma Saotome!! NO DA!"



"You mean I have to eat her cooking?" Makoto asked surprised.

"You were picked," Ami pointed out.

"Better you than us," Rei commented.

"I'll go if you don't want to," Minako offered.

"No, I can't sacrifice you.. I'll do it..." Makoto sighed as she walked over to the table. The guards looked at her in astonishment as she walked up of her own free will.


"NANI!!!!" Shu yelled.

"You heard him," Seiji said, nudging him forward.

"But I want to live!!!" Shu complained.

"Now, Shu. He's not trying to cook anything complicated. The worst he'll do is burn it," Shin said trying to comfort him.

"But still!!" Shu whined.

"We'll be with ya in spirit, Shu," Ryo commented.

"But I don't WANNAA!!!!!!!" Shu yelled.

"You don't have any excuses!" Shin said as he, Ryo, and Seiji pushed him over to the table.


"Wha..." Shinji gasped. "Well, I guess if I have to."

"Yea, go on Great Third Child! Show us what you're made of!" Asuka spat. "You're not afraid are you?!"

"NO! Of course not!" Shinji replied.

"Then prove it!" Asuka challenged.

"Okay! I will!" Shinji declared angrily as he stomped to the judges' table.


"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Not again! Please, have mercy! I had a whole week's worth of Akane's cooking!" Ranma screamed as a giant panda and Soun carried the stretcher forward.

"I won't have you say anything bad about Akane!" Ryoga exclaimed, charging his rival.

"Oh, so YOU want to eat her cooking?" Ranma asked. That stopped Ryoga dead. "Be my guest! Fine by me!"

"Uh, well, I didn't...I uh...YOUR name was the one called, Ranma!" Ryoga sputtered, urging the two fathers forward with their cargo.

"Don't you like her cooking, Ryoga?" Ranma called back to him as he was carried past.

"I'm...I'm just not worthy of the beauteous Akane's cooking, that's all."

The giant panda carrying the end of the stretcher held up a sign reading, "Your name was called and YOU'RE going to do it, Ranma!"

"Thanks a lot, Pop!" Turning his head to address Soun at the front of the stretcher, Ranma asked, "Hey, you want me to survive to carry on the dojo, right?"


"As our judges make their way to the tables, let us take this opportunity to introduce our contestants.

"From Shinjuku, we have the blue-haired Touma Hashiba. He has an IQ of 250 and has burned Jello, although accidentally."

"From the Tendo Anything-Goes Martial Arts Dojo, we have Akane Tendo. NO DA! Her hobbies are drop-kicking men and confusing vinegar with white wine. NO DA!"

"From Juban, we have Usagi Tsukino, also known as Sailor Moon. She is a whiny, klutzy crybaby who is known for leaving kitchens in her wake that frighten health inspectors."

"And, from the home team, we have Major Misato Katsuragi, Operations Director for NERV, our hosts for this event. Her fridge holds mostly beer and ready-to-eat food that tastes even worse than its packaging when she's done with it. NO DAAAA!!!"

"I see the judges are now prepared for the contests, having been snugly secured in our special judging chairs. Although their mouths are being held open by our patented devices, we have stuffed cotton in them so that their screams of horror do not disrupt the contest."

"The contestants will choose a dish to cook: either instant ramen or curry. NO DA! When they are finished cooking, the dish will be served to each judge. NO DA! After having sampled each of the dishes, the judges will rate each dish on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being edible and 5 being totally inedible. The cook with the highest score wins. NO DA!

"Should one or more of the judges expire or pass out, a new judge will be chosen from the audience as a replacement. NO DAAAA!"

"I, my beautiful self, decree that this contest should now begin!"



Out in the audience, the vendors began circulating through the crowd. "Tums! Pepto-Bismol! Get your Tums here!" called one, a handsome man with a glowing red kanji character on his forehead.

"Tamahome!" cried Miaka, running after him. "Can I have one of those?" she asked, pointing at a bottle of citrus-flavored Tums of various colors.

"Miaka, what are you doing here?" he asked. "Don't you know it's dangerous here? I thought I left Nuriko and Tasuki to watch you!"

"Tasuki called Nuriko a fag and they had a fight. Nuriko was about to drop a boulder on him when he called up Rekka Shien and fried poor Nuriko to a crisp. It was easy to sneak out with all of that going on."

Sighing, Tamahome told Miaka, "Well, you can't have any of these. This is not candy, Miaka!"

Not listening, she grabbed a bottle of the Tums and started emptying it into her mouth.

