Why "Sakura"??

On a basic level, because Alicia's grave rests under the cherry blossom, or sakura, tree near her house. This is all that really remains of Alicia now - that house and that tree. But it goes deeper beyond that. This is a symbol of all that Alicia is:

Sakura, in Japan, represents sacrifice, or, more accurately, a short life. It is a beautiful but tragic symbol of lives cut off before their time.

Alicia is beautiful and strong, and willing to sacrifice herself for the good of others. Sacrifice is her haunting but memorable theme.

Alicia sacrificed herself to stave off the tide of darkness. She was heroic and strong, facing death unflinchingly. Her wisdom and heart live on in her grandson, Kane Blueriver.

Also, Alicia was forced to make an even more personal sacrifice: she had her older brother taken away from her. Albert was lost to her, lost so utterly that she must fight him for the good of mankind. Surely she never wanted to fight him; surely at one point she looked up to him. But all of that was lost. Her family was ripped apart by forces so beyond them that nothing could be done.

So this is Alicia in all her aspects; what it comes down to is her sacrifice and the way her memory, preserved by Kane and Canal and even Albert, lives on to guide them and protect them.

And this is why I chose to name the shrine in the most fitting possible way: Sakura, reminder of beauty and of sacrifice and of the place where Alicia's memorial resides. I suppose this makes this more of a vault or a crypt than a shrine, but the beauty of the sakura reminds us that from death there is life, and that those we truly love will always live on in our hearts.