Hearts in Armor
Author's Notes

This story actually needed some, as opposed to my previous ones.

First of all, for those of you who were wondering, YES, this is in the same universe as "Hoops of Steel", as well as "Lightning Kisses" and "Read My Mind." I like establishing universes.

The next fic, which is still untitled at this time [Sept 2000], is a quasi-continuation of "Hearts in Armor", so if you think this issue was resolved too neatly...keep that in mind. It WAS resolved too quickly, most likely due to both boys wanting it over and done with so they can back to their normal lives. But "haste makes waste", as it is said, and this issue is far from laid to rest.

The next fic isn't entirely about Touma's need for small shows of affection and Seiji's seeming unwillingness to admit to being in love with Touma in public. There's another issue as well; it's hinted at in Part Two of Hearts in Armor, but it's about to take center stage.

Just so you know. ^_^

Oh, and in case you're wondering, "Hearts in Armor" is a country song sung by Trisha Yearwood. Here are the lyrics:


One more day
My heart's in armor
Though I meant to let you in
In an effort not to harm it
I have missed my chance again

I was singing when I freed you
But my pride was just a veil
I pretended not to need you
Now my heart tells a different tale

And every hour that goes by
The harder I become
Because I let that well run dry
Because I left you unanswered

Then like a fool I kept my secret
When it made no sense to try
Now I can no longer keep it
For it's late and the moon is high

One more day my heart's in armor
Though I did not see it then
I would finish what you started
If I had that chance again.


All of that having been said, I hope you enjoyed the fic!! Thanks for reading! It means a lot to me to hear from people on my work.



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