"Miaka! Don't do...!"

"What?" she asked around a mouthful of antacid. "They're yummy!" Swallowing the last of them she inquired, "Can I have another?"


In another part of the audience, a different vendor was hawking, "Rolaids! Get your Rolaids here! And sake! Nothing dulls the senses better than a little sake!"

"Hey, I'll take a bottle of that over here, little girl!" cried one man.

Spinning to face him, the beautiful sorceress supreme Lina Inverse (as she calls herself) growled, "Did you say 'little girl'? FIREBALL!" Thus turning him to cajun-style spectator. Handing him a bottle of sake, she smiled and asked for the 2000.


"Hmm.. Ramen or curry..." Touma asked himself as he looked between the package of ramen noodles and the package of curry. "Curry would be too easy.. all you do is add rice, right? So I'll do the ramen. Okay, now what do I need? Bamboo shoots, meat, veggies..." Touma stated as he started making a mental list of the ingredients.


"Well," Akane thought to herself, "I want to really show that idiot Ranma that I AM a good cook! I've already made curry once. As long as I make sure I don't use vinegar instead of white wine, this should be a snap!"

Growling with determination as she started up the stove, she said, "Even Ranma will have to admit this tastes great!! And if he doesn't, I'll just have to drop-kick him again!"


"Hmm.. I wonder what the others are cooking. Hey! Shinji! I need another beer!" Misato yelled, burping.

"Major Katsuragi, Shinji is a bit tied up right now, but I got you a beer!!" Toji offered, holding out the can.

"Why thank you, Mr. Suzuhara!"

"It was my pleasure!"

"Okay, now what can I cook. Curry or ramen. Well, ramen of course. That's the one thing I can cook! YEA!!"


Usagi wondered, "Hmm...what should I cook? That snotty Rei thinks I can't cook, but I'll show her. On behalf of the moon, I shall COOK!! The last time I made curry, Mamo-chan liked it! Of course, he isn't here, but still, if he liked it, it must've been good. So I can do that! Sure!!"


"Looks like our cooks are getting ready to start. NO DA! While they get going, let's have a word from our sponsors. NO DA!"


Up in Commander Ikari's office, he and Commander Fuyutsuki were enjoying a nice game of shogi.

"Everything is going according to the plan," Fuyutsuki commented.

"Indeed. It's your move," the Commander replied.


"You know I'm starting to wonder if this is safe or not," Seiji stated, leaning against a wall.

"Why's that?" Ryo asked from where he sat in his chair.

"Um, Ryo, you remember the last time he tried to cook?" Shin asked, looking at Ryo.

"Oh, yea....the entire fire station was at the school to put out the fire," Ryo replied.

"Yea, the only good part about it was that we didn't have school for a week 'cause of it," Seiji commented.

"Yea, but for Touma that was more of a punishment then a reward," Shin pointed out and the other two nodded.


"Boy, he's lucky! He gets to eat Misato's cooking!" Toji exclaimed.

"But Toji, this is a contest for the worst cook," Kensuke pointed out.

"Yea, so?" Toji asked.

"You are the three stooges!" Asuka spat at the two.

"How did I get convinced to babysit?" Ritsuko asked herself.

" 'Cause their usual babysitter is in the contest," Kaji said, walking up behind her.

"That is true. And I guess I'd have to at one point or another," Ritsuko sighed. Meanwhile Asuka, Toji, and Kensuke continued to fight, while Rei sat silently watching.

"Do you really think she can manage to do this without destroying half the place?" Minako asked no one in particular.

"Of course, I'll be surprised if we get out of here alive!" Rei answered.

Ami pointed out, "Well, she hasn't actually destroyed anything. She's only made a rather big mess." Minako nodded, adding, "Yeah, well, as much as she eats, she has to know SOMETHING about food, right?"

"All she knows is how to shove it down her throat!" Rei declared.

"I feel sorry for Makoto, all the same," Minako commented. "I mean, she doesn't have to eat just Usagi's cooking. She has to try all of the others' too!"

"She's strong," Ami said. "She'll survive. I'd be more worried about the other judges!"


"You know, Genma, the boy has a point. He does need to survive if he's to carry on my Anything Goes Martial Arts dojo," Soun Tendo commented to the giant panda at his left.

The panda held up a sign reading, "Yeah, and he's also got to learn to survive Akane's cooking if they're going to be married!"

"True, true," Soun replied as he took a swig of sake.

"Hey, wait a minute," Nabiki spoke up. Turning to her sister, she asked, "Did we forget something important back at the house?"

