Contacting us is quite simple. You may contact us at several email addresses:

  • pSyKoFuDgE at her own email address

  • Megumi at her own email address

  • pSyKoFuDgE at her alternate address

  • Megumi at her alternate address

  • Or, we prefer that you email us here. This contacts both of us.

    Perhaps you'd like to talk to us on an instant-messanger service? Well, we have several choices here.
    - AOL Instant Messanger: We are usually on as animechic6 here. We are currently trying to change that name, though.
    - MSN Instant Messanger Service: On here, you can add us as a contact at: however, do NOT email us there. We don't check that address very often at all!
    - Yahoo! Instant Messanger: And on this loverly service, you can add us as a friend with just animequeens and it should all work great.
    - Napster: Chatting on Napster isn't our favorite thing to do, but if you really want to get ahold of us, then this is your best bet. We are ALWAYS on Napster in our free time. So... IM us with the screenname animequeens and we'll answer you if we are in the room...k?
    - Odigo: The account set up here isn't really that great, but Heather signed up so she could talk to some people from other countries. You can IM both of us at the number: 4884410

    If you want to get a hold of us on one of those services, please email us with a meeting time and your screen name. If you don't have a chatting service, then please meet us in our chat room or another one specified by you. Or you could always just wait for us to go on. Please keep in mind that we aren't always online, and we aren't always going to be signed on to those services. If we miss a meeting, or if it takes you a long time to get ahold of us, we apologize.

    If you would just like to link to our page, you may use one of several of our banners. Our graphics on this page are not for anyone else's personal use besides the banners. They are custom-made at and they are free. You may make your own there, and you can probably come up with cooler ideas than ours.

    The dividers on the page are also not for your taking. They are from ABC Graphics and they have everything you need for backgrounds, clip-art, bullets, 3D bullets and text, and dividers. You may get those from there if you feel, because they are free. Some of the logos that we make for the tops of our reviews were personally made. We used Paintshop Pro 6.0 for that. There are yet other logos for the tops of the reviews that were made from OTHER graphics places, such as: Graphics Archive, and XYZ Graphics. There are probably other places, too, but we can't remember the URL.

    The bodies from our KiSS Dolls are available for you to use. You need to ask our permission, and give us credit for the use. Please email either of us to ask.

    Any of our drawings can be posted on your site with our permission. They are the "one and only's", that is, there are no others like them. We do not want people stealing them from us and saying they drew them, trust us, we know our drawings. We can't stand it when people do that. Let us know if your drawings are copied poses from our tutorials. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a bit o' a pickle. Please, please, PLEASE! Do not do anything to cause a pickle. We don't like fighting with fellow otakus. Heck, we just don't like fighting in general. Most of the time... hehehe.

    DO NOT! Use our reviews. Those are our own. You may link to them if you like. You may tell people about them. You may say, "read this review" or tell others what we thought. But you may not take them for your own use. Thank you.

    Basically, don't take anything without our permission. The only things that you can take without our permission are the images from our galleries, the midi files, our downloads, and all of that media.

    Now, to link to us, you need one of our lame banners. You may post it anywhere on your page. If you don't want to use a banner because of html problems, we can provide you with the code on a separate page. Please visit the "Help!!!" section for that business. If you want some pathetic attempts at animated banners, then click here.


    Music Choices (MIDI):

    [You need the Crescendo Player or another MIDI player to hear these.]