Manga (pronounced mohn-gah) are japanese comics of which animes are based on. They are much like American ones, just better!! And the way in which you read them is different. They aren't neat little boxes all in a row, they are placed all over the page!

They contain the same categories as anime:

  • Romance
  • Space Venturers
  • Science-Fiction
  • Horror
  • Comedy
  • Police Shows
  • Supernatural
  • Hentai/Ecchi
  • Magical Girl/Boy
  • Giant Robots/Mech
  • Shoujo/Shonen
  • or, it just is a weird, screwy manga, such as Dragon Half or The Supergal! (which we adore, but haven't read!)

    Some mangas that are ONLY AVAILABLE as mangas include:

  • Seraphic Feather
  • What's Michael?
  • Shadow Star
  • A, A'
  • Dance Till Tomorrow
  • A+ For the Fashion Boy (sounds so very kawaii!!)

    Mangas are so fun to read and anybody can write one! Mangas are relatively cheap, $2.00 to $5.00. A cool manga magazine has been released, Super Manga Blast! Which includes What's Michael, Seraphic Feather, Shadow Star, Oh! My Goddess, and 3 x 3 Eyes! Goo, very goo.

    Mangas are also available in larger books, called graphic novels. Oftentimes, they don't contain all of the original manga script, though. They tend to cut out small details and stick to the larger ones.

    Music Choices (MIDI):

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