Here's some quick info on how to read through our reviews:

Before we get into anything too specific, we'd like to tell you one thing so that you can keep this straight:
Some people tend to get emotionally attached to their series and spazz at anyone who disagrees with their philosophies and thoughts on the work. We respect the fact that you may like an anime we don't: so respect our opinions on the show as well. Don't flame us about a particular rating, because we all would LOVE it if everything was perfect, but it isn't. Some people's thoughts differ, so please be nice about it. ANYWAY...

Our reviews start out with the plot synopses. We will say the main thing about what the series is. We try not to give away any spoilers, so sometimes it's really short. Other times, they get rather lengthy because... the series are really lengthy. ^_^ Usually, in the bottom paragraph, we'll let you know what to watch out for when renting/buying this movie, OAV, or TV series. That's usually stuff like: nudity, sexual themes, profanity, or blood and gore, or if we highly (or lowly) reccommend it. We also make notations of whether to get it dubbed because the subbed sucks, or vice versa. AND we'll say something REALLY SPECIAL if we exceptionally enjoyed it. We'll sometimes let you know what kinds of people we reccommend it to- if we liked it so much that we wanna reccommend it!

Then we go into the ratings. We always make comments after the number rating, just to let you know what we thought. The score is out of five, and they usually go as follows:

Perfect. Absolutely everything was perfect! Sometimes we'll fudge, like if the storyline wasn't deep, but it was interesting or funny... we'll give it a five anyway.

Almost perfect. They may have gone overboard a bit on swearing, or there may be some undetailed nudity, crotch shots, sexual innuendoes, or maybe the music was just slightly annoying. Possibly not all the characters were used to their full potential, or maybe the storyline was rather... choppy.

Mediocre. It was average on everything. People took off their clothes often; if not often, then the nudity was too detailed. There is more blood and violence than usual- possibly even decapitations. The swearing was for your average PG-13 movie. The sexual parts may have actually shown something instead of just crude jokes. The animation may be pretty average for a "high-budget" company, the characters were all annoying, or the music should have been a lot softer.

Below Average. The storyline was not interesting, nor was it deep. The characters were all there for only one purpose- whether that be fan service, or for fillers. There was too much DETAILED nudity, people hardly ever wore clothes, or you see everyone naked. Well, the females anyway. There might have been things such as grabbing yourself in naughty spots, more detailed sex scenes, or a lot of profane language. Thre was most likely a ton of blood, which spewed everywhere about every five minutes. It just wasn't very good overall.

Poor. Everything was overdone (that is, except for the plotline). Storyline was virtually non-existant, character development? Say a prayer! Depth of the plot? What plot?! Music? You mean that horrid pounding and screeching in the background? Animation? Did a two-year-old draw this?! Nudity? This isn't THE GARDEN OF EDEN!! (unless it was ABOUT the garden of Eden... then we say- make an appointment with Tommy Hilfiger or someone...) Profanity? Are we going for the world record in swearwords/minute?! Sexual Content? You sure this didn't belong on the hentai shelf? Violence? Whole people are nice, too. Overall goodness?! P-U. We could do better. You get the idea.

It was trash. Utter trash. The plotline could have been thrown together by a dog, and the characters were so annoying that you were gritting your teeth the whole time the show was on. The plot depth was equivalent to the rain fall in Death Valley, or possibly the Dead Sea area. The music wasn't even MUSIC- it was two year olds banging on pots in the kitchen, their grunts and screams weren't even edited out in the background, it was so cheap. The animation looks like something cows used as a cud, and the nudity was equivalent to the amount of sand grains on a BEACH. A very LARGE beach. The violence was non-stop, no one lived, or nothing stayed in one piece for more than five minutes- you start making bets on whether the next person to die will look like the barfy one, or the one that resembled grape juice. Sexual content- they must have gotten at LEAST five different types of STD's by now, or have about ten kids. Either that, or they have racecar reflexes and recovery skills. ^_- Profanity was so bad that every other word out of their mouth was naughty- you learn the Japanese word for... anything bad in about three minutes. Overall goodness cannot apply to that which does not have any good in it.

That's about it. We also make notations of whether we rented it or own it, how we saw it (i.e. If it was edited or unedited, or taped off of TV... then it wouldn't be professionally done, or if it was fansubbed), if it was dubbed or subbed. That's about it. We hope you understand our rating systems, and enjoy our reviews!

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