Boys Love

Yes it is possible. It is true. Boys can love. They can love girls. They can love other boys.

Who do I think Touma loves?

I'm sure you think you know the answer I'm going to give.

Well, you're probably wrong.

I do NOT necessarily think Touma is homosexual...nor do I think he's necessarily heterosexual or bisexual.

Honestly? I know that Touma wants to belong, he wants to be loved and he wants someone to love. But I don't have a very clear picture of what his personal preferences would be on the matter: Male or Female or Either?

When it comes down to it, for Touma it doesn't really matter.

What matters most for him is love. Not even necessarily sex. Love.

So why do I write shonen-ai/yaoi stories?? Because even though I don't think Touma IS, really really IS gay, I think he and Seiji make a cute couple (and I do mean Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute as in Drop Dead Gorgeous, okay?) and because it's believable. It doesn't take a huge mental leap of faith to see them together. They ARE best friends, so they DO spend a lot of time around each other and it's not hard to take that to the next level.

They are both characters who seek out love and affection. On an astrological level, if you believe in that sort of thing, Seiji is a Gemini and Touma is a Libra. These two signs desperately seek their soulmates - Gemini is looking for its "other half", its missing twin to make up the pair, and Libra, the sign of the scales, is always looking for balance.

And as a writer, I can play with their virtues (wisdom and courtesy), their signature colors (blue and green), their elements (air and light)...there's just so much you can do with a Trooper-Trooper pairing. It gives you lots of fun imagery, and it makes my bland writing sound so much better.

Besides, I get a lot more feedback on my shonen-ai stories than I do on my regular ones, and writers thrive on feedback. ^_^

As for yaoi stories by other people, well that depends greatly on how believably they portray Touma and...whoever they have partnered with him. I do NOT believe Touma (or any of the Troopers) would just lay there and let themselves be abused, raped, etc. I hate those sort of stories not only because they're hurting one of my favorite characters but because they've totally changed who he is.

I read any and ALL fanfiction for good plots, good writing and good portrayal of characters. That's what I care about in my reading material. Beyond that, it's all just details. In Touma fanfiction, I have the added consideration of making Touma happy. I like that. It's not necessary, but it's nice. Because I like Touma so much, I want him to be happy, you know?

And before I get emails reminding me of this, yes, I know he's a fictional character.

And my recently developed NEED for SeijixTouma/ToumaxSeiji doujinshi??

See the qualifications for fanfiction and add in "pretty art". I've yet to see a DJ about these two yet that hasn't been pretty. So are a lot of DJ (and I do have other DJ interests beyond YST - mostly GW ^_^ Some EVA and Slayers are on my want list too), but like I said, I think Seiji and Touma are a believable couple and they're so pretty together.

So if someone asks me, "Is Touma gay or straight?", what do I say?

"Why don't you ask HIM?"

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