"I'm sure I turned off the stove," Kasumi replied.

"No, I mean important. I think we forgot to lock up or something..."

In the distance, a small figure appeared, silhouetted in the doorway. Suddenly a loud cry blasted through the crowd.

"HOTCHAA!!!! Lookit all the girls!!! WOOHOO!!"

"M-m-master?" Soun and the panda's sign asked together.

"I knew we forgot something," Nabiki said.

"Oh dear," Kasumi replied.

Flipping up girls' skirts as he passed, Happosai gleefully made his way through the audience, tittering and happily chanting, "Girlies, girlies, girlies!!"

"This doesn't look good," Soun commented. The panda only nodded.


Miaka, following Tamahome, happily chugging Pepto-Bismol, commented to Tamahome, "I'm glad the Kojin isn't here."

"I'm right here, my dear!" Happosai declared, goosing Miaka.

"AAAA!!" Spinning around, she looked left and right and saw no one. "Who?"

"Miaka?! What's wrong?" Tamahome asked, running back to her.

"I...someone pinched me!! But there's no one here."

"Down here."

Miaka and Tamahome looked down to see a happy, drooling Happosai standing directly beneath Miaka, looking up.

"EEEEK!!" Miaka shrieked, stepping back against Tamahome. "Not OJIN!! KOJIN!" she told the diminuitive pervert.

"Oh, then you don't remember me?" Happosai asked, wide-eyed. "Well, just let me have a good cry in your bosom and then I'll trouble you no more, dearie!" he said as he leaped up towards her.

Grabbing Happosai in mid-air, Tamahome threw the short-statured man across Central Dogma, exclaiming, "Don't worry, Miaka, I'll save you!!"

*for those who don't know, Kojin means "Westerner" and is used to refer to the main bad guy from Fushigi Yuugi, Nakago. Ojin means "old man"....Miaka confuses the two early on in the series*


Happosai flew through the air, grumping about young people's selfishness until he landed. BAM! He realized quickly that he had landed on top of someone. A female someone.

He saw long orange hair and big red eyes and was instantly love (or lust) struck.

"Hotcha!! Hello, my lovely!"

"Who are you?" Lina asked, big red eyes narrowing. "And what are you doing on top of me?"

"Oh, I've been rejected. I am so full of sorrow. You look like a wonderful, helpful girl..."

"What do you want?"

"Just to have a good cry in your bosom....what there is of it," he added.


And once again, the now-fried dirty old man flew across Central Dogma.


At her own station, Misato was putting the finishing touches on her ramen.

"Geez, this was ridiculously easy. Really, it should taste pretty good, even if it is instant. Hmm, what else should I add? I have some extra time, so I should use it to make it look pretty good. If ramen can look good without anything on it, anyway.

"I know! Maybe if I add a little beer to it! Yeah!! Now that's the way to cook ramen!!

"TOJI!! I need more beer, please!!"

"No problem, Misato! Anything for you!" he replied, racing up to the ring with a beer in each hand. As he ran past Asuka, she casually stuck her foot out in his way and he met the floor with his face. He immediately jumped back up and yelled at Asuka, "What'd you do that for!!!??"

"I was just stretching my legs. Oh, was I in the way?" Asuka asked snottily. Toji grunted and continued his sprint up to the ring.

"Hmm.. I'm almost done, but I want to really show Ranma that I can do it. It needs just a little something more, but what? I don't have any white wine," Akane thought as she looked around. "Ahh.. this should do it!" Akane exclaimed as she picked up a small red bottle. At first she just added a bit, but then decided to add the entire bottle.

Usagi, surrounded by mounds of dirty dishes, trash, and other debris from her cooking, looked at the concoction in front of her. "Well, it may not look like much, but I'm sure it'll taste wonderful. Maybe I should save some for Mamo-chan?"


"Okay, this isn't going too bad. All I have to do is cook some toppings for it and I'll be done. And I didn't burn anything down this time!!" Touma exclaimed. He added a few vegetables to the pan that was cooking on the stove. Suddenly a large flame shot out from the pan, throwing Touma back. He immediately stood up and grabbed a nearby bucket of water and threw it on the fire, only to make it worse. When that didn't work, he continued to throw more water on it as it started to get out of control. The fire quickly spread to his whole cooking station and then to the others next to him.


"Oh, no, it looks like something has happened. NO DA!!"

"Yes, it would appear a fire has broken out. From what it looks like up here, all the contestants are trying to put the fire out using water."

