October 13th, 2001

Hey people! How are you all doing? Hopefully you are all okay after what happened just a little over a month ago. We would like to let everyone know that we are hoping for the best for all of the victims. We'd also like everyone out there to show their American pride - but not only because of the terrorist attack. So many people take what is given to us as Americans for granted, and if you continually show your pride, it should remind you of how lucky we really are. (whoah, did the 'queens just get serious? Yeah, for about the first time on this site! NOOOoo000ooo! NEVER!)

As for those of you wondering about the details on the site change, here's the whole story. If not, read anyway or scroll by it.
In June, we noticed that our site had been submitted into the NBCi's top recommended categories for "anime drawing tutorials", "anime reviews", and some other subjects. We were even rated higher than the Anime Cafe! It was so flattering, we decided to continually come back to see if we made progress. Yeah, so we were being egotistical. Anyway, it all kept getting better, we got more visitors, people liked us, blah de bloo de blah. WE HAVE SO MANY FRIENDS!!! (Nah, actually, we just wanted to yell that because of that System of a Down song about the pogo stick... eh... never mind...) In the middle of July, while checking the progress, we noticed our site no longer came up at all... we couldn't log on to our FTP server, and therefore had no way of updating our page. We went through withdrawls, man.
SO! In early August, we got annoyed with this. We logged into our NBCi membership thingy (which we never, ever do otherwise) and looked up some info on the homepages. We found out that "As of July 15th, NBCI will no longer be hosting webpages." WHAT?! This wasn't good! We couldn't even let people know where we were! Where were we going to move our server to? What about the search engines?! They'll link people to the wrong page!
We used our speedy connection at work to get all of our files onto our savior, tripod. We moved everything! The sites were up within minutes. Now all we had to do was resubmit them to about 50 different search engines, make sure everything worked, and come up with an ingenious way to let our guests know where we headed off to.
We did that by signing our guestbook and by putting our link on our quiz. Now NBCi doesn't even display our old page, so hopefully people can find us. More and more search engines have picked up the new site, and we are well on our way to making it better than before. So despite our anger at NBCi, we guess it may have been for the better.
So what's with the new site design? Some people can't read red text. We needed something that wouldn't injure our viewers, right? Yeah, that'd be a good idea. So there came our new design. We also wanted to put a little more emphasis on the drawings, since no one even cares about the reviews anyway. But... it's still a review site, so tough cookies, people! ^_-

Sorry for our lack of updates lately. We’d like to apologize once more for the weird delay and revamping of the site. However, we think you’ll enjoy what we have coming up, and ask that you please let everyone you think who might be interested our URL. If ya want, you can even put our page on your favorites list. If you like what you see, be sure to let us know by email or something. We appreciate everything you people tell us! on the other hand, if you don’t like our new stuff, or just don’t like the page in general, please CONSTRUCTIVELY criticize. We like to hear what we can do to improve. It all depends on you!

In other news, our manga has started, so please read it at: https://members.tripod.com/shonen_chikara/ Don't expect real frequent updates, because it takes us busy 'queens awhile to finish it. But if you like, please send us fanart or fanfiction, sign our guestbook, and take our quick quiz! It all helps, people... it all helps.

July 8, 2001

Whoah! Dudes and dudettes! It's time for us to let loose on some info for ya'll! We've got tons of crap to let loose (and with the aid of ex-lax, it's all made possible ^_^ haha just kidding about all that)

1) TONS of new series have been licensed! Some of these include:
Tenshi ni Narumon
WEISS KREUZ!! YAY! (renamed "Night Hunters" how cheesy ist DASS?)
East (vol 1 & 2)
Level C
Gokudo Swordsman Extroardinaire (previously called Gokudo-Kun Manyuki)
Fortune Quest
The rest of Earthian
Mezzo Forte
Dirty Pair OVA's
Urotsukidoji OVA's
Zone of Enders (game)
Steel Angel Kurumi
Super Milk-chan
Princess Nine
FLCL (Furi Kuri, which translates to "To Grab One's Butt")
SD Oh My Goddess and the OMG Movie
The rest of Utena
Yu-gi-Oh! (GOD NO! It's gonna be on the WB!! NOOOOOOO!!)

So you can see there is quite an extended list. There are even more... however, the list we made is MIA right about now ^_^

In other news, Square has remade Final Fantasy IV (previously known as II) and Chrono Trigger for the playstation. It's called the "Final Fantasy Collection" and is currently available for about $40.00. We of course, impulsively bought it the first place we saw it.

