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NAME: Heather (pSyKoFuDge) (aka: Maxwell, Hey YOU!, G, Chichiri, and Heafuru)
AGE: 17 (Birthday: August 13th)
GRADE: 12th
INTERESTS: I like talking a lot. I also like doing a ton of other things. I draw, write, sing, dance, play numerous instruments, compose songs, program, design webpages, train my doggie, CHLOE!!, play a ton of playstation, Super Nintendo, Nintendo, and computer, and I am unemployed... oh well.

I like drawing a lot as I mentioned before, and I like to program things. Also, if you want to see any other things placed on our page, tell us on our contact page. Don't send us hate mail about our lack of updates!

I am currently learning to speak German. I plan on learning this language fully! I know bits and pieces already. My next plans are Russian (which I already know a bit of) and then Japanese (and again, I already know some). There's nothing wrong with wanting to learn so many foreign words, is there?

I like music. Any kinds. Rock on... PUNK EM TO DEATH, ASURA! (it's an inside thing about Angel Cop...) Click here to see an extensive list of music we like.

Some of the things I do almost everyday are: Rant and rave about how I will never get to see Metallica, listen to metallica, listen to other CD'S, work, sit around and work on my pages, rant and rave some more, yadda yadda yadda.

My life took a turn on January 17, 2001. Jason Newsted left Metallica. I will never get to see the Metallica that I wanted, and now I'm very very ANGRY! What was he thinking? Dass scheiß kopf! Wickelkopf! Yeah, my lame insults will never make it better, but.... I really really loved Metallica that way - with Jason. People say they will rehire, but how can you replace him? No offense at all to Les Claypool! ^_-

It is I! I sometimes forget ny name. . . I have problems.

NAME: Megumi, or so I think. . . maybe it's something unknown to all mankind. Or just maybe. . .
AGE: 14.. ^______^ I could be an EVA pilot!! I wish so much.. but then I'd have to be... never mind.
GRADE: 9th grade. Oooh, no more metallic science room. Oh, poopy. (see, last year, in 8th grade, the Science room absolutely REEKED of metal. But I LIKE how metal smells!)
INTERESTS: Drawing, writing (stories, poetry, random thoughts, recollections, anything! I'm stinky with words, but hey. . . ), singing (well, not in front of people, ya dummy! Do you think I want to deafen the poor folk? Hey, good idea!), giant robots (my one true love!), Playstation, PS2, Super Nintendo (Entertainment System), Nintendo (Entertainment system), N64, SEGA Genesis, SEGA Saturn (basically, I love spiffy machines that let me play cool things like RPG's, fighters, strategy, anything at all!), etc. I also looooove machines. I love models and robots and other things that go swish in the night. I also love swords and guns and any weapon of any kind. I'm in kumdo, a Korean sport not unlike Kendo (the wooden sword fights you see so often). We have bamboo swords known as "juk do"s and we do head (muri) strikes. I'm only a beginner, but it's so cool! Any language, weapon, or any shiny thing that makes cool noises can capture my interest immediatly. Stick me in front of an engine, and I'm entertained for hours on end. I'm willing to try anything once! (or maybe more! Probably) I really like to scare people. It's the absolute best. Just say random things like "I'm a greasy lesbian, did you know that?" (no offense to lesbians) They run so fast! Hee hee! I can't think of anything else but that I'm a huge klutz. I fall down constantly.

Music is cool. Click here to see an extensive list of music we like.

EAT POOP AND DIE, SAYS I!! *lovely quote, is it not?*

One more thing! I would love to learn how to fence! Anyone who knows of a good teacher in the Fargo area is welcome to tell me! (please? I want to KNOWWWW!!! It's the coolest! Well, besides Kumdo) Okay, if any people know of interesting thigns in the Fargo area, lemme know! I love new and cool things!


"Groo" - Boss in Final Fantasy VI

"Oh, Poopy!" - Master Roshi, Dragonball Z.

"I am like a body who has lost its soul." -Lady Une, Gundam Wing

"I can see inside you the sickness is rising... don't try to deny what you feel... it seems that all that was good has died... and is decaying me."- Disturbed

"I'm your dream... make you real, I'm your eyes... when you must steal, I'm your pain... when you can't feel, Sad but true... I'm your truth... telling lies, I'm your reason... alibis, I'm inside, open your eyes... I'm you... Sad but true." Sad but True, by Metallica

"Gotta get in tune with Sailor Moon 'cuz that Cartoon has got the boom anime babes that make me think the wrong thing."- One Week, by Barenaked Ladies (the song that we love- we first heard of anime from that song... so we looked it up on the internet and here we are today...)

"Gott weiß ich will kein engel sein." (God knows I don't want to be an angel)- Engel (angel), by Ramms+ein

"der Hergott nimmt, der Hergott gibt, doch gibt er nur dem... den er auch liebt." (The lord takes, the lord gives, but he gives to... only to those he loves) - Bestrafe Mich (Punish Me), by Ramms+ein

"EAT SHIT AND DIE!!!" - Angel, Angel Cop

"The machine needs a SSSSSOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUULLLLLL (soul) to operate..." - Some weird old guy, Dragoon (we think they just put that in there to "thicken" the plot. Well, what little plot there was.)

"You're the Barbies for my blocks!" - Rai, a character of Megan's. Isn't she the cooooolest?

"If you're not remembered, you never existed." - Lain, from Serial Experiments Lain

"Present Day, hehheh, present time, AH HAHA HAHAH AH!" -Announcer in the beginning of Serial Experiments Lain

Police Officer: "Sir, do you qualify as a human?"
Corbin: "Negative, sir, I am a meat popsicle." - Lines from the movie The Fifth Element

Click here to see a few pictures of the lovely duo! (Not the lovely Duo Maxwell! Heather and Megan! And Chloe...)

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