"I wonder if they know that that is most likely a grease fire and the water would only make it worse? NO DA!!"

"It would appear that they do not. and now some audience members have joined in and are now also splashing water on the fire."


"SHINJI! ASUKA! REI!! To the EVAs!" Misato commanded as she unstrapped Shinji and then headed to the command center.

"Yes, ma'am," Shinji replied.

"Leave it to me!" Asuka yelled.

"I'll back them up," Rei said casually.

"Do you think that's a good idea, Major Katsuragi?" Ritsuko asked, stopping her.

"We don't have any other choice!" Misato yelled as she pulled away.

"Come on!! We've got to put this fire out!!" Rei screamed. "Mars Star Power, Make Up!"

"Mars is right. We need to do something!" Ami agreed.

"I'll free Makoto," Minako suggested.

"Ok, and Rei and I will work on the fire," Ami agreed.

"Venus Star Power, Make up!"

"Mercury Star Power, Make up!"

"AHHH!!! What am I going to do??!!" Usagi cried, jumping around the burning stage.

"USAGI!! TRANSFORM!!" Luna yelled from above her.

"How'd you get up there, Luna?" Usagi asked, looking up.

"Nevermind that! Just transform!!" Luna yelled

"Oh, yea! Right! Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!!"

"He did it again!" Seiji yelled over the croud.

"What should we do?" Shin asked. "Using water will only make it worse."

"Okay, Seiji, you go get Touma. Shin, you put out what you can without making it worse. And I will make an exit so more people can get out," Ryo commanded.

"What about Shu?" Shin asked, looking at Ryo.

"Oh, well, umm.. Seiji, can you get him out too?" Ryo asked.

"Uh.. Sure," Seiji replied.

"Okay, then Shin, Shu and Touma can stop the fire while we help get people out of here! Okay! LET'S GO!!"





"TAMAHOME!!! Help me! I don't want to be burned up!" Miaka cried, running towards him. "And that creepy ojin is after me again!!"

"MIAKA!!" Not much more than a blur, Tamahome ran to Miaka, scooped her up and carried her away from the twin threats of flame and Happosai. "Come on, we'll get you up to the announcer's booth. Chichiri can get us out of here using his magic hat. Maybe this'll teach you not to sneak away from your Guardians! I told you you shouldn't have come here. Nuriko and Tasuki are probably worried sick about you, baka."

"Bring her back!" Happosai whined, hopping after them as they headed for the announcer's booth. "Oh, pooh. No respect for their elders anymore. None at all." He continued grumbling until several well-endowed, short-skirted spectators fled past him, screaming in terror.

"Hotcha! Hey girlies, come on, I can get you out!! Come with me!" And chasing after them, he forgot about the stupid girl and her cute boyfriend.


"Wow. If I didn't know any better, I'd think someone had cast one hell of a fireball in here," Lina commented quietly, surveying the large conflagration.

"Hey, you're a sorceress, aren't you?" someone in the audience asked her. "Can't you do something?"

"Hey, it's not my food, it's not my fire, and it's not my problem. Later. REY WING!!" Flying low to avoid smoke, Lina looked for a good place to create an exit. Finding a mostly empty section of seating, she cast, "ELMEKIA LANCE!" thus opening her own personal exit.


"AHH!!" Usagi yelled, jumping away from the flames.

"USAGI!!" Rei yelled, "Get over here! NOW!!"

"Okay, Okay!" Usagi yelled, jumping to where her friends were. "Now what?"

"I can calm down the fire a little," Ami suggested. "SHABON SPRAY!"

"But what can I do?" Usagi whined.

"I don't know...think of something!!" Rei yelled.

"Touma! What were you doing?!" Seiji asked, as he met up with him.

"Don't even start, Seiji," Touma warned.

"Come on you guys. We don't have time. Seiji, go help Ryo. We'll work on the fire," Shin commanded.

"Right," Seiji agreed, leaving them.

"Okay, now what?" Shu asked, looking at the havoc.

"We'll split up. Each of us can use their sure kills to get rid of the fire," Touma said, creating an air bubble around him and flying up into the air. Shin and Shu nodded and prepared to do the same thing. Touma reached behind him for an arrow and notched it in his bow. "SHINKU HA!!!"



"SOU EN ZAN!!" Ryo yelled as he destroyed a wall.

"RAI KOU ZAN!!" Seiji yelled, destroying another wall beyond that revealing the oustide. "Okay, let's get out of here!!... Ryo? Where'd you go? And where did this fog come from?" Seiji asked, looking around trying to find anyone.

