Megan's Drawing of the Month Presents:

Drawing of the Month for February 2001

This is my character Seluna. Yes, both of them. One is killing the other. Nice picture for February and Valentine's day, huh? Seluna is a pirate, and he is really weird about things. He is a regular guy (in the way he acts- horny) but he does it for a reason. Not a good one, but do I care or give a flying rat's eye? NO! Anyway, there's SUPPOSED to be barbed wire wrapped around him so it's cutting him. That's why there are big black scribbles on his stupid body and stupid face. And the sentences aren't SUPPOSED to make any sense. Unless you're me. Cause I know what goes in the breaks. And sine my writing is so bad, I'll type what it says also.
If I was to tell you how I truly feel / You wouldn't understand / You wouldn't at all / I don't think you'd want to listen / You wouldn't ...t to hear my words / You would be... / I would be sorry I had mentioned... / ... that I want is to be me / I am so... sick of putting on this damn show / I... you that I can't stand you. Oh,... sorry / And I want you to... me / I want to be.. scattered / My ashes concide with yours and I cry / I don't want to / I can't control myself or anyone / I can't / I won't / Please / Tell me who I am /
Those are his thoughts. Try not to fill in the blanks. Cause I doubt you'd know what runs through his mind.. ^_^

Email me or something. Tell me I suck. I don't care. ME! TELL ME STUFF!! Questions? Comments? Blood is good. I'm really mad because I could have sworn that I put this stupid thing up a month ago. Oh well, I guess I'm an idiot. Oh yes, steal my Seluna and I shall cut off you head and put it on a stick. Then I shall wave it around and chant "HAHAHAHA!! I got yer head!!"

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