~Images/Doujinshi Scans~

Lots of pretty pictures of Touma (or Touma & Seiji.
Most of those are marked as such, so if you don't like them,
don't bother flaming ME about it, thankyouverymuch). What
would a character shrine be without images of the very
character we're enshrining? I'm always adding and looking
to add to this part of Wisdom's Sacrifice, so if you have
anything you'd like to contribute (*cough cough cough
FANART...*cough cough*) please let me know!!

"Official" Images
These are from all over the place; if it's your image and you want it gone, let me know, okay?? These pics will either be just Touma or will feature Touma very prominently (or he just looks REALLY cute in them) ^_~

Touma with Shin in background VERY pretty pic of the Blue Boys *happy sigh*
Chibi YST Touma looks so cute when he's asleep
All the Troopers sans shirts, Touma right in front
The guys on a motorcycle and wearing tank tops
YST boys in tanks again but...*drool* Oh just look at it!!
DJ shitajiki *happy sigh* Oh Touma...he's soooo gorgeous
Anou... My filename for this one on my hard drive is "nekkidtouma"
Touma, Seiji, and Shin out on the town. Also known as "My Own Private Tokyo" ^_~
Message Yoroi Troopers They all look pretty good here.
More shirtless Troopers I'd kill to have this poster for my bedroom.
Shitajiki - Touma and Seiji look particularly cool on the back (at the bottom of the image)
More to come!! These are just the beginning!!

So far this is all just MY fanart, so if you have anything you want to contribute, PLEASE DO!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE???????????????
I don't pretend these are good, by the way. But it's something to update the site with ^_~

Seiji and Touma relaxing SHONEN-AI WARNING!!!!
Touma's been talking to Seiji's sisters (They used to do this sort of thing to him...)
Seiji's revenge - apparently he didn't think it was so funny...

Doujinshi Scans
From my personal doujinshi collection. These are going to involve a bit of shonen-ai but nothing too explicit.

Enjoying a tasty beverage
Looking thoughtful
Touma's a little...err...warm ^_^''
In the shower
In armor, distressed
Touma's face in color
Getting dressed
In pajamas
Same as above but colored by me!

~Touma & Seiji~
Umm...Touma&Seiji Not much else to say here
I'd love to be Seiji here...
As Final Fantasy V characters I think
"Touma" (Awwwwwwwwwww)
Seiji looks like Tasuki here which is why I scanned it
Again...Touma&Seiji Little else to say ^_^
*cough* Touma AND Seiji but not really explicit
Yes this is the way the panel is supposed to be
Full page I couldn't pick just one panel to scan in
Tri-set of panels Remember: read right to left!
Awwwww...doesn't Seiji look concerned?
Cold day
Same as above but colored by me!

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