So why did I pick an obscure character like Alicia out of all of the worthy Lost Universe characters to enshrine?

Well partly out of web-saavy. If I do a character that I'm sure there are no shrines to already, I get points for creativity and originality. ^_^

But that's not really why. I mean, I have a Lina Inverse shrine and a Touma Hashiba shrine too, and everyone has shrines to them.

No, the real reason is...well...she spoke to me.

Maybe this'd be easier if I went through my thinking process. When I first decided I wanted to do a Lost Universe character shrine, my thoughts immediately turned to Rail. *drool THUD* I love Rail. He's gorgeous, he's intelligent, and he's got my favorite male seiyuu (Midorikawa Hikaru). He's an inspector with the Universal Guardians who used to be a thief!! How cool is he?!

However, my friend Becky has already done a WONDERFUL Rail shrine, and I don't want to seem like I'm copycatting her. Besides, everything I'd want to put up she pretty much already has. And Rail, as much as I love him, just didn't...GRAB me as shrine material. I decided to keep him to myself for personal worship ^_~


*cough clear throat* Enshrining her would be like creating a religion; I'd literally be worshipping a Goddess, after all. Forget that - as cool as Canal and Vorfeed are, and even though she does have my FAVORITE all-time, male or female, seiyuu (Hayashibara Megumi), I just...couldn't do it.

Kane? Same thing with Rail - he just didn't GRAB me. I love Kane too, he's cute and sweet and funny and cool...but...*shrugs*

How I wound up thinking of Alicia, I do not know, but it just occurred to me that Alicia was one damn cool character. I am filled with awe and respect for this woman and she's not really even IN the show!!

If she can be this awesome with maybe a total of half an hour screen time throughout the entire season, she's DEFINITELY worth enshrining!!

She's much more present in the manga, via Anise (who doesn't appear in the anime), but she still kicks a lot of butt. And in a way, she is in the story quite a lot. She lives on in Kane and Canal, and even in the memory of her "lost" brother. She still guides them and their actions, and has left such an indelible impression on their hearts that they cannot help but recall her fondly.

This is Alicia, who is, as Kane puts it, "cool and strong". She is a beautiful reminder of what is good and right in this universe.

If she isn't worth her own shrine, then who is?