Childhood Lost - Heero Yuy

Heero Yuy

Heero Yuy is one of the main characters in Shin Kidousenki Gundam Wing, the pilot of Gundam Wing and Gundam Wing ZERO.

Standard Notes: This is my opinion of this character. Very little of this is fact; this is my analysis of Heero Yuy based on what I have seen of him, which is about half of the original Japanese series (I, being the purist I am, refuse to watch the dubs), and the research I've done online since first being introduced to Gundam Wing. Also, I could not know the Gundam Wing characters as I do if it were not for Tavestry, who first introduced me to them, and Becky, who is one of the Top Ten Gundam Wing fangirls of all time, I do believe.

"Omae o korosu."

Heero's death threat, well known amongst Gundam Wing fans. At least he gives you fair warning. Although from Heero, it's not so much a warning as a statement of fact (unless, of course, you are Relena).

And Heero knows all about death. In a way, Heero is dead already. He's just waiting for it to really kick in, as it were.

Heero was raised by Doctor J to be a soldier, a terrorist. Not just any soldier, but the Perfect Soldier. Perfect Soldiers are not human. They were never children. They were never innocent. They were created, not born, and programmed, not trained. You can override what you've been trained or taught to do; nothing overrides programming.

Heero has no personal possessions except for the clothes on his back. Even his name is not his own. He has no close ties to anyone except Doctor J. He is a young man with very little to lose. Nothing would be perfect, but this is hardly a perfect world. If it were, then Heero could've led a normal life.

Because Heero IS human. He WAS trained.

But he was never really a child. He was never really innocent. All of that was sacrificed in the name of his training, his preparation for the "life" he was to lead.

In a lot of ways, as I mentioned, Heero is already dead. And that is mostly because he has never really lived.

THAT I think is why Heero protects Relena. Doctor J tells the young Miss Peacecraft that she reminds him of Heero when he was young, before his training really kicked in and took hold. She is what Heero COULD HAVE BEEN...if circumstances had not been what they were. And somewhere, some part of Heero recognizes that.

Heero, before Relena, before the other Gundam pilots, had never questioned WHY war was necessary. Oh he knew his objectives and the reasons behind them, but he never questioned the REAL reason why he had to fight.

And now Heero knows that fighting, although it may be necessary, is not wonderful, or something to be proud of. It is a necessary EVIL, and although fighting for one's beliefs, for the independence and lives of others is good, the necessity of it is not.

His childhood was spent on learning the ins and outs of war and battle, his innocence dashed in the name of a greater good. Perhaps a small part of him mourns that loss and its need, but he knows nothing now except fighting.

What happens when the war is over? Does he then commit suicide, just to finally get his body to realize that it is nothing but an animated corpse?

Heero does have a heart and a soul...he can live...but he must find his way through the battle to the other side. The problem will be what he does when gets there, because he will be a stranger in an unfamiliar landscape.

Heero and Relena are yin and yang - he is unfamiliar with peace and she is unfamiliar with war. They are opposites who need and protect each other. As just one side, one half, Heero was unbalanced. He has that balance now.

[NOTE: The authoress of this analysis is not necessarily FOND of Relena and does not support a Relena/Heero romantic relationship. But she does believe they are two sides of the same coin and balance each other perfectly. Please do not kill authoress for any of these views.]

And I believe Relena could help him move into a peacetime life. Between her and the other Gundam Pilots, he might be able to find a sense of normalcy, a new "mission" - even in peace.

Perhaps he might even learn how to really live again.

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