L'Arc en Ciel, a well-known J-pop band, has a track in ENGLISH on the Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within movie soundtrack. It is available from about $13.99-$16.99 now. Speaking of the movie, GO SEE IT JULY 11th! We're seeing it THAT DAY! That's the first day it's out, and you can expect AWESOME reviews from us!

Cartoon Network (aside from the Encore Action Channel) is one of our favorite, FAVORITE TV stations! It is NO LONGER ONLY A CHILD'S CHANNEL! Got that? Starting September 2nd, they will open "Adult Swim" every Sunday and Thursday night from 10 p.m. - 1 a.m. They will be airing anime appealing to people ages 18-34. These series are: Space Ghost: Coast to Coast (VERY FUNNY!), Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Home Movies, Leave it to Brak (spinoff of Space Ghost, Brak is hilarious), Sealab 2021, and Harvey Birdman! Cool!

CN also is starting new anime: The ORIGINAL 1979 Mobile Suit Gundam is airing starting July 23rd, along with a viewers choice program (one of 4 series) these include: ReBoot, Superman, Outlaw Star, and Batman. Go to toonami.com to vote NOW!

Oh, yes, and EBay users: We are selling anime very soon. There will be lots of different things for sale: Angel Cop OVA's, BGC and crash, Gunsmith Cats, Green Legend Ran, Metal Fighters Miku (not all of the series), Robotech (vol 1-9), Project A-ko, Saber Marionette J Vol 1& 2, Sailor Moon S, and one tape, Shamanic Princess (vol 1), Vampire Princess Miyu OVA's, Voogie's Angel, and Battle Athletes (vol 1).

May 6, 2001

It's us again, the ever-so-punctual Animequeens. Well, we have some news to say. Yes, we were going to have KiSS sets and stuff, but since OtakuWorld needs to charge money to ekkp their site alive, and wecan't afford eight bucks a month. . . well, we're outta the loop on this gem. So we ARE removing the KiSS Sets form our site. Yes, yes, don't cry. Ah, you weren't gonna anyway. We will still help you if needed.
But what will go in the place? The HISTORY AND ARTISTS OF ANIME AND MANGA! We remember just starting out going "What the heck IS this stuff? Yeah, Oh! My Goddess and Akira and Slayer all sound just peachy keen, but who's Go Nagai and who's Akira Toriyama? When did this stuff start? It's anime, yeah, but WHAT IS ANIME???" Never fear, our beginning friends. You are not alone! ^_^ We're putting up the history of anime. Not to mention, a few tributes to the artists of someof the most popular and some of our favorite animes and mangas. These will include such lovelies as: Masamune Shirow, Akira Toriyama, Naoko Takeuchi, Go Nagai, Yuzo Takada, Kosuke Fujishima, Tezuka Ozawa, Yoshitaka Amano, and lots more. We will put up which series they have contributed to and a picture of the artist. With the exception of Mr. Shirow. Being he's a shy man and Masamune Shirow is not his real name. . . no pictures available. We'll put in his redition of himself. ^_^

Oh, and one more thing. WE ARE BUSY PEOPLE. We may not seem like it. If a certain thing is not up in the EXACT time allotted, then please don't go and chew us out. We certainly don't apprecitate it and it won't help. We do try, and this webpage we do in our spare time. We do this for FUN. When you yell at us for not doing something pefect, it sucks all the fun out. That makes us really mad. And we don't feel like putting up whatever we WERE doing. Grrr. . . we're only putting this up because mroe then seven people have been guilty of the offense. Other than that, you guys are great!

March 17, 2001

- Hey, WAZZZZUP!?!? We have some really, really good news for the Robotech/ Macross fans! A.D.V. films is re-releasing this classic after STREAMLINE!!! discontinued it.... grrrr.... (We guess it's not their fault that they ran out of money... *sniff*) They are releasing it all on DVD, baby! YEAH!! Once again, we can pretend we're flying in the Zentraedi force's mechs.. um... wait! We never said that!

- We have some more news on the manga series we are starting, Shonen Chikara. The first issue *should* be out by the end of May to early June. If not, don't pummel on us! We're trying to keep this website up, get our own back on track, build the Shonen Chikara website, and do the manga. Not to mention the fact that we have SCHOOL and soon, WORK!!! Soooooooo... keep your pants on. Not to say you were GOING to take them off, but still! Keep em on!

We're part Irish. Don't try to email us pinches because our website has absolutely no green in it. If you read some of our reviews, we have some green in there (but no one reads those...)!

