Good Girls Go To Heaven - Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun

Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun

Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun is one of Lina Inverse's companions in the Slayers TV series, and one of the most disliked Slayers characters that exists.

Standard Notes: This is my opinion of this character. Very little of this is fact; this is my analysis of Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun based on what I have seen of her, which, at this time, is all of Slayers TV (First Season), All of NEXT, and the beginning of TRY. I have done quite a bit of Internet research though, so my knowledge base is a bit wider than that.

Amelia is a couple of years younger than Lina Inverse, putting her around 13 or so when she first shows up with her Justice and Peace and Love rants. She wears white and pink and prattles on about the good virtues of the world. She's great superheroine material, except for her youth and inexperience. She's been raised to believe in Love and Truth and Justice all of her life.

And then she meets Lina.

Now hang in here with me. Really, Amelia, as she gets older and spends more time around Lina (whose own Justice-meter swings wildly from one side to the other), gets a little less...pushy about the whole Justice thing.

(Yes, more dub quotes...)

Gourry: "WHERE IS THE JUSTICE?!?! WHERE?!" Amelia: "'s around here somewhere."

Amelia is getting steadily older and wiser and although she's not a hypocrite, she's beginning to realize that white magic and love and speeches about justice will NOT solve every single problem. A great example of this is NEXT, where she says she doesn't want to know WHY Phibrizo wants Lina to come to him. She points out that if she knew why, she might feel obligated to stop Lina from going to try to save Gourry, which is something she doesn't want to do. She's found a loophole wherein she can remain the Justice-Lover she is and yet still do what she WANTS to do. Yes, our little princess is getting sneaky.

She's also getting a little bloodthirsty. I love the Vis Farank (however you spell/translate/transliterate it) spell, where Amelia can get hands on, as it were. She's nowhere near Lina's level yet (where just blowing up people/objects can make Lina feel better), but she has progressed down that road a little bit.

And no matter WHAT your personal opinion of her, Amelia's not stupid. A little unexposed and naive, but that's changing too, slowly but surely. She catches on to concepts pretty quickly, especially if they're about something she cares a lot about, i.e. Good vs. Evil, the triumph of the former over the latter, that sort of thing. Amelia knows what Lina's like and tries to avoid her when on official Princess business (at both the beginning of TRY and NEXT). It's her dad who's really pretty unenlightened on that count, which is funny since he met Lina before Amelia did. Of course, he hasn't done long-term traveling with her. But he trusts Lina. He trusts Lina with his daughter's life, and, since she's the Crown Princess (because her older sister is elsewhere, otherwise occupied), he trusts her with his nation's future as well.

Amelia is obnoxious, yes, but she's a valuable member of the team. Without Sylphielle around, she's the team's requisite white magic user, and as a shrine maiden (all princesses of Seyruun are shrine maidens...presumably until they marry, at least), she can call on some pretty high level white spells. I think I recall her casting a Garv flare once too (don't quote me on that). But beyond that, she's the only member of the group to specialize in White Magic, and she's a good back up to Zel on Shamanist/Spirit spells (just as Zel is a back up to Lina on some Black spells). Both she and Zel can cast Ra Tilt, which is one spell that Lina cannot cast at all. And two Ra Tilts on the Hikari no Ken creates quite an awesome little weapon.

Amelia is more useful to the team than someone as limited as Sylphielle is (besides the Dragon Slave, the ONLY spells Sylphielle can cast are white ones. Useful in specified situations, but useless in anything else) and is more tolerant of Lina's, Gourry's and Zelgadis's quirks than someone like Firia (although I personally would like Amelia a WHOLE LOT MORE if she carried a mace around).

Amelia is loyal, devoted, steadfast and brave....and not entirely hopeless. She's a good team member, and, whatever else you may say about the girl...she's got GOOD taste in men. ^_~

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