Burning Loyalty Welcome to Burning Loyalty, the latest in a long line of LinaxGourry/GourryxLina shrines.

I just can't help myself though. I love them so much. And it's yet another page to play with. As if I didn't have enough.

I'm not going to defend them. The show does that for me. Instead, I'll share pictures and my own thoughts on them.

-*+Why "Burning Loyalty"?+*-
-*+Spell & Blade+*-
-*+Indulgence - My Lina Inverse shrine+*-
-*+Image Gallery+*-

Everything except the pictures are mine. I have downloaded/been emailed these pics from all over; I'm no longer quite sure where they all have come from. If it's yours and you want it gone, just let me know!! The analyses are MINE, my thoughts. Please don't take them without asking me/giving me credit.

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