January 21, 2001

- Happy New Year. Sorry it took us so long to write in here, but there hasn't really been a lot going on... We have bad news, although it isn't anime-related. Jason Newsted, Metallica's bassist, left the band. He said it was because of personal problems, and we have a feeling this is not good for the future of the band. Metallica has made it a long time, even through the death of a different bassist. We just don't know if they can re-hire and replace Jason. Our hopes are that they will find someone, but no one will ever to replace Jason :(

- New plans for a new year... how cheesy is that?! Well, we have an online manga in the works for YOUR enjoyment! The name? Shonen Chikara. What the heck does that mean? Boy Power! It's a parody on all of the magical girl mangas out there. You never see ANY boy-power ones. SO here you are! There will be an official site, which you can visit once it is made. That's in the works at the moment also. Stay tuned for more updates! (we could be announcers... our voices fill other people with hope and crap... we could be MAICO!!!!)

November 15, 2000

-Ah... Cartoon Network took off Gundam Wing uncut at nighttime. They moved Tenchi to the night slot also. Anyway...
-Fox Kids is picking up three more animes for the beginning of 2001. They would just so happen to be: Power Stone, and two others we can't remember the names to... sorry. Just watch to see how they butcher these! ^_^ Just kidding.
-Final Fantasy IX hits shelves tomorrow. We get our copy from Software, Etc. Thanks guys!
-Gundam Wing movie was on last week. Endless Waltz. Be expecting a review on this... it had better be up to our expectations... 'cuz we love those Gundams! If you missed it, we are SURE cartoon network will play it again. So CHILL!

October 24, 2000

-Cartoon Network is becoming the Guru of all tv stations in our book- an otaku HAS to be running that place. Starting on November 6th, they will replace Tenchi (sad) with Blue Submarine No. 6. We have heard this anime was very violent, gory, has a ton of nudity, and has no plot line. Or are we confusing it with something else? Anyway, we are thrilled that they will be playing such a graphically intense show! Keep up the great work, guys!

October 14, 2000
Ok here's some new info for you-
- Fox was playing The Vision of Escaflowne, supposedly it got cancelled, and the last episodes were hardly even edited... hmmm...
- All Tenchi's are being played on Cartoon Network, except the movies. They are extremely watered-down, but that's okay.
- Cartoon Network will also be playing the Endless Waltz movies starting November 10th.
-We got Parasite Eve 2. Just thought you may wanna know. It's graphics are awesome, the plotline is good, and the weapons kick!
- Legend of Dragoon is kinda a copy of Final Fantasy VII. It's pretty good, though. The polygons are badly rendered, and there is an extreme lack of FMV's.
- Mahou Tsukai Tai is being brought over! Yay... we think.
- Don't ever watch Knights of Ramune.
- Final Fantasy IX- As of November 15th, we will own the masterpiece.
- Soon, very soon, as in about two weeks, we should have a Playstation 2. They are only available this early to people who put them on hold, so do it now! Pay it off right away to ensure that you get yours. They only cost 319.00! Hahaha! Ok, it's only 10.00 to reserve a copy at Software Etc or Babbages though! Don't worry!
- Check out animenext.com to support ameteur anime artists. There are several on the way, hopefully including one of Heather's own originals.

June 23rd, 2000

-Parasite Eve is being made into a full-length live-action movie in Japan. We want to see! It sounds pretty cool, huh?

-Dragon Half is coming out DUBBED!! So, you dubbers can enjoy this masterpiece without those subs!

-Final Fantasy. The name we know so very well. Has eight installments so far... soon to be changed!! Final Fantasy IX (9) is coming out in OCTOBER!! That's in America. In Japan, it's on July 7th. Ahh.. FF. Must begin to prepare!!

-Parasite Eve, one of the most exciting RPG's of.. a long time. >_< Now... Parasite Eve II is coming! Look out.. uh.. who is the enemy? I thought we killed Eve... and her little brat. Well, look out, whoever is our enemy!!! To be released August 8th. (or close to that date)

-Squaresoft is re-releasing some older games.. complete with merchandise!! $40.00 each! Games like Brave Fencer Musashi, SaGa Frontier, (both, actually!) and Final Fantasy Tactics. The merchandise are things like teacups, t-shirts, cards, a zodiac clock, etc. (to be released June 29th) A perfect excuse for us to own these.. as of we own none so far.

