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I've seen quite a few anime shows in my time in anime-dom. I started with Sailor Moon and worked my way along. I've seen one or two episodes of quite a few shows, and have intended to see more...but my paycheck prevents. ^_^''

Now I'm not claiming to be an anime EXPERT by any stretch of the imagination. HA!! I don't even consider myself a full-fledged otaku yet, and I've been rabid about anime for almost three years now. And a lot of these shows I haven't seen all of yet (like Gundam Wing - I refuse to watch the Cartoon Network dubs, so until I can buy it all on DVD, I'm S.O.L).

So you have to remember that is MY perspective on these shows, or on what I've seen of them. That's the whole point here. You're more than welcome to leave your own perspective with me at socks_chan@fangirl.org or by signing my guestbook. I'm very interested to see what other people think!!

All of that being said, please do not send me flames or leave hateful little notes in my guestbook. There's a difference between a dissenting opinion and just saying "You're a M...F...ing MORON..."

So anyway, the reviews themselves. Right now, I have them listed by English name mostly, but if I ever get this thing to be really huge, I'll double list them (as in one listing for "Ronin Warriors" and another listing for "Yoroiden Samurai Troopers" that both link to the same review). All reviews give a brief overview and then my opinion and include age recommendations and reasons why.

I don't advocate censorship, but I do believe that some shows aren't very suitable for young children. Would YOU want your little brother or sister/niece or nephew/cousin watching "LA Blue Girl" or "Urotskudoji"??

I didn't think so...

Copyright: 2000 -
Socks, aka Jen Roberts
The shows and characters mentioned in this site are not mine, but the viewpoints and writings on this site ARE. I am not claiming others' work as my own, so please return the favor, hmm?

El Hazard (First OAV)
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Lost Universe
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Neon Genesis Evangelion (Movies)
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Rurouni Kenshin (TV show)
Sailor Moon
Slayers (TV series)
Slayers (OAV series)
Tenchi Muyo (Ummm...in general?)
Weiss Kreuz
Wicked City

That's what I have for now - more to come. I have plenty of opinions left, believe you me... Upcoming reviews:

*Luna Varga
*Kodomo no Omocha (TV series)
*Darkstalkers/Night Warriors
*Darkside Blues

So stay tuned!!