Why I Like Touma

God that sounds like an elementary school paper.

*cough* Okay, on to the subject.

It was fall of 1998. I was (supposedly) attending school at Indiana University, Bloomington. I made friends with a girl in my Ancient History class and it turned out she liked anime. She knew a girl in her Japanese class who had a bunch of anime too, and so it was through Michelle that I met Katie.

And it was through Katie that I met The Guys. The Ronins, the Troopers, call them what you will. I call them The Guys (distinguished from the boys in Gundam Wing by calling the latter "The Pilots").

And of course, one of The Guys was Rowen/Touma.

And let me just say now that Rowen's NY accent drives me up the wall. THERE IS NO QUEENS, TOKYO!!!!

Okay, and now back to my lovely little essay...

Touma was cute, was smart, witty, strong, brave...what's not to like?? He could fly. Imagine literally being swept off your feet! *happy sigh at the thought* It took me some time to get past the accent but once I got to know TOUMA instead of Rowen, I fell hard and fast.

Touma's the sort of guy who just needs to be cuddled mercilessly, and he'd cuddle right back. Since getting to know Touma, I've bought more blue clothing...*shakes her head* I swear half my closet is blue.

I'd always loved the night sky and flying but now when I'm on airplanes, I grin like an idiot and think, "I am bonding with Tenku and Touma." Now when I look up at the stars, I imagine Touma looking back. I've bought more things with suns and moons and stars on them than I ever had before, although I'd always liked celestial themes.

I mean, for crying out loud, I have a soft, blue blanket I've named "Tenku-Sama: The Blanket". I'd say I'm a little obsessed, wouldn't you?

But WHY?

Well, I mentioned it in passing: He's cute. DUH!! They're ALL cute!! They're all absolutely GORGEOUS!! Of course, so are the Gundam W pilots, and the Suzaku (hell, and Seiryuu) Seishi, and the Yu Yu Hakusho boys, and most of the major male characters in Slayers...don't even get me started on a certain Angel in Evangelion. I confess to a weakness for Bishonen. So gorgeous-ness is NICE but it's not the end-all, be-all.

What really did it for me (what almost always does it for me) is Touma's Intelligence. I love intelligent guys, men I can TALK to about things and they'll have interesting things to say back. Clever, witty things. That's Touma all over. Clever, smart, witty...throw in his gorgeous face and gorgeous bod and HOW CAN I RESIST?!?

And on a lot of levels, I really connect with Touma. Going into them would be more of an analysis of me than I'm sure you care about. So I'll just leave it at that.

I know I'd be Touma's friend if nothing else, if he was real and I could meet him. And hey, like Seiji, I'm a Gemini. Gemini and Libra are supposed to have high compatibility...so you never know. ^_~

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