Why "Wisdom's Sacrifice"??

You actually want to know why I named the site this?

Wow. I thought I had no life.

Just kidding. ^_^

Well, I'd think "Wisdom" would be obvious - since it's Touma's virtue. His REAL virtue, not the one they foisted on him in the dub (life force? It's a good thing but it's not really a VIRTUE is it??).

And on a basic level, "Sacrifice" is pretty obvious too. Fighting a war is a sacrifice. Willing to sacrifice yourself for your beliefs, in order to save others from having to sacrifice their own lives. To fight for these reasons is the ultimate sacrifice, and the ultimate gift one human being can give to another. The Troopers give this gift to all of humanity - or are prepared to, should it be necessary.

But that's not why this shrine is called "Wisdom's Sacrifice." I could call it "Touma's Sacrifice" for that.

What does Wisdom sacrifice? What does it give up?

Happiness. Quite often, the ability to be close to other people.

"Ignorance is bliss." To learn is to destroy ignorance. If you are ignorant of the real reasons behind things, you can believe the best. If you don't know the real character of humanity, you can believe that all people are wonderful humanitarians. To know what awaits you is to have to accept it. And what awaits us all is death at some point or another.

Don't tell me you weren't happier not knowing you were going to die.

And when you are smarter than others, when you are wiser and braver and stronger, you become so very different from the rest of us, from the rest of mankind, that you become alienated. Either you alienate yourself, because you have nothing in common with anyone else, or you are alienated by those who cannot understand you and do not want to try.

Touma has always wanted to belong, but he has always been Alone. Until the Troopers.

For Touma, at least, the sacrifice of his life is nothing compared to the sacrifice he has been forced to make for so many years. He never asked to make that sacrifice. But to fight the Youjakai is a sacrifice much easier embraced, because now he has people worth giving his life for. Now there is Seiji, Shin, Shu and Ryo.

I wanted to illustrate the way I understand Touma. So that's why I chose "Wisdom's Sacrifice" as the name for this shrine. In my mind, it is something that very personally defines Touma.

So now you know.

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