Heather's Drawing of the Month Presents:

Drawing of the Month for December 2000!

This drawing is obviously not one that I took a TON of time doing. It started out as a doodle while I was waiting for an incredibly slow webpage to load. But then I went back and did detail and STUFF. Ironie, the girl on the left, is a character I made up for my friend Brittany. She is doing a story and she wanted me to make up a character for it.. so I did. And the one on the left is Da▀ashana. Her name is not pronounced "dab-a-shana" either. It is a german word (which I made up.. hehehe) that is correctly pronounced as "dass-a-shawna." I made her up for Sheila, who is another friend of mine (and Megan's). She also writes stories and wanted me to make up a character for her as well.

Questions or comments on my Ironie and Da▀ashana? Please send them to me at either my email address or our email address. I don't care which, I just want some commens or complaints or something. Just don't harass me about how it sucks. Then I don't want to hear from YOU. HEHEHE j/k... email me.

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