~~*Anime Safari Zone*~~
Hello there passengers! This is Tour Guide YoukoS and K-chan speaking. Thank you for choosing Anime Safari Tours! We will now embark on our mysterious journey to the unknown land of...Anime. Please buckle all seatbelts and keep your items inside the boat at all times. Flash photography is generally approved, but please drop a note with either YoukoS or K-chan.*Mail boxes are located below.

Mailbox for YoukoS
Mailbox for K-chan

Please look to your right. We shall begin with the rain-forest exhibits of Bishoujo Sailor Moon.Currently 21 images.
Then continuing with the Streets of Inu-yasha. Currently 16 images.

And the Skies of Yu Yu Hakusho.Currently 15 images.

*Special Gallery*: Yaoi (Please do no enter unless you are 13 or older or feel comfortable with maleXmale relationships!)
Within the Bedsheets of Gravitation.Currently 19 images.
*All images and scans belong to their creators and the company that produced them*