Family Heirlooms

Alicia and Albert - once they were happy, normal siblings. But their destinies were meant to be intertwined in a completely different way. They were meant to represent the forces of good and evil, to fight each other, and ultimately, it was known that one of them would kill the other.

Kane and Milly - second cousins and brought together by the same fates that tore apart Alicia and Albert. They were meant to fight together to finally put to rest the spirits of their respective grandparents.

It is not an easy thing to have your family torn asunder. And yet Alicia faced it with a strength of spirit that could only be found in belief that what she was doing was right.

Does that mean she enjoyed fighting her own brother? No, of course not. But she did what she had to do. She had hope that once he was dead, his soul could be with hers again.

And I'm sure she regretted the heritage she was passing on to Kane. Oh, I'm sure she was proud that Kane would go on to fight for justice and light and all of that wonderful propaganda the human soul sells the mind and heart, but there was undoubtedly a part of her that wished that it wasn't necessary. There had to have been a part that was saddened by knowing that Kane had to take up what was basically a family feud controlled by forces so much larger than any human.

Most likely the only way she could manage not to resent those forces was the knowledge that it was necessary. That good and evil must always do constant battle in order to maintain the order and balance of the universe.

But when it all comes down to it, neither good nor evil can really interfere with a family.

Milly and Kane can now live on in the peace that their family was always meant to have. They fought hard for it and for each other and won. There will always be evil to fight, but for now, they can be a family again.

Alicia's last words were of Kane...

...and Albert's last words were of Alicia.