Line of Duty
First Chapter

"Touma, you're not listening to me..."

"And YOU aren't listening to ME, Seiji! Are you ashamed of me?"


"Then why are you being so stubborn about this?!"



"I'm ashamed of THEM."

Touma groaned in frustration. "Seijiiiiiiiiii..."

The argument was audible through the closed door, down the stairs and in the living room, where the rest of the household was assembled.

"What are they fighting about?" Jun asked as Ryo hung his head in defeat. This was nearly the 50th round, by Shin's count, and Ryo, proud former leader of the Samurai Troopers, descendent of a long line of great warriors, and resident Soul Caliber champion, was still getting his butt whipped by a kid nearly a decade younger than they were.

"Seiji doesn't want Touma to meet his folks, but Touma's just DYING to see where exactly Seiji came from," Shu mumbled around his potato chips. "What is Wisconsin?"

"Huh?" Jun turned around and remembered that Shu and Shin were playing along with Jeopardy!, as Shu was trying to prove he wasn't as stupid as everyone thought he was.

The player on TV echoed Shu's response and was rewarded with $200. Shu beamed at Shin, who shrugged. "I was distracted."

"Yeah, yeah, excuses, excuses..." Shu muttered.

"Seriously, though, Touma just got all of his stuff moved back in and they're fighting again already. Don't any of you think this is a problem??"

"Let them work it out, Shin," Nasuti counseled, bowl of popcorn in her left hand and the movies they'd rented earlier in her right. "I'm sure it's just leftover issues from the fight they DID have."

"What was that about anyway?" Jun asked. The guys and Nasuti exchanged a look. After a quick mental discussion amongst the three eldest males in the room, Shu explained as best he could, "Well...Touma just thinks Seiji is too quiet, you know?? He thinks that Seiji ought to loosen up and have some fun, once in a while, and not act like he's ashamed to be associated with any of us."

"And that's why Touma moved out?" The young boy was obviously confused. Well it confused all of them. Touma was usually so logical and analytical; for him to do something so emotional and rash was...just not what any of them had expected. Shin had summed it up best by saying that they didn't exactly know EVERYTHING about one another, and that Touma's feelings for the blonde swordsman were very deep and important issues for him. Things that hit your heart affected you differently.

So Shin tried to explain this as best he could to Jun without making things too complicated for his young mind. "Well, you see, Touma and Seiji are such good friends that..."

"Friends?" Jun blinked. "I thought they were dating?"

All four supposedly omniscient adults face-faulted. "EH?!" came the chorus of astonishment as Jun looked up at his elders in growing confusion.

"Well, aren't they?"

"Uh, yeah. But how did you...?" Ryo asked.

"Touma told me."

"We should've known," Nasuti giggled, shaking her head.

"Are they gonna be okay?" Jun asked Nasuti persistently.

"I hope so, Jun."

"Ah, they'll be alright," Shu assured everyone. "We fought a war against the Youjakai and won!! This isn't nearly as big or important a fight."

"Isn't it? In a lot of ways, it's a more intense battle, because their opponent is someone they love," Nasuti commented quietly. Shin nodded in agreement with her.

"She's right. We fought the Youjakai for mankind, because we had to. Touma and Seiji are dealing with each other, with their hearts, because they love each other. And they don't have armor to keep them from getting hurt now."

That quieted everyone down; at least, everyone downstairs.


"Look," Touma commented, growing suddenly very defensive, and for a strange reason, blushing, "it's not like I'm asking you to marry me in front of the whole world or anything! I just want to meet your parents, your family. See who gave life to the most important person in the world to me, you know?"

"And I'm not saying there's anything wrong with you WANTING that, but that is something I cannot do, Touma," Seiji countered, his voice taut. "I can no more let you meet my parents than I could give you a unicorn for a pet."

"Why is that?? Don't they EXIST?" Touma shot back in frustration, and instantly a part of his mind came to life, worried, with the question, What if they don't? As in they DIED? Oh crap...

But Seiji shook his head. "They exist. So do my sisters. But..."

"But what??" He realized that logic and yelling were not working and switched tactics. He moved closer, eyes locking onto Seiji's like a hawk about to swoop in on its prey. "Love..."

Under pale skin, muscles tensed, a half step away was barely halted. He was on the defensive immediately; the strategy switch alerted the once-warrior of Light to be wary. That didn't stop the charming archer's advance however: he slid hands up his love's chest, palms flat against the white cotton poplin shirt, up and over Seiji's shoulders to meet again around his neck. He pulled himself closer and frowned in what he was fairly sure was a seductive manner. "I only want to reassure myself..."

"Reassure yourself of what?"

"That you really are human and not some angel sent down from the heavens." Smooth as silk and Touma was so close to Seiji now that he had to whisper, which made his voice smoky and low. He noticed a lump get swallowed down that lovely pale throat and half grinned, slipping his fingers up into his beloved's immaculately kempt hair before bending to leave a trail of kisses along the same path. Seiji nervous and on the defensive was a rare treat, after all.

Touma slid cloth away from flesh, letting his fingertips barely whisper across Seiji's skin. "Well...?" he murmured against his neck, still kissing his way down as far as the buttons would allow. He considered biting a button off for effect, but that'd most likely just piss Seiji off, and that would be the end of that. So he deftly unhooked button from button-hole and once again whisper-slid the cloth away.

Seiji sighed, whether in defeat or frustration or happiness, Touma couldn't tell. He was soon to get his answer.

"Fine, Touma...fine. I give in. If you want to meet my family this badly, we'll mmph!" The rest of whatever Seiji had to say was cut off by Touma's rejoicing (and rather triumphant) kiss.

As his triumphal celebration continued along the path he had set for it, the mischevious genius couldn't help a stray thought from wandering through his mind. I like this strategy...I'll have to use it more often.


Dulled-pale violet eyes stared back at him as he stared out the train window. His reflection was no happier about the trip than he was. He held in a sigh and turned his attention from countryside speeding past to the tousled blue head suddenly resting against his shoulder. Touma had fallen sleep. He often did on trains, Seiji had found, even inside the city. A long trip like this guaranteed he'd go out like a light.

It was amazing he'd stayed awake as long as he had, really. Seiji carefully put an arm around him, and smiled very softly down at his love as, in response, the former wielder of Tenku snuggled closer. He thought, not for the first time as he gazed meditatively at the softly innocent expression on Touma's face, that THIS was what he'd really been fighting for all along.

Finger-combing richly azure hair carefully (which was pointless - little short of World War III could wake Touma most of the time), Seiji's thoughts nonetheless slid back...home.

His family's home, really. He wasn't sure his heart really considered it such. Not that he didn't love his family; he did. And he was determined to make them proud.

Especially Father. One day, I swear, I WILL make him proud. His eyes unfocused as the daydream he'd had for so long returned...

His father and himself, on a glorious day, and as his father smiled and clapped a hand to his shoulder, that richly authoritative voice spoke, saying, "I'm so proud of you, Seiji, and I couldn't be happier to have you as my heir. I love you, son," and hugging him, just holding him tightly for...well forever it seemed like.

...Father always disapproved of daydreaming, he chided himself. How silly of me to have forgotten that.

Touma sighed softly in his sleep and resituated himself in Seiji's arms. Seiji looked down at Touma and whispered, "Oh, Touma, what am I going to do?" He turned his head and looked back out at the trees passing them all too quickly. Unconsciously he pulled the slumbering form closer to him, both to protect the one who could not protect himself and to keep him close to himself, so that he would not be taken away. No matter how many hours the trip out to Sendai was, they would be there far too soon.


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