"Seiji? Where are you?" Ryo yelled, looking around.

"Shin! Where'd ya go?" Shu asked. "Oh well, GAN TES SAI"

"Where did this come from?" Shin asked, trying to see through the sudden fog.

"This isn't good! I can't see the fire now! How did a fog get in here? It's scientifically impossible!" Touma thought as he flew around what was left of the room.


"We better get out of here now," Tamahome suggested while looking down at the large rocks appearing out of the fog.

"Okay, everyone through here! NO DAA!!!" Chichiri exclaimed, holding out his hat. One by one they entered the hat followed by Chichiri.


"All right! Let's get those EVAs launched!" Misato yelled.

"All the EVAs are launched and on their way, Major," Maya Ibuki replied.

"What are we going to do, Misato?" Asuka asked as she led the way.

"The guns given to you are filled with super pressurized water! Just shoot it!" Misato commanded.

"Yes, ma'am!" Shinji yelled from behind Asuka.

"Pervert!!! Quit looking at me like that!!" Asuka yelled as her Eva kicked Shinji's.

"What?!!" Shinji exclaimed.

"Okay you two!" Misato scolded. The EVAs arrived in Central Dogma and started shooting at what they could find of the fire, not worrying about the five girls dressed in sailor fuku or the five guys in mystical armor, and not to mention the spectatiors that were still trying to get out.

"I'll take the lead!" Asuka stated, charging out.

"Why you?!" Shinji asked, racing after her.

"I'll back them up," Rei stated, walking after them.


"Don't you think we should leave now?" Fuyutsuki asked, nudging out of the office.

"No, there's no need to leave. We can't be harmed," Ikari replied.

"If you say so sir," Fuyutsuki replied as he snuck out of the office.


"Well, this was an eventful afternoon," Kasumi stated, looking at what was left of NERV headquarters.

"I'm just glad I didn't have to eat Akane's cooking again," Ranma stated in relief.

"Is that SO?" Akane asked as she drop-kicked Ranma. Suddenly a small black pig came running from the carnage. "P-CHAN!" Akane exclaimed, grabbing the pig and hugging him. P-chan squealed happily.

"Ahh, so P-chan's here now," Ranma said acidly, landing in a puddle of water.

"It's the pig tailed girl!" Kuno yelled with delight.

"Ah, Shut up!" Ranma yelled, kicking Kuno in the face.


"Hey, Shinji!" Asuka yelled.

"What?" Shinji asked, looking over at Asuka. Asuka then sprayed Unit 01 with a blast of water.

"What'd you do that for?!" Shinji asked.

"Oops. It slipped," Asuka replied.

"I'm sure it did!" Shinji replied, blasting her with some water.

"Ahh.. Jeeze...." Misato moaned.

"They are just kids," Ritsuko pointed out.

"I know..." Misato groaned as they watched the water fight.

"What would you like me to do?" Rei asked as she stood away from the fight.

"You can come back Rei. You're not needed anymore," Ritsuko replied.

"Yes, ma'am," Rei said as she started away.

"You know, Major. This event was able to do the one thing an Angel has yet to do," Ritsuko pointed out.

"Yes, I know.. NERV was half destroyed by bad cooking..." Misato sighed.

"Yes, and not even an AT field could protect us against that," Ritsuko put in.

"This is a mess," Minako pointed out.

"It's not mine!" Usagi yelled.

"We know that!" Rei yelled.

"There's nothing we can do now," Luna said as they avoided one of the Evas.

"Let's go home. I'm hungry," Usagi whined.

"Okay, but you're not reading any of my manga," Rei yelled.

"Awww.. why not?" Usagi asked.

" 'Cause!! I Said So!!" Rei replied.

"Ok, you two. Let's go," Makoto replied. The girls then formed a circle and teleported away.

"Touma..." Shu started.

"Don't say a thing, Shu! Don't say a single thing!!" Touma replied.

"We better get out of here before they find out what happened," Seiji suggested.

"Hey, Shin! Will ya fix me some waffles when we get back?" Shu asked.

"Do I haveta?" Shin asked.

"Aww.. come on. Please Shin!! I'm beggin' ya!" Shu said as they walked away.

"Okay... " Shin agreed.

"ALL RIGHT!!" Shu cheered, running ahead.

Up in the control room, Commander Ikari sat at his desk with his hands folded in front of his face. His clothes were half blackened with soot and smoke was rising from his hair.

"The Commitee will be upset because this wasn't on their schedule, but everything went according to my agenda," Ikari commented to himself.