Warning: Some sites listed may contain links to or have unsuitable material for young children! Follow when child's eyes are covered! ^_0 <-- and don't let em peek! DO NOT follow the hentai/ecchi links if you have small children! Those are specifically for mature viewers!

    Anime Sites

        Probably the most complete anime directory around! It currently is having some difficulties with being linked to the American Cancer Society's homepage... (how'd THAT happen?) But it is getting fixed, so if the link doesn't work, try again later.

        An online store which has great offers on tons of merchandise, and free anime web-based email!

      Anime Shrine
        Another online store which also has many rarer anime image galleries, video and song downloads, and more cool links.

      ADV Films
        ADV Films' official website. They have plenty of upcoming release info and other goodies.

      Animanga Services

        Animanga Services official website. They have other links, and a great index of picture galleries. They also have lots of cels for sale, so check it out!

        Otakuworld is a place where you can download KiSS Dolls, Kamishibai, and follow other links to cool pages.

      Amber Anime Archive

        A wonderful diversity of image galleries to browse through. Extremely rare anime pictures and sometimes even songs or movies to browse through.

      Anime Next

        A cool online store with specific series pages, ameteur anime artist's mangas, and other downloads.


        An online store, manga art gallery, free web-based e-mail, e-cards, wallpapers, music and videos, webrings, and lyrics. Possibly more. Anyway, it's a great site, so check it out!

    Manga Links

      Manga Films
        A really neat online store put up by Manga Films. They have coming attractions as well as contests, frequently asked questions, and other links.

      MangaArt Archives

        A page dedicated mostly to shoujo mangas. Has archives of galleries, artists' pages, title lists, wallpapers, e-cards (fun!), an online store, links, a ring, and more!


    * we don't visit these, so no descriptions!*

    Yaoi, Yuri, or Lemon/Lime Fanfics, etc

    Personal Sites:

      Vanessa's Page
        Our Friend Vanessa's page. Fellow alien obsessors- gather here! She also has a Conan O'Brien page, tons of webrings, AV's, an underwater world page, a contact (the movie) page, and quizzes on the hot guy of the month. Be sure to participate in it! Also- she will soon be posting some of her awsome artwork. Keep visiting for updates!

      Becky's Page

        Heather's friend Becky has a cool page. She's got information on her artwork, herself, funny links, and pictures galore. She's another awesome artist and she is one of the best high school (well, now college!) photographers we know!

      Rydia's Page

        Another one of our artsy people. We don't know her personally, but we have sent in some art to her. She's got tons of fanart, fanfiction, DOUJINSHIS!!, etc. Very good page! Send in some stuff!

      Chibi Ai's Page

        Yet another artist. She draws excellent. We are jealous. Anyway, she accepts other artists' works and fanfics too! She is also a supporter of hentai, so go all you hentai fanatics, and enjoy! Send in some of your stuff!

      Cody Looney's Page

        Cody is a good guy. He signed our guestbook, sent us his link, and we like him for it. Therefore, his site is now linked to by us. YAY! He wants YOU to send him your original anime pictures. So go do it because we told you to.

      Dark Elven's Page

        Dark Elven is one of our friends from... well, hey. He signed our guestbook, so we talked to him. ^_^ Since then, we've exchanged links, info, opinions on anime, and websites. So here's his: it's awesome, so just go. Lots of info, midis, a top sites list, and more.

      Patrick's Page

        Our friend Patrick's page. He has his own character's bio up, a fanart page, and some other exciting, super happy fun-fun SD stuff!

      Kevin's Page

        Our friend Kevin's page. He has drawing tutorials, stories, jokes, fanart, games, downloads, and more. Kevin likes elves.

      Tiaa's Page

        Our friend Tiaa's page. It's an online RPG, filled with magic and dragons and stuff. She likes elves too.

      Ryan's Page

        Our friend Ryan's page. He also has an online RPG, except his is Dragonball Z related! He has a lot going on with this. Much fun!

      Nguyen Nguyen's Page

        Our friend Nguyen Nguyen's page!! He has his own story [about 15% done according to him], his own art and things like that, and lots of other fun stuff. HE LIKES X JAPAN!! Seriously, he's GOT to be cool. He has Forever Love on his main page, so maybe he likes 'em and doesn't know it. . . X Japan-ee goodness! Go Nguyen Squared ^_-!!

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