-3 x 3 Eyes is being re-released by PIONEER!! And this time.. it's gonna be unedited. (Unedited? What more can they show? Well, if you've read the manga, you know there is TONS more nudity, violence and yes, even MORE gore!! How perfectly PEACHY!!!)

-Super Manga Blast is out, and.. heh heh.. has been for three months. So those of you who HAVEN'T picked it up, GET YOUR BUTTS MOVING! It's got Oh! My Goddess, 3 x 3 Eyes, What's Michael? (a nutty kitty manga.. really strange), Seraphic Feather, Shadow Star (a really cool manga). About 5 mangas for the price (or a little over) of ONE! A great deal! About $5.00, and each so far is 128 pages. Very attractive.
-We are going to get ahold of the Dragon Half manga and the rest of the movies. Please email us to tell us if you would like to see these things scanned, quicktimed, etc. We will try our best. In order to do this sort of thing, we will have to establish an FTP site. This will be rather easy, but if you want to see these fansubbed movies, you will HAVE to tell us.. please, we need to know. It takes a lot of work. If you want this, please tell other people as well. They should email us, or send a group email. Be sure that you give us EVERYONE'S email address, or if they don't, oh well. PLEASE!! YOROKOBASERU!! BITTE!! PAHZALOOSTA!! And any other languages you may know. (oh, and does anybody know how much a fansubbed FROM JAPAN would cost?? We're afraid to find out... -_-)

-We have an idea.. yes, I know. We can THINK?!? Our manga would be online, and we would most likely scan them in. Email us if you would like to see this done, please.

-We forgot a FEW things.. the PS One and PlayStation 2. The PS One is a small PlayStation that is "portable".. but you need to be within reach of an A/C adapter and an electrical outlet. So, it's not really portable, but they are trying to develop a battery pack for it this very moment! It comes with a monitor and everything!
-The PlayStation 2 is exactly what it sounds like. The second installment to the PlayStation, but with more bits intead of 32-bit. Big difference, huh? By the way, the hard drive for it looks really cool! Oh my! What a lot of news today!

June 16th, 2000

-We got a new anime... not that you care, but this could be BIG. That anime is Shamanic Princess!!! Tiara's Quest. Only the first tape, but we love it. Summons of Lena, (pronounced Lee-nah) Tiara, Leon, and we think there should be a Summon Japolo!! Yeah, you go!! Japolo's accent is really cool, in the dubbed format. Released by Manga Corps. We paid about $18.00 for it. Contains two episodes, both 30 minutes long.

-By the way, the Final Fantasy VIII (8) soundtrack is really goo. REALLY GOO.

-AND SOME REALLY REALLY SUCKY NEWS!! The Evangelion "soundtrack" we bought.. is crap. Total and utter crap. Only 4 is good, and it's Borderline. The ONLY SONG ON THE WHOLE BAKA CD FROM EVANGELION!! (baka means stupid, idiot, etc.) Soon, we will scan a picture of the cover so that you can see what it looks like. Then, keep the picture in your memory so that you never buy it. It is very explicit (tons of swearing) and has weird songs on it that sound like evangelionized Erykah Badu. And, Borderline is only 16 seconds long... you know, the song on the last two episodes that plays incessantly?

-By the way... A.D.V is NOT going to release the rest of Dragon Half. Don't waste your time like us. They can't. We're sure they WANT to, such a pretty masterpiece!! *drool* Well, that seems to be about it on that subject.

-Remember Oh! My Goddess? Well of COURSE you do! Kousuke Fujishima (the creator, no da!) is working on the MOVIE. Not the series, not the 5-OAV. The full-length MOVIE. We love you, Mr. Fujishima!!

-New episodes of Sailor Moon!! Watch them on Cartoon Network, and they ARE NOT DiC'D!!! WHA-HOOO!!! And Tenchi Muyo will be starting on July 3rd. But how can they play it without completely editing out Ryoko?

-Hold on... to the dream... ^_^ happy! The Magic Knight Rayearth theme song.. BUT! Now it is 'I hold the light in the darkness of my heart'. HOW? You say. "I have seen all the tapes and it does not change! You are mistaken!" But ah! We are NOT! Magic Knight Rayearth 2!! Ha-HA! So we ARE NOT mistaken. We saw the first tape and it was quite goo!! VERY goo!

June 1st, 2000

-Got the page up and running. We have created things for the lovely layout, such as logos and graphics. Got rough draft up!!

May 20th, 2000

-We got the really rough draft of the page up. No links work, it's just here. Hopefully the skeleton will be filled in soon.

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