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~Sakura~ In Memoriam: Alicia Yes, my Alicia shrine, in case you couldn't figure that out!! Essays and scans and that's really about it. Small, but she needed something. She's just too cool.


I have scanned all of the images below myself; I swear. This is my OWN time spent over a hot scanner, not someone else's. As for MY policy - I don't really mind if you loot and pillage through the pics. Go ahead. I don't require anything but it'd be nice if you let me know you were doing it and/or link to Anime Perspective SOMEWHERE in your site.

Kane and Milly from Newtype magazine.
Canal irked from Newtype
Kane and Milly eating from Newtype
Canal looking thoughtful from Newtype
Rail and Neena from Newtype
Kane on the cover of Lost Universe Animation Comic 1
Milly on the cover of Lost Universe Animation Comic 2
Canal on the cover of Lost Universe Animation Comic 3
Vorfeed smoking? From the poster included with the first artbook
Vorfeed and Kane One of my favorite piccies!!
Vorfeed upset also from Newtype (see a pattern??)
Character sketch of Vorfeed from first artbook
Vorfeed from the back of the Best of Lost Universe CD
Lost Universe Manga Vol. 3 front cover
Lost Universe Manga Vol. 3 back cover

~Manga Scans~
I finally got my hands on one volume of the manga - vol 3, but...*shrugs* what can ya do? Better than not having it. And eventually, I swear, I'll do artbook scans. Really. And get around to posting the LU piccies I have elsewhere. I finally got around to doing Alicia scans!! Here's what you can look at for now:

Rail's managed to tick Kane off...again
Rail...*happy sigh*
Just TRY to tell me Rail doesn't look like Xellos here...
My, isn't Rail happy?
Rail, Kane, Milly, and Anise
Rail, or at least, half of his face
Rail... What? You want more of a description??
More smiling Rail
Hologram Rail doing a bad Gendo Ikari impersonation

Vorfeed sleeping from inside cover
The Goddess Vorfeed, upset "Alicia?"
Vorfeed making a rather long argument
Doesn't Vorfi look concerned?
Vorfeed full-shot and close-up

Yami o Makumono full-shot and close-up
Excuse me while I drool
Yami with Psy-Blade and a kidnapped Anise
Point that someplace ELSE, will ya?
Whuh-oh, you confused the blonde; the EVIL blonde, no less...
Another full-shot/close-up of Yami-Sama
Yes, yes, we know you're evil

Kane pondering
You want HOW MUCH for those mantles?! Kane uses his Psy-Blade while shopping (Just kidding!!)
Arguing with Milly (oh THERE'S a surprise)
Anise hugging Kane and there's a shot of Kane as a little boy in the panel by his head
Kane makes his decision while the rest of the Sword Breaker's crew reacts.
Looking determined
Oh no!!
Getting fixed up after the battle with Yami no Makumono
Smile ^_^

Photo of Alicia as a youngster
Leaving a rose on the grave
Alicia and her grandson
Alicia and Vorfeed fighting evil
Alicia giving Vorfeed the Psy-Code Final command
Alicia and Albert

That's it for right NOW, but...I still have lots more Kane scans coming, to say nothing of Canal and Milly. Anyway...point, point, I had one once. Ah, right! More scans coming!!!


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