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~Sunlight & Sky~
SeijixTouma/ToumaxSeiji shrine with lots of cool images, fanfiction, fanart, and just general silliness. I contribute a lot to this page; it belongs to my good friend Becky.

~SeijixTouma ML~
MY Mailing List, devoted to SeijixTouma/ToumaxSeiji as a couple. Co-moderated by Becky. We share fanfics and fanart and occasionally actually talk!! ^_^v

~Pure Genius~
Touma/Rowen shrine with a very nice design!! A definite must-visit for blue-haired archer fans like myself!!

~Aoiro Joukai: Blue Heaven~
Heaven is right!! Such a cute widdle Touma shrine!! Well designed too, which is always a plus!!

Excuse me while I go bemoan the fact that I can't do web design like this (have we noticed a pattern in the pages I'm linking to??). Yet another GORGEOUS Touma shrine - of course, Touma only deserves the BEST!!

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